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Roxanne Balsom - OLTL Character Profile


Roxanne Balsom - OLTL Character Profile

Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom)

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Current Occupation:

Hair Salon Owner/Hotel Manager

Place of Residence:

Lives in her hotel in Llanview

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Walter Balsom (divorced/deceased)
Max Holden (divorced)
Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe


Schulyer Joplin (birth son)
Rex Balsom (adopted)
Natalie Buchanan (adopted)
Shane Morasco (adoptive grandson)
Liam Buchanan (surrogate grandson)


Stella (Mother)
Corrie Balsom (sister)

Interesting Facts:

  • Came to Llanview in 2001.
  • Kept the information secret on Natalie's true biological family.
  • Neglected Natalie when she was a child, and sent her son Rex to live with his Aunt Corrine.
  • Built a strong relationship with Rex and Natalie after years of mistreating them.
  • Roxy learned who her birth son was.
  • She was heartbroken after Rex revealed his true biological parents.
  • Friends:

    Viki Davidson
    Miles Laurence
    Cristian Vega
    Nigel Bartholomew


    Mitch Laurence
    Allison Perkins
    Echo DiSavoy
    Marty Saybrooke

    Srongest Points:

    Roxanne has always had a rough life and has not always treated everyone around her nicely. She has worked very hard to build up a strong relationship with her son Rex, and adoptive daughter Natalie. She has always had a weak spot for drinking, and rubbing her nose in her children's lives.

    History of Roxanne Balsom:

    Roxanne Balsom who lived in Atlantic City, was shocked to find out her husband Walter brought back a baby girl and told her they were going to raise her, they named her Natalie. Roxy was never much of a mother, especially after Walter died. Her other son Rex moved in with his Aunt Corrine, but Natalie stayed with her believed mother, who was always drinking, going to bars and was verbally abusive.

    Roxy moved to Llanview in 2001 where she met Jessica Buchanan who was thought to be her long-lost daughter. Finding out how rich Jessica was, she tried scamming her into getting money, but it was short-lived when Jessica found out the truth. Roxy was desperate to make money, and was not going to stop at anything.

    Roxy ran into Max Holden, where the two of them went gambling and drinking every night. One night when Max got very drunk, Roxy got him to sign a pre-nupitial agreement and marry her in front of a judge, which was videotaped for proof. Max found out what had happened and was furious with her and the fact that if he tried to divorce her, she would get half of his fortune. However, Roxy was falling in love with Max, and tried to get Max to warm up to her, but it he never did.

    Max and Asa was planning a scheme so the both of them could find a way to end their marriages and not loose their fortunes. Unfortunatly, Roxy found out about the scheme beforehand and divorced Max, getting a very large sum of money.

    Meanwhile everyone learned that Roxy was not the biological mother of Jessica, and she was forced to admit it, where she was charged with fraud, but in exchange for handing over Walter's old papers, the charges were dropped.

    Roxy decided it was time to try and get a "real" job and clean herself up the best she could. She convinced Asa Buchanan to help fund "Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven" of which she is now the proud owner of. Roxy has slowly started to rebuild her relationship with Natalie and her son Rex. Currently, Roxy continues to hide the idenity of Rex' real father.

    Roxanne was horrified when Rex learned his father was Mitch Lawrence. However, Allison set her straight by confirming Rex was switched with her real baby, (Schuyler Joplin). Roxanne revealed the heartbreaking truth to Rex but remains a fixture in her “grandson” Shane’s life. Playing cupid, Roxanne helps Natalie and John find their way back to each other.

    Roxy nixed a business deal with photographer, Echo Di Savoy after Rex informed her she was his birth mother. Later, she warned John about Marty after news of Natalie’s pregnancy. Natalie scolded Roxy for referencing Liam’s resemblance to Brody. Later, Marty attacked Roxy after she warned her to leave Natalie and John alone. Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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