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Alex Olanov - OLTL Character Profile


Alex Olanov - OLTL Character Profile

Actress Tonja Walker as Llanview's Alex Olanov

Copyright by ABC, 2012

Portrayed by:

Actress Tonia Walker

About Alex Olanov and Occupation:

  • Alex is a woman of spontaneous opportunity in her hunger for wealth and love. She is an ex-crime investigator but currently owns St. Blaze’s Island.
ex-FAB Agent
Former Mayor of Llanview
Owner of St. Blaze’s Island

Place of Residence:

St. Blaze’s Island

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Billy Joe Wentworth, Jr. (divorced/deceased)
Carlo Hesser (ex-husband, 1992)
Asa Buchanan (ex-husband/deceased)
Jeb Stuart (annulled - Tricked by Asa Buchanan into marrying a janitor)
David Vickers (married/annulled, 2007)

Flings and Affairs:
Bo (Had a crush on)
Carlo Hesser (had an affair while married to Asa Buchanan)
Ty Moody


Kim Andrews (aka Aubrey Wentworth (daughter with Billy Joe Wentworth, Jr.)
Cutter Wentworth (son, with Billy Joe Wentworth, Jr.)

Interesting Facts:

  • Alex fell in love with an LPD commissioner while searching for his missing wife.
  • She later married a crime boss.
  • Killed Mortimer Bern.
  • Stole the Cleopatra jewels from the Llanview Museum.
  • Alex tried to drown Cassie Callison and was sent away.
  • She was married in a Cleopatra-themed gala to a billionaire.
  • Alex inherited St. Blaze’s Island as blackmail.




Bo Buchanan
David Vickers
Cassie Callison

History of Alex Olanov:

Alex Olanov arrived in Llanview in 1990 working as a Federal Anticrime Bureau investigator on a case. She fell in love with Bo Buchanan while searching for his missing wife Sarah. Alex learned (FAB) had connections with mob king Carlo Hesser and had Sarah captive! Assuming Sarah’s plane crashed, Alex spent more time with Bo hoping he would fall in love with her; however, he fell in love with Cassie Callison and planned to marry her. Devastated, Alex lured her from Bo and tried to drown her at Loon Lake. Quickly, he rescued Cassie and Alex was sent to Mountain View sanitarium. Sarah was later discovered alive and Alex orchestrated her return to Bo which inevitably anulled his marriage to Cassie.

Olanov married Hesser in 1992 and took over his empire after he died. She became billionaire Asa Buchanan’s eighth wife in an elaborate ceremony until it dissipated when Carlo later appeared ‘in the flesh’. After Asa’s death in 2007, Alex overheard his loyal butler Nigel Smythe secretly revealing that freeloader David Vickers was his illegitimate heir. After she married David to acquire the massive windfall, Nigel gifted Alex his sole inheritance to gain her silence; she later annulled the marriage and retreated to her new home on St. Blaze’s Island.

Bo caught up with Alex in 2011 looking for his oldest son, David Vickers who had been abducted and routed to the island by his brother Clint. Stunned - and allowing him to seduce her for information - Alex denied aiding Clint in David’s disappearance. However, when Bo learned David was stashed in a nearby bedroom he fled her to retrieve him. Alex phoned Clint to tell him the news.

Alex resurfaced once again in November 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Dr. Fascinella’s office, a renowned plastic surgeon. She demanded to see the doctor to complain about her recent plastic surgery procedures. At the same time, Cutter Wentworth showed up with Gigi Morasco, who was there to get her own plastic surgery done. Upon seeing Alex, Cutter immediately recognized her as his mother who had abandoned him and his sister Kim (aka Aubrey) when they were just children. Cutter confronted Alex about him being her son, but she adamantly denied it until he informed her about the death of his father and her former husband Billy Jo. Cutter told Alex that after she had left his father heartbroken and financially ruined that he committed suicide. Alex felt horrible for what had happened to her ex-husband and she tried to apologize to Cutter for being such a terrible mother to him and her daughter. Enraged with years of built-up anger and resentment, Cutter tried to strangle Alex to death. Luckily for Alex, Gigi was on-hand and made Cutter stop before it was too late.

Shortly afterwards, Rex and Aubrey showed up at the doctor’s office trying to find Cutter and Gigi. It was then that Cutter asked for his mother’s help in order to throw Rex and Aubrey off track in their search for them. In order to win her son’s forgiveness, Alex decided to go along with his scheme. So she agreed in pretending to be Gigi so they could escape and fool Rex by wrapping her face up with bandages. After Cutter wheeled Alex out to the waiting room where Rex and Aubrey were waiting, Aubrey untied her bandages and revealed Alex’s face. Alex explained to Rex, who was in shock at seeing her again, that she was the woman all along pretending to be Gigi in order to get her hands on his money. Alex did not reveal that she was his mother either. Rex and Aubrey bought Alex’s story and they left the office leaving Alex alone with Cutter. Right before they departed, Alex gave Cutter her business card and told him to call her anytime if he ever needed help. Alex wished both Cutter and Gigi good luck and she left Rio and headed back to her home on St. Blaze’s Island.
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