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Tough Man Todd Returns!

Dateline: 02/10/00

The excitement is building; the big day has almost arrived. February 25, 2000, is when One Life to Live fans will be glued to their chairs for the return of daytime's most popular character, the infamous Todd Manning. Although Roger Howarth, who plays Todd, has only agreed to a one week appearance, fans are still ecstatic about seeing him again. Todd's return coincides with the departure of another popular character, Tea Delgado, played by Florencia Lozano.

"...is there a chance Todd could return again in the future for more shows?"

Roger Howarth's return is most likely traced to his long-time friendship with OLTL's Executive Producer Jill Farren-Phelps, who has always been a big supporter of Howarth. Sources at ABC have also said that Phelps would like to see Howarth back full-time, but at this point was willing to take what they could get. So is there a chance Todd could return again in the future for more shows? The simple answer is, yes. There is always that chance of a possible return of his character again in the future, a lot of this may depend on the success and ratings of Todd's return later this month.

There have been many speculations on exactly what events will take place when Todd shows back up in Llanview. Of course the most obvious scenario focuses around Tea, whom Todd promised he would return to someday. The last time viewers saw Todd on OLTL was on a plane heading out of Llanview. His character left the show after it was revealed to everyone that Todd had been faking his DID (dissociative identity disorder), but had he really? The very last scene viewers saw with Todd, was showing him still "acting" out his split personalities while no one was around. So why would he need to continue to act this way, if in fact, he had been faking his disorder? This is a question, many viewers are hoping to get the answers to during the week Todd is back.

"...Todd is NOT the stalker, but rather, may be 'stalking the stalker'..."

There is also a big question about a key Todd had sent Tea, after he had already left Llanview. Tea had decided not to do anything with it, and it still remains in the lost-and-found box in Carlotta's diner. Will viewers be let in on the mystery behind this key, or will the secret behind it, remain "locked?"

Some more of the speculations on Todd's return are also around the character of R.J. There's no question in many fans minds that Todd may return to seek revenge on R.J, especially for his current relationship with his ex-wife Tea. Somebody has already threatened R.J. with a fake bomb attack, and he was nearly run-down by a car several months ago.

As reported by Lynda Hirsch [who has a syndicated show out of Cleveland] said that Todd will be coming back to RESCUE Tea, and that Lynda made it sound as though Todd is NOT the stalker, but rather, may be "stalking the stalker".

No matter what happens, the return of Todd is definitely going to reverberate the excitement back into Llanview for months to come. Not to mention the fact OLTL's rating will probably skyrocket during that week as well. Although most fans are disappointed that Howarth only agreed on returning for one week, many fans are just happy they get another chance to see Todd one more time.

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