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David Vickers - One Life to Live Character Profile


David Vickers - One Life to Live Character Profile

OLTL's David Vickers

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Portrayed by:

About David Vickers:

  • David is certainly no saint, but has lots of charm and a great sense of humor. However, David gets himself constantly in big trouble over his pursuit for wealth. Little does he realize that he is the true Buchanan heir and a great deal of money is within his reach.

  • Occupations:
    Freeloader and opportunist (past)
    Buddhist monk (past)

    Place of Residence:

    La' Boulaie (Dorian's home)

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Tina Clayton Lord (1995)
    Dorian Cramer (1995-1996; divorced, currently remarried to)
    Kelly Cramer (affair)
    Addie Cramer (June, 2008 - divorced)


    Bo Buchanan (father)

    Emma Bradley (mother)
    Asa Buchanan (grandfather, deceased)
    Clint Buchanan (uncle)
    Viki Buchanan (aunt)
    Nora Buchanan (sister-in-law)
    Matthew Buchanan (half-brother)
    Drew Buchanan (half-brother, deceased)
    Bree Buchanan (half-great niece)
    Jessica Buchanan (half-niece)
    Natalie Buchanan (niece)

    Interesting Facts:

  • Came to Llanview in 1994.
  • Managed to get the charges dropped against Dorian for killing Victor Lord, but then turned around and blackmailed her.
  • Once kidnapped Kelly Cramer.
  • Helped to set up an illegal adoption of Jack Manning.
  • Was later sent to a Moroccan prison by Todd Manning.
  • Brother Spencer Truman blackmailed him to dump Dorian Cramer at the alter.
  • David learned he really was a Buchanan heir.
  • His uncle Clint captured him on his wedding day and sent him to a Moroccan prison.
  • David re-married the love of his life - Dorian!
  • He starred in a movie playing himself.
  • Friends:

    Victoria Lord Davidson
    Charlie Banks
    Addie Cramer
    Matthew Buchanan
    Destiny Evans


    Tina Lord
    Rex Balsom
    Clint Buchanan

    History of David Vickers:

    David Vickers grew up committing petty crimes and cons with his father and big brother Spencer. As a young man, David arrived in Llanview and pretended to be Victor Lord's son. David soon met and fell in love with his "sister" Tina Lord. Shortly after revealing the truth that he wasn't a Lord, Tina agreed to marry him and they snuck off to Vegas and tied the knot.

    Viki's alter Jean eventually forced David to divorce Tina and marry Dorian in order to avoid going to prison for his scheme against the family. While married to Dorian, David met Dorian's young niece's Kelly Cramer, who fell in love with him. Later, Dorian and David were divorced, and David left town with nothing.

    In 2001, Todd Manning asked David to help him with an illegal adoption of Blair's baby, which Todd had thought was hers and Max's child. After finding out the baby was really his, Todd forced David to tell him where the baby was placed. Todd tricked David and had the Moroccan police arrest him after he made it appear he was the mastermind of the illegal adoption of Jack Manning.

    David reappeared in Llanview two years later and took Dorian hostage in his effort to get the Badhra diamond. During his con, David fell in love with Dorian and the feelings became mutual. Dorian refused to marry David for quite sometime, but eventually she accepted his proposal. However, David's evil brother Spencer Truman entered the piture and blackmailed David into leaving Dorian at the altar. Later, the information Spencer had against his brother came to light, and David admitted to his involement with John McBain's father's death. It was later revealed, it was Spencer who caused the death of Thomas McBain.

    Due to Viki's friendship with him, David has since tried to change his bad ways and become the man Viki believes he can be. Little does David know, he is also the son of Asa Buchanan and would be worth millions. Presently, in his plan to get back at Dorian, David has married her sister Addie Cramer. Clint Buchanan, who knows the truth about David will begin to use his marriage to Addie to his advantage in getting Buchanan Enterprises back from Dorian Lord. It's also only a matter of time before David learns the truth about his real father, but how he reacts to this news may be the biggest test in his life yet to come.

    David has recently learned the paternity of his real father, Bo Buchanan, and has embraced his life as a Buchanan heir. David has become friends with his father, Bo and half brother, Matthew, who have both grown to accept him into the family (and may be the only ones!)In the midst of performing Bo and Nora’s wedding ceremony, Clint threatens to shoot him and vows revenge for Kim’s disappearance! David missed his wedding to Dorian after being kidnapped and taken to Morocco; through prison bars, Clint demanded to know Kim’s whereabouts.

    David successfully bribed a guard with an autographed photo for a call to Dorian. Clint moved David to St. Blaze’s Island where Bo rescued him. Later, David learned that Dorian moved on to someone new but they reconnect and marry with Bo as his best man. Intrigued by a movie offer about prison life, David teamed Langston with Markko to write a script.

    Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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