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"Reflections by Jill" - A Weekly Commentary on One Life to Live
September 15, 2003
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REFLECTIONS BY JILL….Well, this week I have to throw some accolades in the direction of Trevor St. John. He’s doing a great job in the dual role of Todd/Walker. It’s the first dual role in a long time that I have found to be believable. Actually, aside from Erika Slezak’s portrayal of her multiple personalities…and the performances of all of the actresses who portrayed Marley and Victoria on Another World years ago, I haven’t really enjoyed any of the dual roles that we’ve had to put up with on the soaps. It can’t be easy to play two roles and make them both believable as separate entities, but Trevor has surely joined the ranks of the successes. I think Walker is a riot. His facial expressions, the way he carries himself and that hairdo of his (kudos to the sense of humor of the hair stylist on OLTL) are all wonderful traits that Trevor has finely honed for Walker. Of course, we don’t really know what Walker is up to yet and I will probably want to smack him as time goes by, but he’s a refreshing change of pace.

Trevor’s Todd continues to impress me. He has given some sweetness to Todd that I find totally appealing. Of course it’s not realistic that Todd has gotten a personality transplant as well as a new face…LOL…but I’ll buy the theory that he realized he had to be with Blair at any cost and as “someone else” Todd is able to show his true feelings for Blair and she won’t once again hate him. She certainly is taken with him as Walker. I liked the evening Todd planned for her…very romantic, especially for Todd…but just one thing. It seemed weird to me to see a big romantic set-up at Crossroads and not have it be for Ben and Viki. They haven’t used the Crossroads set for ages and now we have Max running the bar and Todd wooing Blair. Hey, some things just aren’t right…but I’m sure this opinion is reserved for me and any other crazed Ben and Viki fans.

Maybe we’re finally getting into something interesting with Kelly. She sure needs some life infused into her personality these days. I’m wondering if the long lost brother she supposedly has will come into play if and when she becomes pregnant and has serious medical problems that only a sibling can help her with.

The hero of the week, for me, is Evangeline Williamson…or should I say heroine? I loved the way she handled herself in the custody case, not letting herself be swayed by RJ to look the other way as he and Keri break the law. I also thought she was great when she ran into Antonio at Crossroads and after a short battle with her conscience, she told him that Keri was planning to leave town with Jamie. I was shocked that even though RJ gave Evangeline the door, he did think about her advice about breaking the law and tried to give Keri a chance to change her mind about running. I guess RJ is used to breaking the law but he isn’t sure he wants Keri to follow in his footsteps.

We had a little excitement when that chandelier dropped from the ceiling at the country club. At first I was sure it was the work of David Vickers…but of course, it turned out to be creepy Dawes. Leave it to Asa to find a guy’s weakness and turn the tables on him. It figures that Dawes would have a seedy secret. It reminded me of Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings when even Ken Starr, who was trying to bury Clinton, had to admit to having an affair. I loved his excuse that it happened when he was younger…HAH! Although I don’t care much for Kevin these days, I’m glad Asa will hopefully at least level the playing field. I did see a glimmer of the old Kevin when he refused to play dirty with Dawes the way Asa wanted him to. That was pure Viki speaking when he said playing Dawes’ game would make him no better than he is.

Dorian sure did fool old David. I knew she had that necklace…too bad he didn’t take her up on her offer to search her when she opened her blouse. I would have loved to see him find it on her. One thing you have to say about Dorian…that woman has got….ok, I’ll be polite…GUTS!!!

It’s so hard to watch poor Al getting sicker by the minute and Marcie feeling responsible for his illness. Someone should be hung out to dry for destroying a really good storyline with infinite possibilities.

I have to admit…I’m no longer a fan of the Bo/Gabrielle pairing, but I sure didn’t blame Gabrielle for seeing red when she arrived home to find Bo and Nora dancing and having a good old time. Anyone who is human would have felt the same way. It’s one thing for Bo and Nora to be spending a lot of time together for business or for things concerning Matthew, but Gabrielle shouldn’t be expected to accepting everything.

On a final note…it’s great to see Dr. Larry back…but give me a break…do we have to wait until someone is in a coma or on their deathbed to get him some screen time? I know Michael Storm lives in California and he might not want to be back in New York full time, but can’t TPTB find a decent story that would at least give us Dr. Larry more than once a year? What am I thinking? I forgot that Michael Storm is over 21 and hey, what soap needs actors who are over the hill?  

See ya next week...
Jill Berry


Angel writes: “ Ahh. What can I say other than I, too, like the character of Marcie and especially Marcie and Al together. She turned him around and for TPTB to be killing him off is a shame. As for Dorian and Viki, I can't help but adore Dorian for being so crazy. Only she would bad mouth the "First Lady of Llanview" to the governor! You won't be the only one swimming in tears when Viki tells Ben she's moving on. I think every BnBer out there, myself included, will go through a box of Kleenex!”

Dear Angel:  You’re so right…Dorian is crazy and I agree that only she would have the nerve to smear Viki’s name like she did. The funniest thing about her is that she never thinks she’s doing anything wrong. Don’t you just hate using the words “Viki and Ben” and “moving on” in the same sentence?

Sharon writes: “ I have heard rumors from the internet that OLTL is being cut down to 30 minutes in the future to make room for a new reality show. That's good, because 30 minutes is about all I can stomach it anymore! When Al dies, Gabrielle will blame Marcie for making him sick. She will use any excuse to jump on poor Marcie! I think Marcie is going to be pregnant with Al's baby and raise it by herself, and have hardships along the way. Marcie and Al are the cutest couple ever! Why are TPTB doing this to them? First Viki and Ben, now these two. I don't enjoy any of the other couples on the show, because they have no chemistry!  Maybe the show is on its way out! Who cares at this point? No Emmy nominations in the works for this show!”

Dear Sharon:  I hear rumors all the time that the show is being cut down to 30 minutes. I don’t have a clue whether it is true or not. I have to admit to watching a few reality shows, but I don’t think they have a place in daytime television.  I think TPTB should work at giving the soap viewers what they want to see and concentrate on their REAL audience and maybe then they’d remember what it was like to make a profit.

Roxanne writes: “How can we get the writers and executives at OLTL to listen.  I have been watching the show for over 30 years, taping it everyday while I'm work so I don't miss an episode but I am losing interest. They are getting rid of characters like Max who has been on the show for years, now his son Al. There are rumors abounding about releasing Gabrielle, Bo and Nora.  What is this show coming too? The storylines of Flash, Cristian and Natalie are boring. OLTL needs more substance that they get with the older and more seasoned roles like Bo, Nora, Max and Gabrielle. They are losing me and if it keeps up I won't be watching much longer.”

Dear Roxanne:  Once again, this week I received about 10 emails just like yours.  All I can tell you is the word I get is that snail mail is the best way to get your opinions heard.  I’m sure lots of people are writing letters to TPTB these days.  I hope someone is listening because people are turning away from the show in droves.  I agree, the romances of the “older” characters are and were so much more interesting to watch.  They had chemistry and depth of characters…not like today, for sure.

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