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Cutter Wentworth - OLTL Character Profile


Cutter Wentworth - OLTL Character Profile

Actor Josh Kelly portraying Cutter Wentworth on 'One Life to Live'

Copyright, 2012

Portrayed by:

About Cutter Wentworth and Occupation:

Cutter is an equal partner-in-crime who uses any tactic to achieve other peoples’ fortune. He finds it hard to keep his word in doing the right thing and often breaks promises.

Currently, he is working at the Minute Man motel as a manager.


The Minute Man Motel

Significant Romantic Relationships:


Kim Andrews (a.k.a. Aubrey Wentworth), sister

Interesting Facts:

  • Cutter has never had an honest job until later in life.
  • He and his sister Kim conned rich victims of their wealth.
  • He married a woman with multiple personalities to gain her trust fund.
  • Cutter set out to change his ways for a loved one.



History of Cutter Wentworth:

Cutter left behind his scheming partner-sister, Kim and arrived in Llanview in 2010. His plan to pose as his girlfriend, Aubrey’s brother to scam mega-millionaire, Joey Buchanan was a familiar scenario. But months after marrying Joey, the plan backfired when Aubrey “fell for the mark”. Disbelieving, Cutter quickly came up with a plan of his own…

Cutter attempted to seduce Kelly Cramer, niece of wealthy Mayor Dorian Lord Cramer, (and Joey’s ex-wife) when she suspected him and Aubrey of scheming Joey. When Kelly’s suspicions heightened, Cutter bailed and wooed Dorian. However, shrewd and unamused by his fake charm, she tossed him to the curb.

Kelly threatened to show his and Aubrey’s affair on tape to Joey but Cutter cleverly switched the jump drive with his own. After Aubrey defended her feelings for Joey, Cutter snagged his mentally ill sister, Jessica “Tess” in holy matrimony. Later, he surrendered the care of her well-being to her parents in exchange for her trust fund.

Joey divorced Aubrey and Cutter offered her to live with him at the Buchanan mansion. However, he was evicted by the butler after realizing the docs he signed were a fraud! Homeless, he vowed a life of honesty with Aubrey and referred to her by her given name, Christine. Cutter landed a job at their new residence, the seedy Minute Man motel.

After finding a murder weapon, Cutter and Christine learned that it belonged to widower, millionaire Rex Balsom. Cutter came up with a plan but Christine wouldn’t hear of it. Kim arrived in town to see her ex-husband, Clint, and she learned about the gun. After stealing it to blackmail Rex’s mother, Cutter took off to find her - and retrieve his “meal ticket”. However, the gun proved not to be the murder weapon after Cutter's plans were thrown. So instead, Cutter came up with a new plan with Rama Patel and they two of them set up his sister to be arrested for a murder committed years ago. With Kim out of the way, Cutter set into motion to blackmail Rex for the return of his dead wife, Gigi, who is believed to be her sister Stacy after plastic surgery.
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