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"Reflections by Jill" - A Weekly Commentary on One Life to Live
September 13, 2004
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REFLECTIONS BY JILL….There is only one thing worse than having to watch Tico Santi, one of the two most annoying people in Llanview run over everyone like a bulldozer…and that is watching the other most annoying person in Llanview, Kevin Buchanan, join forces with him. Just when we think that Kevin can’t be any more cruel and heartless than he already is, he decides to show us that he’s also stupid by letting himself be taken under the wing of a thug like Tico. Tico now makes Asa look like a prime candidate for “Honest Businessman Of The Year.” And Kevin doesn’t even blink an eye when he agrees to let Tico take over his life. I don’t know why it surprised me that Kevin went along so easily with Tico paying off the judge to get him custody of Ace. I suppose every time I see Kevin I still think of the shreds of the old Kevin that I remember and still look for. Silly me. Does Kevin even remember that it was not too many months ago that he realized he still had enough scruples to walk away from the governor when he offered him a chance to be a crooked politician? Not that Kevin had too many scruples left at that time, but at least he had enough integrity (while chasing his wife’s cousin) to walk away from the governor. I guess now he feels that Tico has big enough pockets to fit him and the governor comfortably and doesn’t care about the ramifications. Wasn’t it attractive watching Kevin with that big, fat cigar in his mouth strolling around Tico’s house? Kevin, Kevin…the fall is going to be so hard when you finally take it!

And now Kevin is in the pocket of a murderer. Very nice. Wasn’t it just too easy for Tico to kill his dear, sweet mother? Poor Angelina…what a horror knowing that a major creep like Tico is your son and that he’d knock you off as easily as he would swat a fly that was annoying him. Isn’t it amazing what some people will do to get their hands on $100 million? It must have made her so proud that Tico would try to have his own brother killed for a bunch of money that he really doesn’t need…although it takes a lot of money to hire killers and crooked politicians. Tico could probably save a lot of money if he gave up hiring hit men. He does such a good job all by himself. Why waste the money?

And Tico wants Jessica…there’s a big surprise. I guess he can’t stand the fact that his big brother is the heir to all that money AND has the beautiful girl. And all Tico has is that big, creepy old house.

And then, of course, we have Antonio. I was trying to remember how many times he’s turned in his badge…I lost count. That badge has spent more time being slammed on Bo’s desk than in Antonio’s pocket. I think Bo should keep it this time and retire the darned thing…but of course, he won’t. After all, Llanview needs its one cop who can’t follow the rules and never does what he’s told. Makes sense to me.

And wasn’t it about time that Antonio found out that he is Manuel Santi’s eldest son and little Tico’s big brother? I think Bo should give Antonio’s badge to Jessica. I know she’s a bit of a pest sometimes, but at least she has enough of a level head to think things out and she did finally figure out most of the secret Carlotta was keeping. She learned well from her publishing family. I’d like to see her do more of the smart stuff…get rid of Antonio ASAP…and become the smart woman we all know she is without being tied to a man who drives her crazy. Sure, she doesn’t belong sticking her nose into Antonio’s work and she’s way too trusting of the charmers in town, but she can learn. She deserves better and although I used to be a big backer of Jess and Antonio, I now think that ship has sailed and they both need to move on.

Let’s move on, too…I don’t know who depresses me more…Tico or Kevin.

Ah, Jen and Riley…now here’s something I didn’t plan on saying. I love these two together. I thought Jen was very cute when she was so upset and sure that Riley would decide to go back to Flash. Obviously, after all she’s been through and all the mistakes she’s made with men, Jen has a right to feel insecure and that she’s not worthy of a healthy relationship. I was so glad that Riley stepped up to the plate and told her he was in love with her. I also enjoyed the talk he had with his dad about it. I like the way the relationship between Daniel and Riley is developing. Daniel is very endearing…he doesn’t really know how to handle a serious, close relationship with his son, but he’s trying and likes the way it feels. It’s nice to watch. Riley is so good for Jen…she’s so good for him. Finally a good romantic match…we haven’t seen one in a while. I hope the show doesn’t mess this one up.

Did you laugh as hard as I did when Paul went to Dorian for the money to pay off RJ? Was he serious? How could he not have thought they’d laugh in his face? I can’t wait for the day Paul gets the rude awakening when he finds out that Natalie is not going to be his little puppy dog and go along with the life he wants to lead. Rumor has it that Paul’s end is near…literally. Hmmm…I’m not sure how many tears I’ll shed when that happens. Probably none!

And was anyone surprised that Asa wound up at the mansion with a rifle to toss Blair and Todd out on their ears? I couldn’t believe that Kevin and Renee even let him leave The Palace in the mood he was in. They should have handcuffed him to a chair. 

I’d say that Kelly is about an inch from going over the edge…wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t she just about die if she found out that Ace’s real mommy is not only in Llanview but has been cuddling “her” baby boy? Although I don’t feel too sorry for Kelly’s situation as it relates to the way she got the baby, I do have a soft spot for her because of the cruelty she has to endure at the hands of Kevin. He’s way over the edge in his cruelty and she’s at his mercy. I hate that. I was hoping Dorian would go after Kevin, literally, when he told her that Kelly was destined for the psych ward from the moment of her birth because of her family history. I think Dorian should have given Kevin the slap that Tico gave Angelina when she accused him of literally being Manuel’s son in every way. 

Do you like Duke and Adriana? I think they’re kind of cute. A bit silly, but still cute. I think they could be a really likable couple. Of course, she won’t have any peace at all until her brother is long gone from Llanview. Having Tico in her life has the potential for destroying her storyline for me. I hope Duke is smart enough not to let Tico bulldoze him. Hmmm…is there a chance of Duke being smart enough? Lordy, I hope someone is that smart.

In closing…I can’t wait for Erika Slezak to be back on my screen. Her vacations are so hard to endure because I find myself watching things going on and I think, “When the heck is Viki going to come back and restore some sense or sanity to these people?” We might just need an army of Vikis to fix what goes wrong every time Viki leaves town.

See ya next week...
Jill Berry


Carol writes: “I agree with some of your comments about Antonio and Jessica.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what Antonio tells Jessica and what he keeps to himself.  But Jessica is just as bad, expecting him to tell her everything IN FRONT OF THE PEOPLE HE'S INVESTIGATING!  And then she confides in people she has no reason to trust.  Can't she just keep her mouth shut until she finds out what's what?

Dear Carol:  The one thing that drives me crazy about Jessica is that she does tend to trust the wrong people.  That one trait of hers, letting herself be swayed by charm, is very annoying.  She does it with Tico just like she did it with Dr. Haver.  She even let Mitch Laurence convince her for a while that since he was her father he was worthy of her giving him a chance.  She certainly needs to wise up and learn whom to trust and as someone who has such an inquisitive nature, she surely doesn’t belong with an undercover cop.

MJM writes: “OLTL could save money by doing away with the Santi family and some of the young people. Marcie & Michael are getting boring. Where are Bo and Viki?  John seems to be taking over Bo's job.  And the story of Todd and Blair taking over Asa's house is stupid.  I do not believe that the law would allow someone to just walk in and take over a home without some legal procedure.  OLTL has been a favorite of mine for about 30 years but it is going over the deep end of late.”

Dear MJM:  Yep, they sure could save a lot of money doing away with the Santis.  As far as the young people go, I think it would have been better to develop some of their storylines rather than dwell on the Santis for as long as they have so far.  I haven’t heard from anyone who likes the Santi storyline and I think the powers that be know how people feel about them.  I’m hoping we won’t have to endure them for much longer.  As far as Asa’s mansion goes…I agree that it was far too easy for Todd and Blair to just move in.  I’m sure there was a little bit of “soap opera law” involved in that fiasco.  I have to agree with you about Michael and Marcie.  It’s no secret that my feeling is that they just haven’t had the same spark since Al morphed into Michael.  Nathaniel Marston’s injury has sidelined that storyline for a while because of his necessary absence, but maybe now things will pick up since he’s almost back on both feet, so to speak.  I hope so.

Emilie writes: One Life to Live is my favorite soap opera. I, for one, was a big fan of your Ben.  I was wondering if you thought that Sonia's club, The Hookup, is the same set as RJ's club Break Bar. What ever happened to that bar? So many places in Llanview just disappear or are never talked about again. What ever happened to Logan’s, Crossroads, Bo's apartment, Rae's house, just to name a few? Also I never remember Nathalie giving up her house for the Love Shack. You would think with so many vacancies in Llanview Blair and Todd wouldn't have to steal some one else's place and Nathalie, Paul and John wouldn't have to live in a small hotel room. I would love to hear your opinion on this.”

Dear Emilie:  Thank you…anyone who loves my Ben is a buddy of mine.  I never pass up a chance to mention him.  As far as all the different homes, bars, etc. on the show go, I do think a lot of them have been done away with or put away for future use…and some of them are definitely being reused.  I haven’t noticed that the Hookup is the former Break Bar set, but I’m sure it could be.  I often wonder why we don’t see more of the sets more often and I think the reason is that it is more cost effective to reuse the same sets over and over and not put up certain sets for just a few scenes.  I know it’s lousy, but I think that’s the explanation.  I usually pay great attention to detail and I think they have taken pieces of lots of old sets and used them in new ones.  For example, we never see Crossroads any more since Ben has been gone (notice I didn’t say “since Ben died…lol) and I doubt they would ever put it back together since the pool table is now at Rodi’s and the tables and chairs are at various other establishments in Llanview.  I thought for a while that the house Sonia lived in for a short time was Rae’s house, but who knows for sure.  I think I remember that we never really saw Natalie give up her house for the Love Shack…we were told after the fact that she did it.  And as far as Natalie, John and Paul living in that fleabag of a hotel…I’ve always laughed at that.  You’d think John makes enough money to have a halfway decent apartment somewhere and Natalie’s money could have bought her a better place.  As for Paul, he’s just a freeloader so wherever the rent is free, he’ll call it home.

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