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Antonio Vega - OLTL Character Profile


Antonio Vega - OLTL Character Profile

Antonio Vega

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Current Occupation:

Llanview Police Department Detective and Owner of the Capricorn

Place of Residence:

Currently resides in Angel's Square in a loft apartment with his daughter Jamie

Marital Status and Significant Romantic Relationships:

Currently dating Talia Sahid. Was married to Jessica Buchanan back in November, 2006 but the two divorced after Jessica slept with Nash Brenen. Was married to Andy Harrison in 1997 and divorced in 2000. Had previous relationships with Roseanne Delgado, Sonia Toledo, Keri Reynolds and a one night stand with Keri's mother Liz Reynolds.


Jamie Reynolds Vega (daughter with Keri Reynolds - born on February 10, 2003)


Isabella Santi (biological mother - deceased)
Manuel Santi (biological father - deceased)
Carlotta Vega (adoptive mother; paternal aunt)
Diego Vega (adoptive father - deceased)
Cristian Vega (adoptive brother; paternal cousin)
Augustico "Tico" Santi (biological brother; adoptive maternal cousin - deceased)
Sonia Toledo (adopted maternal cousin)
Adriana Cramer (biological paternal half-sister; adoptive maternal cousin)

Interesting Facts:

~ Came to Llanview in 1995.
~ Served seven years in prison for killing Ziggy Martinez in self-defense, but rebuilt his reputation after being released.
~ Become very wealthly after inheriting his late father's estate.
~ Fought a bitter custody battle with RJ Gannon (Jamie's Grandfather) but eventually won.
~ Was once forced to work for criminal Carlo Hesser to pay off his debt.
~ Was framed for his ex-lover Keri Reynolds death, but later it was revealed she had committed suicide.


John McBain
Natalie Buchanan (sister-in-law)
Victoria Lord Davidson
Evangeline Williamson
Layla Williamson
Nash Brennan
Bo Buchanan


RJ Gannon (has had a long-running rivalry with)

Strongest Points:

Antonio is strong, proud and very passionate, but can be equally very hot tempered. He is very dedicated to his family, and has always had a close relationship with his adoptive mother Carlotta and his adoptive brother Cristian.

History of Antonio Vega:

Antonio grew up in Angel Square and spent time in a gang, but after serving 7 years in prison he came out determined to make a better life for himself. After Antonio wed Andrea "Andy" Harrison, he won a grant to attend law school at Berkeley and moved to California. A divorced Antonio returned to Llanview in 1998.

While taking a class at Llanview University, Antonio became involved with Keri Reynolds. After finding out that her biological father was none other than RJ Gannon, their relationship became increasingly more difficult. Later, Antonio and Keri broke up.

Antonio, who was depressed over his breakup with Keri, had a one night stand with a woman named Liz, but was shocked to later find out it was Keri's mother. Liz became pregnant with his baby, but unable to carry it, Keri became the surrogate. Keri was unaware she was already pregnant with her and Antonio's baby. Eventually RJ learned the truth about the affair. Keri gave birth to Jamie, and she was stunned to find out the baby was hers. Keri decided not to tell Antonio and fled town. Antonio was devastated when he found out Keri, Liz and the baby all died in a plane crash.

After saving Jessica Buchanan from her father Mitch Laurence, the two fell in love. But things were about to change when Keri returned to town with their baby. Antonio was glad to find out Jamie was his, but rejected Keri's request to reconcile. Later, a distraught Keri committed sucide and a devasted RJ framed Antonio for her murder. Jessica eventually helped prove his innocence and they went on with their lives with Jamie. Antonio's world, however, was about to be turned completely upside down!

While investigating the notorious crime lord Manuel Santi, he eventually learned the truth that he was his son. Learning of his true identity, Antonio isolated himself from his family, including Jessica.

Antonio reaffirmed his love and committment to Jessica after she started to receive threathing notes. What Antonio didn't know was that Jessica's alter-ego Tess was actually her stalker. Dealing with Jessica's DID put Jessica and Antonio's relationship through the ringer after her alter fell in love with Nash Brenanan, and eventually becoming pregnant with his child. Tess gave birth to a baby girl named Bree. After Jessica finally became fully integrated, Antonio and Jessica married. However, Jessica finally gave in to her love for Nash and her affair with him broke up his marriage for good. Currently dating Talia Sahid.
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