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Speaking Out - Messages to TPTB from the Fans of OLTL
Featuring fan opinions on the recent storylines, and responses to Kenneth Durham's letter to TPTB, cont.
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• An OLTL Fan Speaks His Mind - A special commentary from Kenneth Durham about the Victor Lord storyline and how he feels about the new writers insulting the fans intelligence.


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Submitted by: Leslie Lopez from Augusta, Georgia:
Comment: I think it's crazy that Victor Lord is back; he has been dead for years. You must think the viewers are stupid. He had a heart attack back in the 80's and died. I have been a viewer since the early 70's. Ya'll need to get a better storyline or some new writers.

Submitted by: Lori Santangelo from Wheat Ridge, Colorado USA
Comment: I've been watching One Life to Live since 1968. I've missed a few years once in a while, but I think bringing back Victor Lord is fine. Didn't Joe Reilly come back as Tom after they thought he died in a car accident??? Hey, I thought that was so unreal in the 70's, but if they did that today, I'd be really happy to see one of my favorite characters. If they want to bring back Meredith, Mark Toland and Julie and Eileen and Dave and say they were kidnapped in a space ship and returned to earth - so what!

They present the show and I enjoy watching. And if they put a funky twist in the plot once in a while, I don't mind anymore- I'll see it through. I trust their judgment to write, create and act in the fictional town of Llanview. I know they work hard and I trust they will do their best to tell the story.

Submitted by: Jarah Waltary from New Orleans, Louisiana
Comment: I too agree with Mr. Kenneth Durham. I have been watching One Life To Live since I was a little young tike. My grandmother used to tune in faithfully everyday of the week. I in turn picked up where she left off. I am a 21 year senior in high school and sad to say it but I love the show so much, I schedule my classes around it. I agree with Kenneth in the sense of bringing old things back. I have my roommate hooked on the show and now she watches with me. I figured out that the old man was Victor Lord but it took me a minute. I only realized this because of the involvement of wanting Starr. On first I thought that it was Lawrence's father. I don't know the storyline of how he died and I didn't know the whole story behind Lawrence. I just think that we should stay in the now and don't bring old characters from the dead. I mean I don't want the show to be like Passions because that is an awful show. I also don't like the storyline with Keri and Antonio. I think that they could've had some one else be the father of the baby like maybe R.J. or Hank or someone I don't think that they should've put Antonio with her mother, especially since there was no previous mention of her.

Submitted by: Susan Stephan from Illinois:
Comment: I totally agree. Now I've read where the Mitch actor has signed a four-year deal. How can that be??? He tried to kidnap Starr. He threatened to kidnap Jack. He DID kidnap Blair. He implied a threat to Jen and has her shaking in her boots. This guy is scum. What can they have him do for four years. He should be in a jail cell. Victor Lord alive!! What a crock. The Flash character is a reincarnation of Roseanne. We were rid of her, then we get Flash. Yuk.

Submitted by: Louise Zonak from Ashland Mass:
Comment: I agree wholeheartedly with this letter. I think the whole Mitch Laurence and Victor Lord story is ridiculous. Why does this show continue to insult our intelligence with stupid plots? Please wrap this up quickly and let's get back to the roots of this show. I'm sick of dead people coming back to life and bringing back old stories that worked well at the time but are now past.

Submitted by: Joanne Reynolds from Schenectady, NY
Comment: I agree with Kenneth's opinion that TPTB think either the audience is stupid or just started!!! Remember when they exhumed V. Lord's body to find a feather in his throat and proved that one of Vicki's alters killed him and not Dorian!! Therefore, how can he now be alive? If we can keep up with the history why can't the writers? GET RID OF MITCH LAWRENCE before he rapes Natalie (she's had enough tough times in her young life) or kills someone!!! He' just evil for evil's sake! Thank you for listening.

Submitted by: Vivian Martin from NY:
Comment: Wow, it looks like Kenneth said it all and he is right. I don't believe that any of TPTB give a damn about the opinions of the viewers. Case in point: Gary Tomlin was allowed to turn the show into a circus before someone finally put an end to his madness. Malone and Griffith are only continuing the trend. This latest plot not only insults the viewers but it is also an insult to the characters, especially Viki. How many times can she have blocked out giving birth to these long lost children? The Megan story was hard enough to swallow but somehow they made it work. This stuff with Natalie, Mitch and Victor is outrageous and I am not buying any of it for a minute. I'm still hoping that all of this will turn out to have been one long nightmare and that they will start from scratch but I know that will never happen. OLTL is the only soap I watch on a regular basis and I am only hanging on because of the talents of the actors who give their all especially Erika Slezak. At this point, Viki should be a powerhouse instead of just another victim but ES always gives the role everything she has even when the writers don't.

Submitted by George Z. from Honolulu, Hawaii:
Comment: As a long-time viewer of OLTL, I cannot disagree more with Mr. Durham. To believe that stories, once written and played out on screen, are over and done with, and therefore off limits to other writers to further expound upon, is both foolish and unimaginative.

Reading a novel, or watching a drama, there is much action that goes on off screen, and in between the lines to which the reader/watcher is not allowed access. Much of good storytelling is what is not told, and what we as readers/viewers have to put together ourselves. It is this ambiguity in story that I think has many fans, including Mr. Durham, so upset. They don't like the idea that things may be going on off camera that they are not given full, immediate access to from the very beginning. To be told that what we thought was true is no longer true, is seen as a betrayal of our intelligence, instead of what it truly is: the uncovering of something that we never knew happened; something that happened off-screen. This is bound to happen in a genre where writers come and go as easily as the change of seasons. I am not old enough to remember Dorian's supposed murder of Victor Lord. My earliest memory of OLTL is the masquerade ball at Asa's mansion where his supposed dead wife Olympia showed up wearing the same costume as his new young wife Samantha. What I have learned in all the years of watching OLTL, as well as other daytime dramas, is that nothing is ever what it seems. I don't think that this has ever been something with which the average viewer has been comfortable. I have always relished it - it is the ambiguity of the daytime drama that has always kept me tuning in.

Finally, we don't even know that this man really is Victor Lord, despite what spoilers/rumors may say. If it is, why is it not believable that he could be alive? It's not like he's been stashed away underneath General Hospital waiting to be thawed out. Victor Lord was a master manipulator - an evil man who did horrible things to his family. Why couldn't he have been alive somewhere this entire time? My only hope is that fans do not take Mr. Durham's advice to boycott the show. I also hope that fans read their letters carefully before submitting them to TPTB. Writing a letter in the tone with which Mr. Durham chose to write his is not only self-defeating, it is just plain rude. His letter makes him out to sound like nothing more than a disgruntled fan who cannot argue or get his point across without resorting to bullying and name-calling.

The new writers' stories just began. Give them a fighting chance before calling it quits.

Submitted by: Earlene Hagler from California:
Comment: I totally disagree w/Kenneth's assessment of our show. I too have been watching OLTL since the 80's between jobs and I must say that the last two years have been painful to watch...Just too loyal to discontinue watching and always hoping for the best. With the Writers on board now, the tide has been turned. Congrats to you!!!!! Continue with the good, exciting, interesting storylines that you have begun....Thanks.......SofterNow

Submitted by: Betsy from Barrington, IL:
Comment: I have been watching OLTL since about 6 months after it began. I, too, cannot believe TPTB expected us to buy this Mitch stuff, and now Victor Lord? I hated the way they already rewrote history once and changed the fact that Dorian let Victor die of that heart attack and then changed it to his having been smothered by one of Viki's alternates. Do they think we are that dumb? Yeah, things better pick up FAST or I, too, will be switching to As the World Turns..it's on at the same time!


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