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Vimal Patel - OLTL Character Profile


Vimal Patel - OLTL Character Profile

Actor Nick Choksi portraying Vimal Patel on 'One Life to Live'

Copyright, 2011

Portrayed by:

About Vimal Patel and Occupation:

Vimal is a good person who values honesty and truth. However, he has been known to challenge his own beliefs in times of conflict.

Currently, Vimal is unemployed.
Occupation: Buchanan Enterprises (ex-employee)
'The Sun' Newspaper (ex-employee)

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Married to Rama Patel


Mr. & Mrs. Patel (parents)
Rama Patel (wife)

Interesting Facts:

  • Vimal pretended to be a top earner; his wife lied about being pregnant.
  • He went to jail after falsifying multiple DNA records.
  • He lost his job.
  • He found out his wife was involved with someone else.
  • Vimal kept a paternity secret against his better judgment.


Victor Manning (deceased)


Clint Buchanan
Brody Lovitt
Cristian Vega

History of Vimal Patel:

Mr. Patel came to Llanview from India and landed a dream job at the prestigious Buchanan Enterprises. Clint Buchanan dangled a large bonus and instructed him to perform an illegal paternity switch. Overwhelmed with guilt, Vimal was terminated over his conflict to remain silent. Rama convinced him to rat Clint’s misdeeds at his daughters’ double wedding and with further coaxing, Vimal went to jail after she was promised money for Clint’s freedom.

Vimal was elated when Rama told him she was pregnant but he worried that she wasn’t “showing”. Upon his release weeks later, he learned from Aubrey that she faked her pregnancy to help him cope. Adding insult to injury, Vimal caught Rama locking lips with bartender Cris Vega and abandoned her after deciding her lies were too unforgivable.

Vimal went to a bar and befriended The Sun newspaper owner, Todd Manning. Todd spilled that one of the babies Vimal switched was Lt. John McBains’! Upset, Vimal decided to tell him but Todd offered him a job with a staggering salary. Struggling over Rama’s pregnancy lies, Vimal left John a note. However, Officer Brody Lovitt (the baby’s surrogate father) intercepted and pled with Vimal to keep his secret.

Saddled with even more confusion, Vimal attempted to resign from 'The Sun' when his parents suddenly arrived to help with their would-be grandchild. Refusing to lie about the pregnancy, Vimal hid them in the office and sought Rama’s help. After returning and finding Brody with them, Vimal sent his parents to his apartment. Brody begged him to keep quiet by tossing around his own deceptions and out of pity he sealed the deal on Brody’s request.

Unaware of her intentions, Rama arrived to meet Vimal and his parents looking very pregnant; though the plan went well at first, her “water balloon” began leaking! His parents were aghast and demanded the truth. After Rama explained her actions and apologized, Vimal unraveled his and his parents forgave them. Later, he and Rama reunited.

After Todd death, Vimal was the only one now aware of Brody’s secret. Brody soon confronted him again about remaining quiet.
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