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Dorian Lord Cramer - OLTL Character Profile


Dorian Lord Cramer - OLTL Character Profile

Actress Robin Strasser as 'One Life to Live's' Dorian Lord Cramer

© 2010 ABC Daytime

Portrayed by:

About Dorian Lord Cramer:

  • Murder. Seduction. Opportunity. As Llanview’s feisty, shrewd business woman, Dorian began her journey long ago in her quest for power. She provides unconditional love, guidance and support in the well being of her family.

  • Occupation:
    Mayor of Llanview

    Place of Residence:


    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Herb Callison (deceased)
    Victor Lord (deceased)
    Joey Buchanan
    Manuel Santi
    Mitch Lawrence (divorced)
    David Vickers (divorced, currently remarried to)
    Mel Hayes (deceased)
    Clint Buchanan
    Ray Montez


    Cassie Carpenter (with Herb)
    Adriana Cramer (with Manuel)
    Langston Wilde Cramer (adopted)


    Melinda Cramer (sister, deceased)
    Addie Cramer (sister)
    Blair Cramer (niece)
    Kelly Cramer (niece)
    River Carpenter (grandson)
    Starr Manning (great niece)
    Jack Manning (great nephew)
    Sam Manning (great nephew)
    Hope Manning (great grand niece)

    Interesting Facts:

    • Dorian had two mentally ill sisters.
    • She was once a doctor in Llanview, but lost her licence to practice medicine.
    • Once hired a stalker to break up her daughter Adriana's relationship to Rex Balsom.
    • Was on death row for murder.
    • Seduced a young Joey Buchanan in an attempt to get back at her nemesis Victorian Lord Buchanan.
    • Adopted an orphan.
    • Dorian became the town Mayor for Llanview.


    Charlie Banks
    Bo Buchanan
    Echo DiSavoy


    Viki Lord Banks
    Mitch Lawrence
    Clint Buchanan
    David Vickers

    History of Dorian Lord Cramer::

    In 1974, Dorian married Victor Lord, owner of the Llanview Banner newspaper. She nursed Victor in seclusion to inherit his millions but after his mysterious death, his daughter Viki blamed her; however, it was Viki’s (DID/alter) who killed him. Dorian later blamed Viki for losing her medical license after a patient died from an overdose.

    As a wealthy woman, Mitch Lawrence learned of her fortune and tried to woo her daughter, Cassie who was investigating the cult leader. Fearing for Cassie’s life, Dorian beat Mitch with a candlestick and assumed he was dead. (She later proved self defense). In 1995, she married David Vickers but divorced the young con man. David reappeared several times and once left Dorian at the altar; but married Addie (released from St. Anne’s) to get back at her. Dorian wed Banner reporter, Mel Hayes but he died in a plane crash. Mel often “warns” her of any wrongdoing or trouble.

    Dorian sparred endlessly with nemesis Viki over family, loss and lovers. When Viki and Clint had the opportunity to reunite, he chose Dorian but bizarrely, Dorian chose David over Clint! She took Buchanan Enterprises from him when he began an affair with Nora and later discovered Clint was behind Langston’s uncle, Ray’s prison release “to even the score” and win custody. (Dorian had a brief affair with Ray until he left for Columbia).

    In 2009, Dorian ran against Viki as Mayor and staged a “marriage” to her assistant Amelia to support equal rights; she won after Viki resigned as mayor-elect. Mitch threatened Dorian to fire Bo Buchanan from the LPD and hire Stan Lowell. After reinstating Bo, she feared for her “girl’s” lives and hired a body guard learning of Melinda’s murder; but Adriana, (who Dorian hired a stalker to rid her of an ex fiancé), returned to Paris. Currently, Dorian stands by Langston in the brutal beating of ex-lover Robert Ford.

    After Langston is found innocent of the attack, Dorian rekindles her romance with David and plans their wedding. However, she trashes her cabana when David goes MIA. After Clint secretly holds David captive in a Moroccan prison, he later pays Dorian a “condolence” visit. An unlikely ally to Viki, Dorian delved into the mysterious paternity of Rex involving Clint, Charlie and dual nemesis Echo Di Savoy. After giving David the brush-off, Dorian romanced a young man named Cutter. But after reconciling with David, she marries him with Viki as her matron-of-honor. After Langston’s breakup with Ford, Dorian reunited her with Marrko.

    Dorian learned of Charlie and Echo’s affair and intervened to help Viki. Before seeking medical help for Clint, she forced him to reveal his paternity pact with Echo and swiped the tape bearing their plot.
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