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"Reflections by Jill" - A Weekly Commentary on One Life to Live
February 3, 2003
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So….the storm is barreling its way into Llanview this week. I, for one, cannot wait. It actually feels like something has blown into Llanview already…if not a storm then some great new blood. Every show last week had great scenes…great drama…and lots of suspense. Kudos to our new Executive Producer who, although the new writing doesn’t kick in until this week, has obviously made some great changes and give a new life to One Life To Live. I can’t wait to see this week’s shows.

I’m going to start with the dangerous and destructive Todd Manning, who last week disappointed and disgusted me more than even I thought was possible. First of all I want to give special credit for knowing Todd better than I do to a reader named “Dudeshaft13” who wrote to me two weeks ago asking my opinion on whether or not I thought Todd could be behind the shooting of Suzanne and the plot against Blair. He thought Todd could do it. I responded that after all that Todd has done to Blair, especially the whole Jack fiasco, I thought it was highly unlikely that even Todd could be so cruel as to make Blair think Suzanne died in her place and to hurt Starr by taking Suzanne out of her life. Dudeshaft13, I bow to your insight into this creep we call “Todd” and I ask that you give me a heads up any time you have one of these opinions so that I won’t go soft on him ever again. 

How ridiculous that we keep going through these scenes with Todd. He makes Blair look like an idiot and he has no care that his 10-year old daughter is already looking at 40 years of therapy in her future life. It’s just too bad that the only things Starr ever hears are…”Your daddy and I can’t be together.” “Your daddy and I are back together and we’re going to be a family.” “Your daddy and I just can’t be together.” “Your daddy is trying to take you away from me.” This kid should be bouncing off the walls by now. Good for Sam for tracking down Suzanne and busting up the wedding just in time. I hope Blair wises up for good this time…fat chance!

Finally, finally, finally…Nora is going to find out about Troy and Lindsay and I hear she’s going to catch him in the act. Oh, I just love this. And for all the people who agreed with me when Troy first appeared that one day he would prove to be Colin, I still have a haunting feeling that the possibility exists. Lindsay is enough to drive anyone over the edge to get rid of her and she’s found the perfect partner in Troy. She sure did get a bit more than she bargained for, didn’t she? He sure has a very dark side…like his brother?????

Mitch Laurence…he gets sleazier every week. I could feel Natalie’s shame, embarrassment and fear being in the Honeymoon Suite with him. And hey…one little criticism to the prop people or whoever decides on the sets. You could have changed around that suite a little bit so that the first thing I noticed wasn’t that it was the same room in which Ben and Viki spent their wedding night. It gave me the creeps…as if I didn’t have enough nausea watching Mitch put his paws all over Natalie and leering at her up and down like a dog who hasn’t eaten in a year.

So, let’s have some opinions…is that old man with the oxygen Victor Lord or is this a hoax and does Mitch just want us to think it’s Victor so he can torture Viki some more? I have no idea but I am going to enjoy seeing this storyline unfold. I only wish we could have Ben back, at least for a while if it is Victor because I’d like to see Ben rip the old guy’s throat out…LOL! I also heard a rumor that Mitch and Viki would be stranded together in the storm. Someone tell me this isn’t true…PLEASE!

Well, now RJ is walking around with the hot news that Antonio is the father of Liz’s baby. Keri is going to find out the truth next week and that should leave Antonio out in the cold…probably not because he fathered the child, but of course, because he has been hiding it from her all along. I’ll be glad to see this storyline come to a head. It was problematic from the beginning.

I’ve been hearing mixed information about Max and Roxy. Lots of people want this couple to be together…including myself. They are refreshing and so funny and they have actually developed a bit of sincerity. I hope TPTB keep them together.

At last…this week Natalie and Cris make love. It’s about time. I wonder how much bliss they will have before the storm literally and figuratively blows them over.

And…hooray…Viki and I are getting our wish…Jessica is coming home this week and so is Joey…I love it. Jessie has decided to come home and deal with her problems and I’m thrilled to see one of the Buchanan boys back in Llanview with the rumor of Kevin’s return not far behind.

It’s unbelievable…a Sweeps month that I’m looking forward to. I don’t remember the last Sweeps month that gave us anything Sweeps-worthy at all. I think is going to be a good one.  Stay tuned. 

See ya next week...
Jill Berry


Johnny writes: “I would like to know if there any plan for a recast for Sam Rappaport?”

Dear Johnny: I haven’t heard a word about the fate of Sam…only that Larry Lau will be leaving the show this spring. Whether he will just go away somewhere and be replaced, or whether he will be killed off…there’s lots of speculation but I don’t know of anything carved in stone.

Vera writes:  “I don't think Mitch is the one being killed...I believe it will be Sam, as a way for Sam to be written off the show (in the wrong place type of thing).”

Dear Vera: I tend to agree with you that Sam might just be meeting his end, but I also think Mitch will be meeting his maker…but not for quite a while…and not soon enough for me.

Allison writes: “I couldn't agree more about having the Buchanan Boys back on the show. I think that the storyline of Kelly leaving Joey for Kevin got cut way to short. Tim Gibbs and Gina Tognoni had great chemistry, yet both felt remorseful for hurting Joey. In addition Viki and Jessica need them in Llanview, and neither has even met Natalie. I keep my fingers crossed that we will get these characters back soon.”

Dear Allison:  Well girl, uncross and stretch out those fingers…the Buchanans are on their way back…and not a moment too soon for me.

Karen writes:  “I like what you said about the character of Rae. Being a huge John Bolger fan, I don't want her hooked up with Hank. I agree with you on bringing back the character of John Sykes. Contrary to what Gary Tomlin says, his character did belong and he had a reason to be in Llanview.  Do you think there is a snowballs chance of getting him back now that we have a new E.P.?”

Dear Karen: I would love to see them bring back John Sykes and have Rae back to her old self. Since John Bolger is directing some shows now and is never far away, I would hope that there is some chance we could get him back. I’m hoping, as you are, that we get our wish.

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