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"Reflections by Jill" - A Weekly Commentary on One Life to Live
February 27, 2006
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REFLECTIONS BY JILL….OKAY…I have had more than enough of Niki Smith. It's time to call it a day with this woman already. Erika Slezak is doing such a good job as Niki Smith that you really start to believe she's a separate entity and Viki is just lost somewhere in oblivion.

I am glad that we are soon supposed to find out what exactly happened to Jessica in that bar because it's starting to make me very uncomfortable to watch Niki, especially in her latest rampage to find out Jessica's secret so she can destroy Viki for good. It will be a miracle if Viki doesn't come out of this and wind up in the cardiac ward right next to Asa.

I hated watching Niki work her trashy wiles on old Sam the bartender. And ick…did they have to have her making out with the guy? And come on…I know she's not easily forgettable, but hasn't this guy seen enough floozies in 20 years of bartending that it would be a bit difficult to remember Niki, let alone remember her whole name? Give me a break! And now we're to believe that he remembers the guy who was with Jessica and has known all this time. Can you say "stretch the imagination until it pops?"

Thank goodness Tess finally gave Clint a clue where to find Niki. Maybe we can get this show on the road and get some mental health back to Llanfair. Wouldn't that be a novel concept? I only wish Clint would have walked in on Niki when she was smooching all over Sam, but I guess it's better that he didn't see that because one day he might feel he'd have to be honest with Viki and tell her what she did. And when Clint finally did confront Niki…wow…if I were Clint I’d worry about Niki trying to stick me with that knife when I was asleep if she had the nerve to threaten him face to face. Somehow I find it a bit hard to believe that Clint talking about how Viki was always “the one” for him even though he’s had women before and after her is what brings Viki back from the “beyond.” I know, it was a very sincere and romantic speech he made to her in the bar…but I’m honest…I do choke on sour grapes when it comes to Clint and Viki when Ben’s heart is supposedly beating between them. Poor Viki...this has been one totally humiliating fiasco for her and one I'm sure she thought she'd never have to face again.

Alright…Blair. I am totally SICK OF YOU!!!!!!!!! Good Lord, last week I was willing to give her a bit of a break because she at least realized she had made a big mistake in sleeping with Spencer and told him it would never happen again. Well, her resolve lasted about as long as it took her to put on her coat and get over to his hotel room. And when is she going to wake up and see what this man really is? I'll tell you this…Blair's first clue that Spencer is not the sweet, wonder boy she thinks he is should have been when she politely told him at her door that she was serious about not wanting a romantic relationship with him and he jammed his foot in the door in an angry tone, telling her he wasn't going to accept that. It’s not in his frame of reference to imagine that any woman wouldn’t fall at his feet, let alone tell him how things are going to be. But hey, why should he believe what she says when half an hour later she's at his hotel room door kissing all over him and asking him to be with her while she gets over Todd. That's the most ridiculous, disgusting thing I've ever heard and any man who would accept a woman on those terms is just plain stupid.

So now we know that the woman in the photo Spencer planted on Asa is David and Spencer's mother? Are we to believe that Asa is their father? The last thing that Asa’s private eye told him before he keeled over was that the woman had two illegitimate sons…so what are David and Spencer to Asa? Maybe Asa did something to their

father.…or had an affair with their mother causing something to happen to their father that Spencer blames Asa for? Or maybe it’s as simple as Spencer being Asa’s son…oh boy…could it be that easy? Obviously, Spencer has come to Llanview to destroy the Buchanans to avenge something that Asa did to his mother, so it's got to be a doozy of a story. Well, it better be after all we've had to endure watching Spencer.

And really, I love Renee and I love seeing her on the show, but can't we ever see her in a happy situation, or do we have to wait for something terrible to happen to the Buchanans before get to see Renee? I guess Renee knows the identity of the woman in the picture, too, since she found it in Asa's jacket pocket and said, "Why now Asa?" Maybe Asa will give Renee enough reason to divorce him a third time. It will probably start to get difficult to think of a theme for wedding #4 when that one comes around…and you know Renee would marry him again…she’s just that wild for the guy.

Interesting…now that Rex is close to finding Paige and Spencer's son, Paige doesn't want to go through with it. Too bad she doesn't have the guts to go to Bo with the truth and trust him to know what to do…but I guess not. Does she think Bo will appreciate that she kept all these secrets and that she let it cost her finding her son…not to mention screwing up their relationship? This is all going to blow up so badly in Paige's face. I wish just once someone would call Spencer's bluff. Hey, if Todd Manning can get out of being executed (and you know he will) Bo can figure out a way to beat Spencer at his own game. Bo has plenty of back up...Spencer has ZERO!!!

And speaking of Todd…doesn't this guy always find a way out of trouble? Too bad he can't just keep his mouth shut. I was applauding when John was trying to fix the plane's radio and he popped Todd in the mouth to shut him up. Watching John and Todd trying to get rescued is kind of like watching a bad imitation of "Survivor." Gee, I wonder who we'd all vote off the island. And leave it to Todd to show his human side and try to revive John later on. It was pretty funny when he was banging on John’s chest and said, “I swear to God McBain, if you die on me I’m gonna kill you.”

I was wondering if Bo would make a comment to Evangeline about calling not Natalie about John being missing when he specifically asked her not to and I was glad that Bo did exactly that. I guess Evangeline was beside herself with worry and figured misery loves company. Oh yeah…I know...she was just doing her duty as a good person and doing the right thing by letting Natalie know. As if Natalie wasn't getting herself worked up enough arguing with Cristian about boxing. I find it interesting that Natalie is so sure that boxing is the wrong thing for Cristian and Evangeline thinks it's perfectly fine for him to do what makes him happy. The thing is…Evangeline knows Cristian the least out of everyone and Natalie's concern for him comes from all the time she's known and loved him and known what is most important in his life…his art (aside from her). Natalie feels that Cris is boxing because he's lost and also for the money and maybe even to get her goat. Cris seems to be getting some pleasure out of annoying Natalie with his new career, trying to get her to admit that she still loves him. I don't believe that Evangeline can think it's such a great idea for Cristian to box. Maybe she does think he's doing what makes him happy and maybe she just sided with him to annoy Natalie. Whatever the case may be, it was quite the scene when they all wound up at the police station after hearing about the plane crash.

And I’m getting a bit tired of Cristian feeling sorry for himself. I know he had a terrible time in prison and it’s been hard for him to get his life back, but I am tired of him telling Natalie that he lied awake in prison night after night waiting to get back to her and look what he got. I was glad she went back at him and reminded him that her life was no picnic having to go through her husband’s death twice. Cristian is having a hard time living with the consequences of his decision to keep everyone in the dark about being alive…he can’t blame anyone else for that.

I will say that it was admirable for Cristian to volunteer to go to the crash site to help find John and Todd. I was surprised that Bo asked him why he'd do that and I wasn't the least bit surprised when Cris reminded him that John helped to keep him alive when he was shot in Statesville.

I hope Starr makes Blair sorry she ever doubted Todd's innocence when he's finally found. That poor kid has been through so much and it was so touching when she was lying down with Blair and asked her to tell her a story…a story about when she and her dad were happy, if she could remember any of those times.

Ok, my new favorite couple (while I'm waiting for the John/Nat/Evangeline/Cris mess to figure itself out) is Adriana and Rex. They are totally adorable. I enjoyed the scene where they finally defined their relationship and decided that in fact, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, it's about darn time! I'm looking forward to them doing more than figuring out ways to straighten out their misunderstandings and miscommunications. I also like the fact that Dorian thought she would interfere with their relationship by forging Adriana’s signature on that modeling contract…when it really didn’t.

I like the fact that Nash seems to be growing on the people who seem to matter most. Never mind that Kevin almost ripped his head off at Llanfair (Kevin needs to take out his frustration over being sterile on someone else…he’s being obnoxious)…I thought it was pretty cool when Nash came to the hospital to see if he could help the family with the Asa crisis and Bo said to Clint, “He seems like a nice guy”…and Clint replied, “Yeah, he kind of grows on you.” It sure won’t hurt Nash to have the Big Bukes on his side, will it…especially since the Little Bukes, Natalie and Kevin…hate his guts. I can’t wait to see how they’re going to integrate Jess and Tess and what will happen to the men in her life…not to mention that baby.

Hugh was certainly unnecessarily nasty and cold to Blair, wasn’t he? He has been annoying me BIG TIME since Todd’s trial…and it was very interesting seeing Spencer come to his office and get in his face about Blair. Well, if Hugh is Spencer and Paige’s son, they are starting off on the wrong foot, aren’t they. And it’s no secret…the three boys that are candidates for the wonderful position of Spencer’s son are Hugh, Rex and Nash. Hmmm…whom do we hate enough to give that heartache to….NOBODY!

And how annoying is Dorian? She continues to stick her nose where it doesn't belong at Llanfair in the hopes that Clint will give her a second look…but hey, he's not showing her the door so she, of course, thinks she totally welcome. I'm getting a bit tired of her trying to make David jealous, although is reactions are still as funny as ever. At least in the midst of all the insanity going on in Llanview, we have David to remind us that some things are just plain funny, like when Dorian pulled out her cell phone to call Clint and David looked at the phone and said, “Clint is #2 on your speed dial?” Poor David…this poor guy can’t catch a break and he still wants that crazy woman to be his own.

And in conclusion…I have to say that the person I felt most sorry for last week was John McBain. No, not because of all that he’s been through in his life…not because he can’t have the girl he wants right now…not because he nearly died in a plane cash…but because all this time he has been handcuffed to Todd and has had to put up with all of Todd’s nonsense. I think John would opt for sitting through 100 therapy sessions naked rather than spend one more minute attached to Todd Manning. Wouldn’t you?

See ya next week….

Jill Berry


Mary writes: "When Margaret was after Todd and kidnapped him, I thought she was the most annoying character on the show. But now, Spencer is definitely the character I can't stand, especially when he gets that smirky look on his face. He is so full of himself. I keep hoping someone will take a swipe at him."

Dear Mary: I couldn't agree more. Spencer makes Margaret look like the Fairy God Mother in my eyes. And yes, someone should take a big swipe at him and wipe that disgusting smirk right off his face….wish it could be me! One of my favorite lines last week was Paige telling Spencer, “If anyone ever really knew who you were on the inside, they could never love you.” If that doesn’t say it all, nothing does.

Carol writes: "You keep referring to Paige having killed John's father on the operating table as a fact. Isn't that just speculation at this point, or did I miss something?"

Dear Carol: No, you didn't miss anything. There have been so many references in the past couple of months to John's father being shot and dying on the operating table and at the same time, there are references to Paige losing a cop on the operating table because she was under the influence. Most people figure that it is inevitable that Paige is responsible for John and Michael's father's death.

Lynn writes: "I can't stand that they do not have Natalie and John together. When are the writers going to see that we, the fans, want them together? They are great together. They are fun to watch. You never know what is going to happen to them. They talk, they hang out, and they are so good together. They are a realistic couple. They are so sexy together. Please PTB, put my favorite daytime couple back together."

Dear Lynn: I'd like to see John and Natalie wind up together, too, but not all of the fans want the same thing. Just as many want John with Evangeline so who knows which way the tide will turn for these characters? I can't wait for the day that John says, "I love you" to somebody. I just hope it's Natalie. We'll see. I really like Evangeline with Cristian. It is a fresh, new, fun relationship that I'd like to see pursued.

Regdelvont writes: "Why do you think Natalie has so much hate for Evangeline when she has been such a good friend to her? As you have said that John and Natalie have so much connection and he loves her so why so much hate? Marcie and Michael. I like this couple I hope OLTL makes them the next hot couple, not Rex and Adriana. Marcie and Michael need more love scenes."

Dear Regdelvont: I don't think Natalie hates Evangeline and I don't think we could call either one of them a real "friend" to the other. They've been through a lot together and I think they've grown to respect and tolerate each other to some extent, but when you put two women together who both love the same man, what do you expect? Natalie still has a long way to go in the maturity department, although I think she's grown up a lot recently...and Evangeline is still stuck in the rut of not having John but still being very much in love with him. In any case, these two women have plenty of cause for explosions when they get together.

Maxine writes: "Jill, did Evangeline give back to John, his Mother's pearls?"

Dear Maxine: Yes, Evangeline did give the pearls back to John. He didn't want to take them back…he said they were hers…but she said she didn't feel right keeping them so he had to take them back.

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