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Fan Opinions and Comments on the Return of 'One Life to Live' Soap Opera


Fan Opinions and Comments on the Return of 'One Life to Live' Soap Opera

Actor Michael Easton as OLTL/GH's John McBain

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There is no doubt that most viewers of One Life to Live and All My Children are extremely delighted to hear the news of both shows upcoming return. So I wanted to share some of the emails I have been receiving from across the country.

(Please note: Due to the high volume of emails received over this past week, not all comments submitted have been published.)

“I want to say that I am truly excited that we have a chance to watch ONE LIFE TO LIVE again. I am an avid fan from way back to its beginning. I would just like to mention a few things....... Was wondering if the show is going to resume where it left off? Also would like to mention how awesome it would be that possibly the first two weeks or so of your airing, that you would re-run the last few weeks of the previous air time to refresh memories again. Look forward to watching again.” ~DR from Cincinnati

“Very happy and excited about the comeback, plus that all the actors are coming back, I knew that somehow or some way if enough people complained and wrote in something would give. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE OF ‘ONE LIFE TO LIVE’. Hope to see u soon. ~Sincerely Ignatius vento, a fan for 30yrs.”

“Yeah best news I have heard all year! ~ M. Elliott

“I am so excited to hear that I will once again get to enjoy One Life to Live. I have missed it so much. I always watched it on SOAPnet and looked forward to it every night. I haven't gotten into General Hospital because it is just not the same. Tell my friends I look forward to seeing them again soon!!!” ~Donna

“Been waiting a long time to hear this.....can’t wait to watch my favorite program once again!!!!” ~jmlapuh

“Thank you Jesus!” ~P. Musick

“Until I see it on my iPad/tablet I will not believe I will be able to actually see it.. Would be happier if it was going to be back on TV & not a watered down 30 min soap online.. Would be happier if they left John McBain, Starr & Todd all 3 on GH.. PP deal, too little too late.. They let them relocate from NYC to LA, only to make them stop filming on GH, even with contracts.. ? Not a good deal for the actors or their fan base.. They brought new life to GH & they deserve to stay there, not on a 30min stint of OLTL.. With commercials, what will it amount to? Maybe 15 mins. Come on PP let our fabulous 3 stay on GH...” ~P. Little

“So happy that my favorite soap is coming back, however I love ‘General Hospital’ since Todd, and the other ‘One Life To Live’ characters are on it.. I will definitely watch it....can't wait.” ~Y. Hodges

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