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Shane Morasco - OLTL Character Profile


Shane Morasco - OLTL Character Profile

Shane Morasco

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2012

Portrayed by:

About Shane Morsaco:

  • Shane suffers from asthma but like other teens, he enjoys sports, fun and video games. He is readily forgiving of others’ wrongdoing despite their deceptive intentions. Currently, Shane attends Llanview High School.

  • Occupation:
    Student at Llanview High School

    Place of Residence:

    Buchanan Mansion


    Gigi Morasco (mother)
    Brody Lovitt (surrogate dad)
    Rex Balsom (father)
    Stacy Morasco (aunt/deceased)
    Sierra Rose (cousin)
    Roxanne Balsom (surrogate grandmother)
    Corrine Balsom (aunt)
    Echo Di Savoy (grandmother)
    Asa Buchanan (great-grandfather)
    Clint Buchanan (grandfather)
    Bo Buchanan (great-uncle)
    Nora Buchanan (aunt)
    Cord Roberts (half-cousin)
    Kevin Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Joey Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Aubrey Buchanan (aunt)

    More Relatives:

    Jessica Brennan (half-cousin)
    Natalie Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Drew Buchanan (cousin/deceased)
    David Vickers (cousin)
    Matthew Buchanan (half-cousin)
    Ryder Ford (cousin)
    Liam Buchanan (cousin)

    Interesting Facts:

  • Raised by his mother and believed another man fathered him.
  • Shane suffers from asthma.
  • He enjoys art and drawing.
  • As a young boy he had cancer.
  • Shane met his real father but rejected him.
  • He was kidnapped.
  • Shane became a victim of internet bullying and given the nickname “wheezy”.
  • His parents plead with him to reconsider a bad choice.
  • Friends:

    Brody Lovitt
    Destiny Evans


    Jack Manning
    Matthew Buchanan
    Adriana Cramer

    History of Shane Morasco:

    Shane Morasco arrived in Llanview from Paris, Texas with his mother, Gigi. Proudly, he grew up believing that absent Navy Seal war hero Brody Lovitt was his dad. However, when his paternal father Rex Balsom learned of him, he attempted a fatherly bond but Shane rebelled. Rex’s then-fiancée Adriana Cramer caused trouble for Gigi and Shane playfully teased her with a hand drawn look-a-like cartoon character named Evelyn Evil!

    Brody resurfaced and moved in with them until Gigi decided to be with Rex. After blaming them for ousting Brody, Shane took off with him on a camping trip. Having followed them, Rex was shot in a rescue attempt to save Shane! At the VA hospital, Brody gave Shane his military Badge of Courage to seal their special friendship. After some time, Shane accepted Rex as his family. Stacy Morasco donated her stem cells when Shane fell ill with Leukemia. After bonding with his aunt, he turned on his mother for suddenly breaking up with Rex. However, devastation hit when he learned Stacy’s “donation” was a fraud to win Rex and have a family. Though embracing his new half-sibling, he later learned Sierra Rose was his cousin. Shortly before Stacy’s death, Shane forgave her and eventually, his mother.

    As a teen, Shane often skipped school to avoid being bullied. He lied and stole for them and was reprimanded for bad behavior. Humiliated, he believed their fake apology as they laughed while his cousin Matthew ignored their cruelty. Shane needed medical attention when Jack Manning snatched his inhaler - but it worsened when he swiped his clothes and posted a nude video of him online. Beyond despair, Shane left a disturbing suicide note and prepared to take his own life. Desperately, however, his parents intervened and he was taken to grief counseling.

    Things went from bad to worse when Jack decided to “teach” Shane one more lesson and lock him in a basement in an abandon house. Unfortunately, Gigi intervened and pretended to be Shane in order to catch Jack bullying her son. As soon as Gigi showed up at the house, Jack and his friends pushed Gigi down in the basement unaware a furnace was leaking carbon monoxide. By the time Gigi was rescued she had suffered several brain damage. In another room in the hospital, Rex’s father, Clint, was dying of heart failure. Rex made a deal with Clint to give him Gigi’s heart in exchange for everything he had.

    Currently, Rex and Shane are living in their new home, the Buchanan mansion, and are trying to cope with Gigi’s death.

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