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Destiny Evans - OLTL Character Profile


Destiny Evans - OLTL Character Profile

Llanview's Destiny Evans portrayed by actress and model Laura Harrier

Copyright, 2013

Portrayed by:

About Destiny Evans:

  • Destiny is a good sister and friend and dislikes dishonesty in friendships. She stands by loved ones in times of trouble and looks for the positive side of things.

  • Occupation:
    Attends college and works at The Banner

    Place of Residence:


    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Darren Price (ex-boyfriend)
    Matthew Buchanan (crush)


    Drew Buchanan (son with Matthew Buchanan)
    Phylicia (grandmother)
    Richard (grandfather)
    Shaun Evans (uncle)
    Dr. Greg Evans (father)

    Facts About Destiny Evans:

  • Destiny snapped after learning the truth about her parents.
  • Friends:

    Matthew Buchanan
    Danielle Manning
    Nate Salinger
    David Vickers


    Dr. Greg Evans

    History of Destiny Evans:

    Destiny became a new student enrolled in Llanview High School in 2009. She met Matthew Buchanan and developed a crush on him; she stood by Matthew when he had trouble at school. Destiny suggested to Matthew the idea of suing his parents for the right to have surgery after an accident paralyzed him, and rallied for her doctor-brother Greg in Seattle, to perform the operation.

    Destiny is close with her brothers and seeks their support and advice for her complicated love life. But she found herself in an awkward situation when she mediated a rift between them over Shaun’s girlfriend, Rachel (Matthew’s sister). Destiny kept a vigil for Shaun after he was shot saving Starr Manning and was at his bedside with their father presenting him with a Metal of Honor.

    Destiny flew to London to tell Matthew she was falling in love with him. His new friend, Danielle, abruptly interrupts Destiny and announces that she and Matthew are leaving for Seattle to have his surgery. Arriving in Seattle to visit Matthew in recovery, Destiny was happy when Matthew smiled after feeling the pie fork she accidently dropped on his leg. She tied the shoelaces on the brand new sneakers she bought him as he left the hospital. Back in Llanview, Destiny’s feelings are hurt when Matthew admits he cares for Danielle.

    Destiny competed with Danielle for the role of “Starr” as the lead in a school play, but plays “Langston” - opposite Matthew as “Markko”. Noticeably upset after taping a scene together, Destiny confides to Matthew she caught Langston kissing someone other than Markko. She confessed who it was - not knowing Markko’s camcorder was unintentionally left on. After Markko views Destiny’s confession and confronts Langston, she admits the truth.

    Destiny and Matthew become good friends. Later, a fellow student, Darren Price asks her to the prom. Destiny reaches out to Dani after the loss of her mother and shows support at her custody hearing. Destiny learned that Greg fathered her with Shaun’s ex-girlfriend Charlene who is now deceased! Shunning her grandparents for their betrayal, Destiny blasted Darren for trying to repair her torn family. Later she kisses Matthew.
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