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Joey Buchanan - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile


Joey Buchanan - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile

Actor Tom Degnan, the latest actor to play Llanview's Joey Buchanan

Copyright, 2011

Portrayed by:

About Joey Buchanan and Occupation:

  • Joey is close to his family and looks for the good in everyone despite their faults. He divides working and living abroad in London and Llanview at Buchanan Enterprises

  • Occupation:
    CEO of Buchanan Enterprises

    Place of Residence:

    London (part-time); Buchanan mansion, Llanview (currently)

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Jen Rappaport (ex-girlfriend)
    Kelly Cramer (ex-wife)
    Dorian Lord (fling)
    Aubrey Wentworth (married, February 2011)


    Victoria Lord Banks (mother)
    Joe Riley (biological father/deceased)
    Clint Buchanan (father by adoption)
    Bo Buchanan (uncle)
    Nora Buchanan (aunt)
    Asa Buchanan (grandfather/deceased)
    Tina Lord Clayton (maternal half-aunt)
    Cord Roberts (half-brother)
    Kevin (brother)
    Megan Gordon (half-sister/deceased)
    Jessica Buchanan (half-sister)
    Natalie Buchanan (sister)
    Duke Buchanan (cousin/deceased)
    David Vickers (cousin)
    Matthew (cousin)
    Sara Roberts (half-cousin)
    CJ Roberts (half-cousin)
    Bree Brennan (half-niece)
    Ryder Ford & Liam Buchanan (half-nephews)
    Todd Manning (uncle)
    Starr Manning (cousin)
    Jack Manning (cousin)
    Sam Manning (cousin)
    Danielle Manning (cousin)
    Rex Balsam (half-brother)
    Shane Morasco (half-nephew)



    Interesting Facts:

  • Joey was adopted by his step father.
  • His wife fell in love with his brother.
  • He inadvertently slept with his mother’s nemesis.
  • Joey learned he had another brother his father disowned.
  • He had a whirlwind marriage.
  • Friends:

    Kelly Cramer


    John McBain

    History of Joey Buchanan:

    As the youngest son born to Victoria Lord, Joey was adopted by wealthy oil magnate, Clint Buchanan after the death of his paternal father, Joe Riley.

    A naive teen, Joey stumbled into the bed of his mother’s adversary, Dorian Lord (unbeknownst of her revenge at first). He later developed affections for her niece Kelly Cramer and married her. But after she fell in love with his brother Kevin, Joey left for London to live with Clint.

    In 2002, Joey discovered his then-girlfriend Jen Rappaport conspired with reformed bad boy Rex Balsam to squire Jessica out of her hefty fortune. Joey ended their relationship and returned to London to work for Buchanan Enterprises where he remained for several years. Jen’s marriage to Rex eventually dissolved.

    Joey arrived home in 2010 with Aubrey Wentworth. Kelly was asked to witness their betrothal after Clint disapproved the month-long kinship. Later, she saw an explicit photo deeming Aubrey a cheater but after Joey met her ‘brother’ Cutter, he dismissed all doubt. Clint revoked his trust fund for lack of reasonable judgment as punishment.

    Joey confirmed he was marrying Aubrey despite Kelly’s feelings for him. Under coercion, Clint unwillingly relinquished his inheritance and admitted he fathered Rex. When Kelly again failed to prove Aubrey’s indiscretions with evidence from Clint, Joey married Aubrey to spite her! Later, he slugged John McBain for cheating on Natalie with Kelly.

    Joey discussed with Nora the mysterious death of a business man linked to Clint. After disclosing the news to Aubrey, he has a vicious argument with Clint and destroys a valuable flash drive from his safe. Joey becomes suspicious of Aubrey’s friend Rama.
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