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Daytime's Hardest Working Women!
Celebrating the talented actresses of One Life to Live

Dateline: 01/06/00

Soap star fans can basically make or break an actor or actress when it comes to their roles on daytime soap operas. If their characters are not believable, or genuine, in time, fan support will run thin. So for this article I wanted to let You, the fans, get a chance to express how you feel about OLTL most talented actresses on the show. In the last fan opinion poll for Best Actress of 1999 Robin Strasser(Dorian) took the lead. Following right behind her, is Erin Torpey(Jessica). Erika Slezak(Viki) and Linda Dano(Rae) are next, followed by Kassie DePaiva(Blair), Florencia Lozano(Tea), Hillary B. Smith(Nora), and Gina Tognoni(Kelly).

Robin Strasser is by far considered one of the hardest working women of One Life to Live, leading the show's more exciting storylines. Strasser's character has been in the frontline for years, and will continue to be in the future, even though her character will be recast. In fact, Victoria Wyndham has been approached already to possibly take over the Dorian Lord role. Strasser, the 1982 winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama, will surely be missed by all. Strasser stated she will be focusing her attention on health issues for women. Here now are what Strasser's fans are saying about her.


From Candy: "I also like Dorian Hayes. Dorian may at times by a nice person. But at least Dorian cares alot for her family. I like Dorian's loyalty to RJ. Dorian knows RJ has done things bad, but RJ has been there for Dorian when she has needed a friend and Dorian has been there for RJ when he needed a friend."
From Judy: "I think Robin Strasser.....She can play the role of  DORIAN" to a T......Makes the show, more exciting with her conniving ways!
I truly enjoy "one life to live".
From Crystal: "I love Dorian and Tea...I actually have to...when I first started watching OLTL I loved how both these characters had so much spunk and could hold their own no matter whoever they were matched with...Dorian has always been strong and intelligent and funny."
From Patte: "Robin Strasser is my favorite actress on one live to live because she is such a loveable villaness.  She plays this part so well she makes you feel sorry for her when you really shouldn't. "
From Paula: "Dorian Lord:
 I may not always agree with her methods but her love of family and her fear
that she possesses some of the traits of insanity that runs in her family drives
her to not always make the best choices.  This character is compelling to watch
at all times and I am sad to see her leave."

Erin Torpey may be young, but she is most definitely a talented actress who has a long road ahead of her. Torpey, who has been considering taking her talents to Broadway, was also excited about the educational release of Jessica's Story, sponsored by the National Campaign for Teen Pregnancy. Torpey recently commented, "If this video affects just one person, I'd be so happy." For more information of the Jessica's Story videotape, visit the web site www.teenpregnancy.org.

Another one of OLTL's most favorite and hardest working women from the show is Erika Slezak. Slezak holds the record for five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress for her character of Viki Buchanan. Slezak's family had other very talented members, and says "I can't recall a time when I didn't want to act", this according to her ABC bio. At age 17, Slezak was one of the youngest students to be admitted to the very prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England. It has been the excitement of Slezak's character,Viki, which have kept fans coming back for more. Here's what some of her fans have to say about her:


From Caboose: "My favorite female character, by far, is Viki.  She is independent, strong, passionate, intelligent, headstrong, charming, fun, honest, compassionate, classy and a great Mom.  She is a role model for woman.  I love her new relationship with Ben.  It makes her look younger and more energetic than she has in a while.  They are fun to watch together.  To me, it just wouldn't be OLTL without Viki."

More from Caboose: "My favorite OLTL actress is Erika Slezak - Viki.
To me Viki is the heart and soul of Llanview and Erika's acting is the absolute best in daytime!
Viki touches the lives of every Llanview resident in some way.  She is a fine example to the woman who watch the show (except when she was under the control of an alter or when she recently slapped Ben) in both her behavior and her professional position.  Viki is a woman who runs a family, a business and does volunteer/charity work, all very successfully.
Finally, I must say that Erika Slezak's current storyline with Mark Derwin is so fun to watch and so believable.  It's all the extras they add to their performances, those looks, the little touches make me believe Viki and Ben are really in love.  As I said, her acting is just superior!"

From Mary: "Viki: I love her independence and the power of her person that she has without even trying. I love how capable and competent she is.  I love that she's not afraid to show her passion for Ben.  I love how sensuous she is and also how playful she can be."
From Gerry: "Viki Carpenter. She is a person to look up to. She is strong and caring and loving and a true friend and loving parent.."
From Susan G: "My vote goes to Viki because she has been on OLTL ever since I started watching it in my early teens and she always seems to be able to keep reinventing herself. As a middle aged woman myself I like the way she is in total control of herself, unless she turns into Nikki, and even then she shows her "bad girl" image that can be very alluring. She has it all in this daytime soap!"
From Debby T: "My favorite character used to be Viki until she was plodded into a dependent dolt. I don't care for her relationship with Ben.  With Clint, she was allowed to be independent and they worked so well at the Banner!  I miss that!"
From Lee: "Erica Slezak is my favorite actress.  Her acting is super and I know she must be as delightful  in real life as on the show. I remember her Dad as an actor, he was also a favorite. "
From Annie B: "My favorite actress is Erika Slezak. She is the heart and soul of OLTL and the reason I have watched the show for over 25 years. I have watched all Viki's trials and tribulations throughout the years. Erika Slezak's performance as Viki is always outstanding. She is truly one of the greatest actresses in daytime. "
From mboudreaux11: "I have never seen Erika Slezak shine like she has in 1999. Between her romance with Ben and the tragedies of Jessica and Kevin, ES has reminded everyone that she is daytimes best!"
From Lee: "I think the best actress on One Life To Live is Vicky. She is finally really happy and it shows
in the way she portrays herself.
So what if Ben is younger-you go girl!"

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