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Part 1: Recap of Todd's Past
Part 2: More of Todd's past, plus Howarth's other acting projects, and his upcoming return

Todd finally returned to Llanview, took back The Sun, and set out to destroy his unfaithful wife, Blair, who had also become pregnant by Patrick. Todd and Blair, however, did come together one last time when their daughter Starr become very ill. Blair's unborn baby with Patrick turned out to be a perfect bone marrow donor which would save her life, unfortunately fate took a hand once again. In a terrible car accident, caused by Blair's cousin, Kelly, the unborn baby died. Luckily for little Starr, another bone marrow become available, and her life was spared. But for Starr's parents, their fight with one another just took on another round. Enter Tea Delgado.

"...fans of OLTL said their final goodbye's to Todd Manning in the fall of 1998."

Todd's determination to keep custody of his little daughter Starr, pushed him to his next scheme in the year 1997. He arranged for his attorney Tea Delgado to receive $5 million of his fortune, and in return she would agree to marry him. This scheme was to show the courts he had established a stable home for his little girl, and she would also have a step-mother to help in her care. The marriage of convenience to Tea took on a very unexpected turn when in time they developed intense feelings for one another. However, Todd struggled a lot for his feelings for her based on his own troubled past and childhood. Todd and Tea did however share some very special moments in their very bumpy relationship, and many fans fell in love with the union of "TnT". However, it was short-lived when Roger Howarth decided to leave the show to pursue other acting projects. So fans of OLTL said their final goodbye's to Todd Manning in the fall of 1998.

Roger Howarth departed OLTL to pursue other acting projects both on Broadway and in Hollywood. Howarth made his first Broadway debut in The White Rose, but was did some theater work in Henry IV, Passions, You Touched Me, Mother Courage, and Orestes. However, Howarth's big stage appearance was in James Goldman's Broadway production of The Lion In Winter The play officially opened on Broadway on March 11, 1999 and ended with it's final curtain on May 30, 1999. Also appearing alongside Roger Howarth was the beautifully talented Stockard Channing, and the amazing Laurence Fishburne.

"Sources say Howarth has signed a three-year contract with the show,..."

So now that Howarth has decided to come full-circle and return to daytime, what's in store for him next? Many fans are wondering just how long Howarth will agree to stay this time. Sources say Howarth has signed a three-year contract with the show, however, there are several clauses to his contract in which he can leave sooner. Insiders also say that viewers can be pretty reassured to see Howarth/Todd around for at least eighteen months, if not longer. This all may depend on what the writers have in store for his character's return to Llanview. In Howarth's previous contract it was believed that he demanded to be excluded from any love scenes on the show. But will he change his tune this time around, and if so, just who will Howarth be seen "in bed" with?

As soon as the news of Todd's return to daytime hit the streets, the first question many fans asked was "Is Tea returning with Todd?"Well the short answer is simply, No! Florencia Lozano, who played Tea Delgado, was not available for comment, but her agent made quite an angry statement to Soaps in Depth recently which was "Give it up, guys! Stop calling!" So I suspect that the days of Todd and Tea are over, but it will no doubt leave many unanswered questions for the fans, especially considering how passionate their relationship ended. It was just a few months back when Todd came back to Llanview strictly to capture Tea's heart once more. Todd once again left the show, but this time with Tea in hand. So many fans are wondering exactly how they are going to explain that she in no longer with him. It has also been rumored that Todd's return will rekindle a relationship with his ex-wife Blair, who is of course the mother of his daughter Starr, but this may or may not be the case considering how rocky their relationship is with one another. Luckily, June 16th is just around the corner, which is the first day viewers will get their first look at the return of Llanview's one and only "Prince of Darkness".

Part 1: Recap of Todd's Past
Part 2: More of Todd's past, plus Howarth's other acting projects, and his upcoming return



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