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"Reflections by Jill" - A Weekly Commentary on One Life to Live
March 6, 2006
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REFLECTIONS BY JILL….If there was one thing sillier last week than Adriana being swamped by young girls for her autograph, it was D.A. Hugh Hughes packing his pistol and joining the manhunt for Todd Manning. Help me out here. When was the last time you remember a District Attorney pretending he’s a cop and chasing after a convicted murderer. GIVE ME A BREAK! It’s obvious that Hugh has a lot of issues deep down that we are just getting a glimpse of and the only way I will believe he’d go after Todd that way is if it turns out that Hugh is more disturbed than Todd. It was ludicrous when he said that he wasn’t letting Todd get away after he got his conviction. He needs to stay behind his desk. He’s annoying enough just doing that.

I do remember Bo always telling Daniel Coulson and any other D.A. that they should leave the police work to the police…so why on earth would Bo go along with Hugh being out there with a gun going vigilante on Todd? It was totally stupid if you ask me, especially when Hugh took that shot at Todd. I was actually cheering for Todd when he got away from Hugh. Todd had already managed to get away from John, so how did Hugh think he was going to single handedly take the guy down?

I’m sorry they are making Hugh out to be the obnoxious idiot we’re seeing lately, because I really liked him in the beginning. When he walked into John’s hospital room and threatened John saying he’d hold John responsible if Todd wasn’t apprehended, I was hoping John would just kick his ridiculous butt out of there. Who does this guy think he is? His behavior makes him such a good candidate to be Spencer’s son, doesn’t it? But maybe since he’s the one whose cocky behavior most mirrors Spencer’s, it won’t be him after all. I feel sorry for Rex or Nash if either of them turns out to be the lucky winner of Spencer’s genes.

And now it seems like Hugh and Kelly are getting closer. Before Hugh became an idiot I wouldn’t have minded pursuing this relationship since for me, Kelly and Kevin don’t really seem to be connecting any more, but I surely don’t want to see Kelly hook up with Hugh these days.  I was going to say I’d rather see her with Duke, but on second thought, no, no, NO!

Speaking of Spencer…yeah, yeah….we can’t seem to get rid of the creep…I got a few laughs out of him this week. I loved it when he and Blair were in bed together and Todd’s pretty face came up on the television screen. I guess that will teach Spencer to make sure his lover can’t roll over on the remote control and spoil the mood from now on. Oh boy, I’d say that little vision of Todd on the screen and Blair’s reaction was one sure way to deflate Spencer’s….um…..um…..EGO! I loved it. And the guy had the nerve to expect Blair to just come back to bed with him after that. I died laughing when she said, “Are you out of your mind?” No Blair, he only knows what he wants and doesn’t care how he gets it. It wouldn’t have dented his dignity to have Blair thinking about Todd and then taking her right back to bed…his ego is that big! Even though I am furious at Blair for her stupidity with Spencer, I was glad she let him have it when he kept trying to tell her to get over Todd and she said, “Nobody tells me what to think and what to feel. My kids come first.” And when Blair left and Spencer was calmly walking around his hotel room then went to look in the mirror, I was just waiting for him to explode and smash the mirror. Well, I was close…no surprise when he smashed his fist through the wall. Hey, I wonder if he remembers that The Palace isn’t his real home and he just destroyed Renee’s property. Wouldn’t it be a riot if she kicked him to the curb and he had to go beg Roxy for a room at the Angel Square Hotel? Or maybe he could beg Dorian for a room at La Boulaie…yeah, that might happen!

And now Spencer has Denton looking for Todd. Well, all we need is for someone to offer Denton more money than Spencer is offering and maybe he’ll start singing.

Getting back to Todd for a minute…did you find it the least bit strange that he was able to stop in the freezing cold and snow and change clothes with a knocked out Marshal? Boy, he’s quick. And he’s nervy, too. I couldn’t believe he actually had the guts to walk into Bo’s house to confront Paige. I guess in Soapland he had nothing to worry about since Bo would come to the door fifty times but get called away each time before he actually got the key in the door.

You have to feel sorry for Bo. Can’t this guy find a woman who won’t lie to him? It seems impossible but Paige has certainly crossed the line with him. And she’s such a bad liar. I am shocked that Bo has kept his cool for this long. I was glad that John told Bo that Paige went to Statesville and probably had proof that Todd was innocent…and I was glad that Bo found out from Rex that Paige had the name of her son. I thought it was pretty sad that Bo tried to convince himself that Paige probably hadn’t looked in the file to find her son’s name before she saw Bo at the hospital. He won’t be able to fool himself for much longer.

And Claudia Reston is back in town to make Nash’s life miserable…and Jessica/Tess’s as well. Do we really need another insane woman walking around Llanview? We’ve already got Margaret (do you really think she’s dead?)…and we’ll be dealing with Tess and Niki for a while yet…and we’ve got enough insanity from the sane women in Llanview. Do we really need Claudia? More importantly…do we need her ridiculous father and his band of merry men? I died laughing when Mr. Reston just waltzed into Asa’s mansion and avoided security. I was yelling at Clint and Bo from my couch. THERE IS NO SECURITY AT ASA’S MANSION AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN ANY! Asa and Viki have the same security company protecting their homes. I think the company is called “COME ROB ME, THE DOOR IS OPEN!” You have to give old Reston credit for having the nerve to not only enter a house illegally, but to plan to commit a crime by beating a guy to a pulp during his visit.

I loved it when Clint rushed in and saved Nash’s butt. I also loved it when Reston tried to tell him that the door was open and Clint told him the door is never open. Hey Clint, you’ve been in England for way too long. Pa’s door is always open to undesirables. It was pretty funny when Bo came over and Reston agreed to leave…and then Bo told Clint he’d find the security guard who was probably bribed to let Reston in and arrest him….and Clint said, “Do me a favor, hit him before you arrest him.” I have to say, I like Jerry ver Dorn’s Clint. He’s a very likable Clint. I like the way he defends Nash. And Nash sure appreciated the help. Clint and Bo could have easily believed that Nash was up to no good when they found out that Claudia was in Llanview and the restraining order was violated.  I have to say that when Claudia showed up at Rodi’s and sat down at that table to make trouble for Nash, it totally reminded me of when Ben and Viki were together and Skye Chandler appeared in town, parked herself at Ben’s table at The Palace while he was waiting for Viki and shocked the stuffing out of him. I hope that Claudia’s intrusion will be as successful as Skye’s was (she never came between Ben and Viki no matter how hard she tried), but I hear that when Tess finds out that Claudia came to town she’s going to dump Nash and he will try to leave Llanview. Claudia is obviously going to cause some trouble.

So, poor John was incapacitated in the hospital for about five minutes. The first thing I thought of when I saw him in the hospital was how silly he looked in that hospital gown. You’d think his brother could have at least given him a black one to make him feel a bit more normal, no?

It was interesting when Natalie and Evangeline were talking and Natalie said that she was worried that John would die thinking that she hated him and Evangeline told her that John knows she still loves him…everybody does. Very true, I’d say.

I can’t say I was too sorry that Natalie took him home and took care of him. And I sure can’t say I was sorry to see John roll over when he woke up and kiss Natalie. And I sure can’t say I was sorry that she didn’t want him to be sorry about kissing her and that she kissed him back. Wow, that’s a lot of “I’m not sorrys” but I loved every minute of it and I loved it even more that he opened up and told her about his visions of his father. Even more than that I loved it when John said to Natalie, “You’re really something. After everything that’s happened you still stick by me.” I agree with Natalie that it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. Hey, I wouldn’t mind having a job like that at all. Call me crazy, but I sense a closeness between these two and a trust that John has in her that he doesn’t have in anyone else except maybe Michael. That says a lot where John is concerned.

And what about Cristian breaking into Evangeline’s apartment to hang a painting (lame) and getting caught by Layla? I was surprised that she didn’t offer to give him a lesson on how to break into someone’s apartment without getting caught since she did it herself when she broke into John’s apartment. It’s very obvious that something is working between Cristian and Evangeline…more than them just being good friends even though they don’t admit it at this point. I think this would be a great relationship to explore, as I’ve said before. It would be great for Evangeline to have someone who can be open with her and she and Cristian have a good basis for a strong relationship. Again, his feelings for Natalie will be in the way as long as things remained unsettled. Cristian is supposed to make a proposal to Natalie that he’ll quit boxing if she comes back to him. I don’t think she’ll go for it and I’m interesting in seeing where they go from here.

I felt sorry for Viki having to take on Tess’s anger when she blamed Viki for what happened to Jessica as a child. Viki kept insisting that she didn’t know what was happening and what Niki was doing, but when Tess told her that being a coward was what caused Niki to come out makes her responsible, that was something Viki had to think about. I’m sure that Jessica will come out of all of this in one piece, so to speak, but will Viki? How much is she expected to take?

And in closing…wasn’t a drunken Duke just a little too obnoxious to take? Somehow his return to Llanview is not turning out the way I thought it would and since Adriana is pretty set on being with Rex (which makes me happy), there must be a couple of women hanging around Llanview who could form yet another triangle with Duke in the middle. After all, with all the triangles and rectangles and whatever else is going on in Llanview, we all need a degree in Geometry to figure out what’s going on!

See ya next week….

Jill Berry


Bob writes: “I just wanted to say I am also a long time fan of the show. I started watching the show over 25 years ago when I was raising my children. I am a huge John & Natalie fan, who thinks they are the best couple to come on the show in years. They set the screen on fire whenever they are together. I hope the writers do the right thing and reunite them. I have to say I never saw much chemistry between John & Evangeline. As far as Cristian goes, I find him boring to watch, it will be a shame to see Natalie back with him. After seeing John & Natalie together how can they ever keep them apart? Hope the writers do not drag out the storyline too long. They should let John & Natalie have a relationship without Cris & Evangeline butting in. I loved it when Natalie told Evangeline that she was always sticking her nose in where it did not belong.”

Dear Bob: Obviously, I’m a big fan of John and Natalie, too (big surprise), and I hope they wind up together in the end. I don’t think that Natalie is finished with Cristian by a long shot because there are still so many feelings there, but I hope that when the final decision is made it goes our way. And I think if Evangeline and Cris wind up together it will make for some great soapy stuff for a long time to come. As far as Evangeline sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong…lol…I think Natalie is guilty of the same thing. It’s obvious that she still has feelings for Cristian since she can’t really stand to see him with Evangeline, even though she tries to be a big sport about it. Natalie doesn’t hide her feelings very well and she is jealous. Maybe if it were someone other than Evangeline it wouldn’t bother her so much…but I’m not so sure.

Lorraine writes: “Are the writers reeeeaaallllyyy thinking about Bo and Nora again? You talk about boring and me fast forwarding! Say it isn't so! By the way, my favorite couple is Evangeline and John. Natalie says John doesn't have to explain to her his actions but every time you look at her she's in his face asking him what he's doing and what time did he do it. Also, does Bo run the station or Natalie? She was in charge at Statesville and spends more time with John than working. Isn't that nepotism getting in the way there?”

Dear Lorraine: I hear that they are really talking about Bo and Nora again. Can’t say that hurts me too much since I’ve always wanted them back together. No one can possibly believe that all the secrets Paige is keeping from Bo are going to keep her tied to him forever. It may not be possible for a woman to exist who would be perfect for Bo since he’s looking for a woman who will be totally honest and open with him and that doesn’t exist on soaps…does it? Oh yeah, there is Viki, but not for Bo. I am anxious to see how they handle things when Nora finally wakes up. In Nora, Bo may just be able to find the peace and stability of the real family he longs for, especially since he has become so close to Matthew. I think Bo and Nora can get to a point where they put the past behind them and find something good together again with their son. As far as Natalie and John go, yes, she is always asking him questions, but do you also notice that he usually answers them? He lets her in where he doesn’t let anyone else.

Deborah writes: “Did Blair swallow a stupid pill or what!!!!! Every time I see her with Spencer I just want to smack her!! Its funny how everyone thinks Todd is bad for her but from MY memory Blair is the one always doubting Todd and sleeping around (Max, Kevin, Spencer)!! Do you think Todd will forgive her this time around or do you think that as usual he will forgive her? If so I think he swallowed a stupid pill as well!!!”

Dear Deborah: Yes, she did swallow the stupid pill. She’s also the one carrying the dumb stick these days. Blair has an unlimited supply of “dumb” where men are concerned. And yes, your memory is very good…Blair has never been able to walk away from the attention of a man and although I do think eventually Todd will forgive her, it will take quite a lot for him to erase the image of Blair with Spencer from his mind. And I hope that when Spencer gets what’s coming to him that Todd is the one who gets to dish it out.

Ann writes: “How did you like the scene where all three possible sons of Paige and Spencer's were conveniently together at the hospital? And oh, how interesting it will be to finally find out who it is. I remember a few years back when there was the mystery of whom Asa and Renee's son was, and the writers really threw the viewers a curve by having it be Ben....wonder if they will be as clever this time?”

Dear Ann: I loved the scene where Paige was at the hospital and all three candidates for Spencer’s baby boy were there, too. Hmmm….somehow I remember that storyline about Asa and Renee’s long lost love child. Yes, the writers threw us a curve having their son be Ben…what a lovely curve that was…it led to my favorite storyline of all and as far as the writers being that clever this time….I don’t think it will have as much impact as the Ben storyline only because Paige and Spencer don’t carry the weight on the show that Asa and Renee’s long lost son did several years ago…but it would be nice if the writers could come up with something as clever as that. It would also be nice if they could come up with a way to bring back Ben (had to say it) because being Asa and Renee’s son, there is a ton of storyline that has never been explored for Ben and now that his big brother Clint is back in town and a part of his beloved Viki’s life, this would be a great time for Ben to resurface. You want to talk about a triangle…that’s one I’d pay to see.

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