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Dr. Greg Evans - OLTL Character Profile


Dr. Greg Evans - OLTL Character Profile

Dr. Greg Evans

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Portrayed by:

Actor Terrell Tilford

About Dr. Greg Evans:

  • He is a respected doctor in his field. A member on the hospital board, he has no tolerance of unethical medical practices.

  • Occupation:
    Neurosurgeon at Llanview Hospital

    Place of Residence:


    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Dr. Vivian Wright (ex-lover)
    Rachel Gannon (ex-girlfriend)
    Charlene (fathered Destiny with)


    Phylicia Evans (mother)
    Richard Evans (father)
    Destiny Evans (daughter)
    Shaun Evans (brother)

    Interesting Facts:

    He performed risky spinal surgery.
    He fell in love with his brother's girlfriend.
    Saved his brother Shaun's life.
    Provided misuse of medicine by a student to the hospital board.
    Provided (false) dreadful news to a patient.
    Fathered his daughter with his brother's ex-girlfriend.
    Killed his daughter's mother and was later blackmailed by Elijah Clarke.


    Dr. Vivian Wright


    Schuyler Joplin
    Elijah Clarke (deceased)

    History of Dr. Greg Evans:

    Dr. Greg Evans came to Llanview in 2009 from Seattle. Greg, initially the doctor Clint Buchanan called to perform spinal surgery on his nephew Matthew, suggested Dr. Nance operate due to his experience. But when Matthew’s parents found out Dr. Nance only performed the surgery twice and with minimal success, they begged Greg to do it and it was a success.

    Greg became interested in Shaun’s girlfriend, Rachel and secretly pursued her. After he treated her client from a fall, Rachel showed up at his hotel room to thank him and saw him with Dr. Vivian Wright. Rachel accidently spills something on her blouse and after leaving the bathroom buttoning it; Shaun shows up and gets the wrong idea. Rachel set him straight and Shaun apologized for mistrusting them.

    Greg and Rachel fall in love and Rachel decides to tell Shaun the truth when suddenly he is rushed in on a gurney in critical condition after being shot. Instead of choosing another doctor for the life threatening surgery, Greg decides to operate. When the surgery appeared unsuccessful, Greg felt responsible for letting his family down but, though grief-stricken, they did not blame him. Days later, as Greg and Rachel are about to become intimate, Destiny calls to tell him Shaun is awake! Clearly seeing what was going on and disapproving, Greg’s mother slapped him in the face for his involvement with Rachel.

    When Rachel's friend (and med student) Schuyler moved in with her, Greg had concerns of his past drug abuse. Greg was suspicious when the drug, Oxytocin was signed out of the medical lab - unauthorized - and confronted Rachel. He was sure Schuyler stole the drug but Rachel vehemently denied it (she discreetly gave it to her lawyer-friend, Tea to dispose of it). When Rachel failed to cooperate, Greg informed her he was going to the hospital board to report Schuyler’s misconduct and ended their relationship.

    Elijah Clarke blackmailed Evans to convince Tea she was dying from an inoperable brain tumor and gave her drugs that mimicked the effects! Further, Evans was forced to cease visits to Tea from her family. As she lay comatose, he remorsefully confessed he lied to her family about her death to protect his own. Evans planned to kill Elijah as he operated on his “malignant hematoma” however; Elijah noticed the x-rays were a fraud and injects him with poison!

    After a second attempt to kill Greg in the hospital, Elijah dies in a shooting. Evans admitted that his secret pact with him was that he fathered Destiny with Shaun’s ex-girlfriend, Charlene - and confessed to murdering her! Greg later faced Tea and Todd after being taken into custody.
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