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Rama Patel - OLTL Character Profile


Rama Patel - OLTL Character Profile

'One Life to Live's' Rama Patel portrayed by actress Shenez Treasury

Copyright, 2011

Portrayed by:

About Rama Patel and Occupation:

Rama’s desire of living a princess’ life has put her loyalty and trust in jeopardy among family and friends. Currently unemployed, she is actively seeking a stable financial future.

Place of Residence:

Llanview, Buchanan mansion (formerly)
Minute Man Motel (formerly)

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Married to Vimal Patel
Cristian Vega (close friend)

Relatives and Children:

Vimal Patel (husband)
No children

Interesting Facts:

  • Rama hid her husbands’ faults to her family.
  • She blackmailed a friend.
  • She convinced her husband to go to jail.
  • She faked a pregnancy.
  • Rama kissed another man.
  • She had money stolen from her.
  • She briefly lived at the Buchanan mansion


Aubrey Wentworth
Cristian Vega
Cutter Wentworth


History of Rama Patel:

Rama arrived in Llanview in January, 2011 shortly after her husband Vimal began working for Buchanan Enterprises’ chief, Clint Buchanan. Having grown up poor, Rama knew her family would be proud she married so well. Discovering later that high school chum, Aubrey Wentworth was Joey Buchanan's wife, Rama tracked down her equally well-to-do frenemy.

Rama panicked when Vimal was fired later after becoming part of an illegal medical scam. She convinced him to exploit Clint openly in an attempt to sue him. However, Aubrey and Cutter convinced her to coerce Vimal to take the fall for Clint in lieu of a hefty sum. When Aubrey failed to produce the massive amount, Rama threatened to reveal her affair with Cutter to Joey and Aubrey hastily moved her into the mansion.

Out of desperation, Rama lied to Vimal about being pregnant after fearing he was losing hope in prison. She befriended and confided in bartender, Cris Vega over her marriage woes. When Vimal was released shortly after, he witnessed them kissing. With her own marriage nearly over, Aubrey outs her lies and Vimal kicks Rama out of his life. The girls wallowed in double misery at a seedy motel where Cutter, who lost the Buchanan digs in a scheme-gone-wrong, joined the rival duo later.

When her in-laws arrived for the impending birth of their grandchild, Rama panicked and turned to Cris for help to win back Vimals’ affections. However, his plan backfired when the water-filled “pregnancy” balloons’ tiny holes began sprouting water on her befuddled in-laws! Embarrassed, Rama apologized for her actions and declared her love for their son. Eventually she earned Vimal - and his parents’ forgiveness.

Harboring an overdue grudge for cash stolen from her, Rama ranted to Aubrey about Cutter’s sister, Kim Andrews' whereabouts. Later, Cris bid farewell and moved to Spain. Rama enlisted Cutter’s help to gain the Buchanan fortune and together they went looking for Kim.
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