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Bo Buchanan - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile


Bo Buchanan - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile

Bo Buchanan

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Current Occupation:

Police Commissioner for the Llanview Police Department

Place of Residence:

Currently resides at his apartment on Wakashin Steet, Llanview, PA.

Marital Status and Significant Romantic Relationships:

Pat Ashley
Delila Ralston (1st wife - divorced)
Becky Lee Abbott
Didi O'Neill (2nd wife - deceased)
Sarah Gordon (3rd wife - deceased)
Cassie Callison Carpenter (4th wife - annulled)
Nora Hanen (5th wife - divorced - currently remarried)
Lindsay Rappaport
Melanie MacIver
Gabrielle Medina (deceased)
Paige Miller
Emma Bradley (affair)


Drew Buchanan (son with Becky Lee Abbott - deceased)
Matthew Buchanan (son with Nora Buchanan) David Vickers Buchanan (son with Emma Bradley)


Olympia Buchanan (mother - deceased)
Asa Buchanan (father, deceased)
Renee Buchanan (stepmother)
Clint Buchanan (brother)
Ben Davidson (half-brother - deceased)
Jessica Buchanan Vega (adopted niece)
Natalie Buchanan (niece)
Cord Roberts (nephew)
Kevin Buchanan (adopted nephew)
Joey Buchanan (adopted nephew)
Rafe Garretson (cousin)
Austin Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
Pike Buchanan (uncle)
Duke Buchanan (grand nephew - deceased)
Brennan Buchanan (great niece)
Zane Buchanan (great nephew)
Liam Buchanan (great nephew)
Ryder Buchanan (great nephew)

Interesting Facts:

  • Came to Llanview in 1979.
  • Once drove a Formula 500 race car to victory.
  • Had a brief affair with his father Asa's mistress Mimi King.
  • Once was the Executive Producer of the soap opera "Fraternity Row"
  • His wife Nora slept with Sam Rappaport in an attempt to give him a son.
  • Bo's girlfriend Gabrielle was murdered on New Year's Eve by the Music Box Killer.
  • Spencer Truman anonymously leaked documents implicating Bo framed Todd Manning and was forced to leave the LPD. (Was later found innocent and reinstated.)
  • His brother Clint plotting revenge against him.
  • His assistant was blackmailed to seduce him and destory his marriage.
  • Friends:

    Viki Lord Banks
    Natalie Buchanan
    Jessica Buchanan
    Nora Hanen Buchanan
    John McBain
    Rex Balsom (surrogate son)
    David Vickers-Buchanan


    Spencer Truman (deceased)
    Mayor Lowell
    Mitch Laurence
    Inez Salinger
    Clint Buchanan

    Strongest Points:

    ~ Bo Buchanan is most known for being extremely reliable and believes in total honesty. He has strong morals and believes in giving people chances, but will not put up with lies and dishonesty in his relationships.

    History of Bo Buchanan:

    Bo Buchanan arrived in Llanview back in 1979, and at the time thought he was a Ralston.

    During Bo's investigation of the Ralston family he met his cousin Delila Ralston and the two were instantly attracted to one another. Their biological ties prevented them from dating and Bo turned his attentions to Becky Lee Abbott, which eventually resulted in Becky becoming pregnant. In the meantime, after learning he was not a Ralston, Bo and Delila were finally able to be together. Delila learned Becky was pregnant, so she faked her own pregnancy and the two were married. Bo eventually divorced Delila after she had an affair.

    Bo's second wife Didi died after an elaborate scheme of an old enemy of Asa's went terribly wrong. Now a widower, Bo next became involved with Sarah Gordon and eventually they were married. However, Bo was devastated after learning she was presumed dead in a plane crash.

    Shortly after Bo met and married his fourth wife, Cassie Callison, Sarah, his 3rd wife, showed up after the ceremony. Sarah revealed to Bo she had survived the plane crash and after Bo slept with Sarah, Cassie had their marriage annulled. Later, Bo had to mourn Sarah a second time after she was killed by a hit and run driver.
    Determined to find Sarah's killer, he enlisted the help of her lawyer, Nora Gannon. During the investigation, Bo and Nora fell in love and in 1995 they were married. During this time Bo was also named the new Police Commissioner for the Llanview Police Department.

    Bo and Nora's marriage ended sadly after Bo discovered Nora had slept with Sam Rappaport in order to give him a son. Although Nora's act of deception was to help Bo deal with the lost of his son Drew, who was killed, Bo could not forgive her unfaithfulness and they were soon divorced.

    Following the divorce from Nora, Bo next became involved with Lindsay, then her sister Melanie, and after that ended, finally Gabrielle. Bo planned on marrying Gabrielle, but sadly she was murdered on New Year's Eve by the Music Box Killer. Before Gabrielle's death, she came across a letter that revealed Bo was the father of Nora's son Matthew, whom he had thought for years was Sam's.

    Bo was dating Dr. Paige Miller for awhile after Gabrielle's death, but she eventually left Llanview. Currently Bo and his ex-fifth wife, Nora Hanan are together despite Clint's feelings and are living together once again. Returning from their honeymoon, they learn that Dani broke up with Matthew for Nate. Bo offers Nate’s mother, Inez a job as his secretary - which concerns Nora and Matthew demands to work for Clint at B.E. Bo passed out at Inez’s house and admitted to an alleged affair. However, he learned he was drugged and the tryst never occurred! Bo squared off with Clint after Inez confessed he coerced her to seduce him. Later, he was furious with Rex for allowing Clint to win his silence regarding David’s whereabouts.

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