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Nate Salinger - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile


Nate Salinger - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile

Nate Salinger - Portrayed by actor Lenny Platt of 'One Life to Live'

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Portrayed by:

Lenny Platt

About Nate Salinger:

  • Nate Salinger always sees the glass as “half-full”. Athletic and hardworking, he currently has two part-time jobs to help his mother in addition to attending classes.

  • Occupation:
    Attends Llanview High School, plus, works at the Buenos Dias café’ and Llanview Country Club

    Place of Residence:

    Lives in Llanview with his mother, Inez Salinger

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Danielle Rayburn-Manning


    Robert Ford (brother)
    James Ford (brother)
    Inez Salinger (mother)
    Eddie Ford (father, deceased)

    Interesting Facts:

  • Nate stole $50,000 and was held hostage.
  • He is a devoted son and friend.
  • He is dating his ex-musical co-star.
  • Nate recently learned he has two older brothers.
  • Nate met his abusive father and was later held responsible for his murder.
  • Friends:

    Destiny Evans
    Darren Price
    James Ford
    Starr Manning


    Matthew Buchanan

    History of Nate Salinger:

    Nate came to Llanview in May, 2010 and enrolled at Llanview High school. He took part in the musical, Starr X’d Lovers alongside Danielle Rayburn and boyfriend, Matthew Buchanan. Attempting to ask Dani to the prom, Matthew cleverly intervened. Nate listened intently as Dani ranted sourly her feelings for her father, Todd and stood by her when her mother fell ill. Nate learned later she’d broken up with Matthew.

    Stumbling on a briefcase of money, Nate decided against turning it in and, instead helped his mother with their house payments. However, the money belonged to a felon who was looking for it - and now Nate - after Matthew rat him out! Todd helped with a plan and Nate was rescued after a shootout that involved Dani’s sister, Starr, who accidently injured her friend James.

    Nate got the shock of his young life when he discovered he had two older siblings whose paths he’d previously crossed! Lashing out at his mother for silencing the truth from him, he reached out to his blood brothers, Robert and James. Nate later realized that it was James who’d hid the stash he and Dani found and later - bonded over mutual interest in the sisters.

    Nate landed in trouble at school after Matthew faked an injury while both tried out for the basketball team. Nate reunited with Dani after she was kidnapped and learned Tea was alive. With her help, Nate was exonerated for the murder of his convict father. Nate and Dani fled after her father crashed their romantic evening.
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