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James Ford - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile


James Ford - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile

James Ford, portrayed by actor Nic Robuck - 'One Life to Live'

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Portrayed by:

Nic Robuck

About James Ford:

  • Young and misunderstood, James Ford got mixed up in a world of lying and stealing after being abandoned by his mother. Attending Llanview University, he is determined to win the acceptance of his peers.

  • Occupation:
    Attends Llanview University

    Place of Residence:

    Llanview apartment with brother, Robert Ford (now deceased)

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Michelle (briefly dated)
    Starr Manning (ex)
    Deanna Forbes (ex)


    Robert Ford (brother)
    Nate Salinger (brother)
    Inez Salinger (mother)
    Eddie Ford (father, deceased)

    Interesting Facts:

    • James stole for a living.
    • He pines for Starr Manning in spite of her boyfriend, Cole.
    • He was accidently shot by Starr Manning.
    • James’ long-lost mother reappeared.
    • His father tracked him down and beat him up.
    • James was questioned in his father's death.
    • James' ex-girlfriend located him and stirred up trouble for him.
    • He experiences a tragic loss after his brother dies.


    Starr Manning
    Langston Cramer
    Nate Salinger


    Cole Thornhart
    Baz Delgado

    History of James Ford:

    James spent most of his life living and working for his abusive father. As a career, he’d stolen car parts for the auto shop and owed $50,000 to a convict named Bull. In June 2010, James fled to Llanview and befriended Starr Manning. After Bull threatened them, a wild car chase ensued. Todd Manning plotted and rescued abductee, Nate (who found the loot). Starr frantically checked on James repeatedly after accidently shooting him. Robert refused to answer James who the unidentified female visitor was that graciously paid his medical bills.

    James developed feelings for Starr but was rejected by her devotion to Cole. To rouse jealousy in her, he accompanied her best friend (and Robert’s ex-fling), Langston to a wedding but texted Starr repeatedly - despite Cole’s warnings that they were involved. James quit seeing Langston after Robert became jealous and cautioned him sternly about his feelings for Starr and the Manning clan.

    James learned the mystery visitor is his mother, Inez and that Nate is his younger brother! After a heated argument with Robert, James accepted his mother’s return and forgave her. However, when his college grant was revoked he blatantly refused her help. Starr finds him and in a compulsive frenzy, he kisses her passionately. James and Nate later share their feelings for the Manning sisters. Inez informs James later that his grant has been reinstated.

    James lobbied Robert to locate Starr after becoming suspicious of Hannah. After beatings by his father, James was acquitted of his murder. He later refrained from Starr to date Michelle but learned Starr broke up with Cole.

    While in a relationship with Starr, James’ ex-girlfriend Deanna shakes things up when she locates him; later he becomes jealous of Starr’s new friend, Baz after learning about their kiss. James and Starr spent the night together to seal their relationship.

    After Starr receives a music recording contract with Baz, James supports her decision. James, Starr, Nate and Dani stand up against porn director Rick Powers after he forces Starr to make a raunchy video.

    James learned Cole escaped prison and overheard Starr’s devotion to him. Unable to accept her love for Cole and in shock over Robert’s death, James breaks up with her.
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