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25 Facts on Actress Melissa Archer (OLTL's Natalie Buchanan)


25 Facts on Actress Melissa Archer (OLTL's Natalie Buchanan)

Actress Melissa Archer (OLTL's Natalie Buchanan)

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She first came to Llanview as a hot-blooded beauty seeking to prove she was the true heir of Victoria Lord, but instead learned the truth that she was in fact a fraternal twin. Actress Melissa Archer has made the role of Natalie Buchanan one of the most popular characters in daytime, and became one half of a "Supercouple" after being paired with the character John McBain. Here are 25 facts on Melissa Archer!

    1. Melissa Archer was born on December 2, 1979 in Dallas, Texas to parents Johnny Dewayne Archer and Kathy Jean Lemley. Melissa's middle name is Jean.

    2. Played the role of Becky Thatcher back in 1995 in the children's television series Wishbone, which aired on PBS in the US, and on Nickelodeon and Channel 5 in the UK. Archer was still in high school when she landed the role.

    3. Since 2012, Melissa Archer has lived in the Los Angeles area with her husband Glenn.

    4. The character of Natalie Balsom first appeared on One Life to Live on July 16, 2001. It was later revealed that Natalie was not a Balsom, but was in fact a long-lost fraternal twin daughter of Victoria Lord.

    5. Archer considers the late actress Lucille Ball as her idol.

    6. In April 2003, Archer was awarded with Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Newcomer.

    7. Archer appeared on The View back in 2003.

    8. She got the acting bug after her role on Wishbone, and decided to head to Los Angeles after high school.

    9. Has been trained in several types of dance, including ballet, tap, freestyle and club.

    10. Archer married Glenn Angelino on August 8, 2008 in a ceremony in Mexico.

    11. In May, 2005 rumors were rampant that Archer was being recast and she had decided to leave her role on OLTL, but it was soon afterwards that ABC announced that her contract had been renewed.

    12. Her parents insisted Archer attend college after she relocated to Los Angeles, so she enrolled at California's Union Institute where she studied psychology.

    13. In her spare time, Archer likes the challenge of doing logic puzzles and enjoys karaoke.

    14. When Archer first auditioned for OLTL she tried out for the role of Jen Rappaport, but the part was given to actress Jessica Morris. The character of Jen Rappaport was killed off in 2008.

    15. In 2012, Archer played the role of Laura in the movie Excuse Me for Living, which was released in October, 2012 in 14 major cities, on cable TV, VOD, iTunes and other media platforms. The film also starred Tom Pelphrey (Mick Dante, ATWT) and fellow OLTL actors David Gregory (Robert Ford), Tonja Walker (Alex Olanov) and Shenaz Treasury (Rama Patel).

    16. She likes to be called Missy.

    17. Her performance skills include marital arts, dancing, singing, voiceover, improvisation and firearms. Archer's singing voice type is soprano.

    18. While growing up in Texas, Archer first got interested in performing after taking dance lessons as a young child.

    19. Loves cats and is a huge animal lover.

    20. Archer is a natural brunette, has blue eyes and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her star sign is Sagittarius.

    21. Is trained to do accents in German, British, Southern and Irish.

    22. Melissa Archer participated, along with other OLTL cast members, in the CD production of One Life, Many Voices which benefitted those affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Some of the other OLTL cast members on the CD include, Robin Strasser (Dorian), Robert S. Woods (Bo), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay), Erika Slezak (Viki), Trevor St. John (Victor) and Kristen Alderson (Starr).

    23. During her off-screen time, Archer enjoys swimming and gardening.

    24. In 2010, Archer did a series of health and beauty related commercials for Walgreens.

    25. Enjoys communicating with her fans on her official Facebook page, and also has a fan club registration on her official Website.

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