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Jack Manning - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile


Jack Manning - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile

Actor Andrew Trischitta who portrayed Jack Manning on 'One Life to Live'

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2012

Portrayed by:

Actor Andrew Trischitta

About Jack Manning:

  • Jack is a rebellious teenager struggling between good and bad intentions. He looks for the approval of his family following the intensity of his actions.

Attends Llanview High School

Place of Residence:

La Boulaie with his family


Neela Patel (Close friend/love interest, but became an enemy after she betrayed his trust.)


Blair Cramer (mother)
Victor Lord, Jr. (biological father)
Tea Delgado-Manning (step-mother)
Starr Manning (sister)
Sam Manning (half brother)
Hope (niece)
Danielle Manning (half sister)
Viki Buchanan (aunt)
Dorian Lord Cramer (aunt)
Irene Manning (grandmother)
Victor Lord, Sr. (grandfather/deceased)
David Vickers (cousin)
Addie Cramer (aunt)
Melinda Cramer (aunt/deceased)
Kelly Cramer (cousin)
Cassie Carpenter (cousin)
Adriana Cramer (cousin)
Langston Wilde-Cramer (adopted cousin)
Zane Buchanan (cousin)
Lou Cramer (grandfather, deceased)
Sonya Cramer (grandmother, deceased)
River Carpenter (cousin)
Paul Cramer (cousin, deceased)

Interesting Facts:

  • Jack has two half siblings.
  • He likes to play pranks at the cost of someone’s feelings.
  • Jack enjoys video games.
  • He lied about a crime that was committed.
  • Jack later experienced a heartbreaking loss.




History of Jack Manning:

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Jack is the second oldest child of Todd Manning and Blair Cramer. His sister Starr, and half-siblings, Danielle and Sam learned from an early age from their father that money could buy things, happiness - and even people - if needed. Ruthlessly, Jack followed Todd’s arrogant way of life.

As a teenager, he hung with the wrong in-crowd and sparred with anyone who crossed his path, namely, outcasts. He cyber bullied asthma sufferer, Shane Morasco relentlessly and forced him to steal. After faking an apology, Jack video taped him in the locker room and posted the nude video online; Shane tried to commit suicide. His father Rex hired thugs to beat Jack up and Shane injured his foot after dropping a weight on it.

Jack retaliated and posed online as a female to lure Shane to an abandoned basement. However, he was horrified later to learn it was Shane’s mother, Gigi who arrived in his place and died from unknown defunct generator fumes. Todd arranged for Jack’s friend Brad to take the fall instead by paying off his father. Remorseful, Jack apologized to Shane but Todd intervened. When Jack vowed to protect him in school, Shane lashed out in anger...

Jack learned months later that Todd was really a twin brother named Victor Lord, Jr. Standing by him, he refused to accept (his real father) Todd and turned on Starr for her loyalty to him. Though semi-conscious from being knocked out the night Victor died, Jack tried to convince his family and Dt. McBain that Todd was guilty of murder.

With a deliberate air of eeriness in his presence, Shane sympathized with Jack but repeatedly mentioned that Gigi’s “killer” should also be caught.

Jack began to reveal the truth to Blair but was interrupted mid-confession. Later, Shane stalked him at the cemetery and admitted that after knocking him out the night of Victor’s murder, he brought him to the hospital. Shane forced Jack to confess he killed Gigi and Bo and Rex intercepted before Shane fired the gun.

In a final attempt to bring down Todd, Jack set his office ablaze but discovered Vimal Patel and his wife Rama were trapped inside! Rescuing them later with Vimal’s sister, Neela, Jack was disturbed his plan had backfired.

After learning that Neela was friends with Shane, Jack asked her out on a date. Unaware she was recording his confession Jack spilled the details about Gigi’s murder. After inviting Todd over for Christmas, Jack was arrested. He later found out from Neela that she taped him to help Shane; Jack refused her apology.

Jack was released from jail when Shane brought Gigi to see him. Later, he and his family said goodbye to Starr when she left for L.A.
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