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Recap by Leah

One Life to Live Recap for Monday, March 10, 2003

RJ’s Apartment

RJ walks into his apartment and sits on the sofa, he looks at a newspaper that has an article about the plane crash, he starts to cry and Nora walks in telling him she didn’t mean to barge in, but he left his keys in the lock.  RJ falls apart and Nora asks him what is going on, he hands her the newspaper.  RJ tells her that Keri, Elizabeth and the baby are all dead.

Antonio’s Apartment

Antonio walks into his apartment and Cris and Nat are there, Cris thanks him for letting them stay there and Antonio tells them it is no problem, it is only until Jen moves out of the loft.  Antonio tells them he is going to put up a wall in the loft to make a nursery, that he is going to be a part of his daughter’s life whether Liz likes it or not.  Cris and Nat encourage him to talk to Keri and maybe they can work things out but Antonio tells them that Keri won’t talk to him.  Jessica knocks at the door and asks for Natalie, Antonio invites her in, Jessica tells her that they are burying their grandfather today and Nat needs to be there.

Victor Lord’s crypt

Viki tells Joey that she is glad he came back to town when he did and he tells her that he is glad to help as he hugs her.  Joey tells her that they will be fine and Viki agrees, she tells him she has tried to reach Kevin but has been unable to.  Todd comes in and Viki tells him she is surprised to see him.  Todd tells her he is not there to pay his respects, that he is there to be sure that Victor is really dead this time.  Viki notices that he is wearing Victors ring and asks him why, he tells her that the Lord family is the only one he has left, Viki wants to know what that means and Todd tells her that Blair finally pulled the plug on his seeing the children ever again, and Viki tells him she is sorry.  Todd tells her it is no big deal that the Lord family is his family now and as the man of the house there are a few things they need to take care of.   Viki tells him Oh no, not him and Todd tells her why not, someone has to do something and he would kill for his family.


Troy walks up to the bar and asks for a double bourbon, the bartender asks him if it has been a long day and Troy tells him he just got off a double shift that ran into 14 hours.  Blair looks over her shoulder and says “Sounds like a killer” Troy looks at her in surprise and asks why she is here. She tells him that she is there for a meeting of the wild heart losers club isn’t that why he is there, after all he is the newest member.  Troy asks how things are going with Starr and Blair tells him things have been better, she asks how things are going with he and Lindsay and he says he wishes he could say it’s been better, Blair asks what happened and Troy tells her he will spare her the details.  He says he thinks he may finally be getting through to her, Blair looks at him and says “You think” Troy tells her no, not really, Lindsay never gives up without a fight.

Lindsay’s loft

Lindsay is walking through her place and picks up a shoe, she remembers being with Troy and starts to cry.  She remembers Troy tells her that he only feels pity for her and that she needs to get help.

Victor’s crypt

Todd tells Viki that they need to get started and Viki tells him not everyone is there, Todd tells her that he hates to break it to her but he doesn’t think the whole town is going to show up, Viki tells him that Jessica will be there and hopefully Natalie will be too.  Todd asks who else she expects to be here and Mitch walks in. 

RJ’s Apartment

Nora looks up and asks RJ if he is sure that Keri and Liz were on that plane and RJ says yes, and the baby.  Nora tells him that it is not possible, that Antonio has a restraining order and RJ jumps up and says the hell with Antonio, what’s he going to do now, arrest them. Nora tells him that she just meant that maybe they didn’t get on the plane.  RJ tells her that they did, Keri called him from the airport to tell him goodbye one last time.  Nora tells him that she is so sorry, he cries and says that he is too, that he is sorry for screwing up and hurting people that when Keri first came to town that he promised himself he would be the kind of father she deserved, not because he was looking for forgiveness or redemption, that he just wanted a better life with his daughter, he asks if that was so wrong.  Nora tells him that Keri was happy and RJ tells her no, that Antonio Vega tore her heart apart, that she couldn’t even die happy.  Nora tells him that he made Keri happy that she loved him so much, RJ tells Nora that he loved her too, more than he ever thought possible, that sometimes he would just look at her and wonder how she could have come from him, that she was so beautiful and smart and confident and caring, he says that he and Elizabeth got it right when they made her, that he did one thing right, just one good thing, and now . . . RJ rakes him arm across the shelf knocking everything off and crying how could this be happening, Nora walks over and holds him trying to comfort him.

Lindsay’s Loft

Lindsay is sitting at her desk with her head down, the phone rings and Jen calls.  Jen tells her that she is not going to believe what has happened, that she just finished talking to the judge, and she knows she lied, but Cris got out of jail and everything turned out ok, she doesn’t know what they want from her, Lindsay asks her what’s wrong, Jen tells her that she got stuck with community service.  Lindsay says “Community service that is what you are upset about, Community service?”  Jen tells her she is way past upset, that is why she needs her mothers help, she needs her to call Sam and get him to get her out of it.  Lindsay tells her she needs to call him herself, Jen asks her if she is not going to help her, Lindsay tells her she got herself in to this mess and she needs to take care of it, Jen tells her that she thought of all people, Lindsay would understand, Lindsay tells her that she understands, she understands that Jen got off easy.  Jen asks her if she thinks this is easy and Lindsay tells her compared to going to jail, yes, she doesn’t know what it was like, if Jen knew that obsession is bad, that it is not good for anybody and nothing good can come from it.

Antonio’s apartment

Natalie asks Jessica if she is serious about her going to Victors funeral, Jessica tells her yes, for their mother, she asks Nat to stop thinking of herself and to think of Viki, that she is going through a really rough time, this is the second time she has had to bury her father, that she is going through all of the bad things he ever did to her again.  Natalie asks if she thinks Viki will be ok and Jess asks if she cares, Nat tells her that she is not that cold and Jess tells her to put everything aside and come with her that their mother needs them.  Natalie does not respond, Jess tells her that if she cares about her mother, if she cares about any of them she will come, that they need her and turns to leave.  Natalie says she will go, Cris asks her if she really wants to do this, that the last time she saw her grandfather, Natalie finishes for him, “he tried to cut my heart out and tried to kill me, but he is dead now and I want to help bury him.”  Cris asks her what if Mitch shows up and Nat tells him she hopes he does so she can dump him in with Victor Lord and they can both rot in peace.

Victor’s crypt

Joey walks over to Mitch and tells him to leave that this is a family gathering, Mitch tells him he is family, that he is married to one of his sisters and father to the other. Viki tells him that he will not upset them anymore, Mitch asks where his lovely bride is, and did she not have the heart to come.  Todd tells him to get out; Mitch tells him he is here to pay his respects to the man who left him all of his worldly goods.  Todd tells him to leave and Mitch tells him that if he wants him to leave, that he will have to follow through on shooting him this time, Viki wants to know what he is talking about and Mitch asks her if her brother forgot to tell her, that she should have seen him, he came into his house like some kind of avenging angel but he didn’t have the guts to kill him.  Todd tells him he just might change his mind, Mitch tells him to take his best shot.  Viki tells him to leave before they call the police, Mitch wants to know what she will tells them, that her brother tired to kill him, he believes that there is still an outstanding violation on Todd for shooting Cristian Vega and he is sure they would revoke his bail.  Todd reminds him that he is also out on bail and that he is trespassing, Mitch says “On my own property?” Viki tells him that this will never be his property and Joey says he is calling the police, Mitch tells him not to bother, that he is leaving.  Mitch walks from the crypt and makes a phone call, “Yes, everything is coming together, yea, I thought you would be pleased, the only fly in the ointment right now is Todd Manning but I think we will be able to find a way to take him out of the picture, it will all be happening very soon.”  Todd tells Viki that he should have killed Mitch when he had the chance, that it would have solved a lot of problems, Joey tells him it would not have solved anything, Viki tells him not to do anything stupid right now, Todd tells her that he threw the gun away, Viki is thankful and tells him not to let Mitch goad him into anything else, to think about his children, Todd tells her that that is all he ever thinks about.  He tells her that he will never have his own children now, that even if Blair dies, he has to wait for Kassie to die too.  Viki tells him that she knows how much he loves them, Todd t4ells her that all he ever wanted was to be a good father, but he guesses that is not in the cards for the Lord men, “Rest in peace you old SOB” and leaves.  Viki starts after him but Joey tells her to let him go, that she can’t control him and she never could.  Jess walks in followed by Nat and Cris.  Viki is shocked to see her and tells her how glad he is that she came.  Natalie asks if she just saw Mitch leaving and Viki says it was. 

Lindsay’s Loft

Lindsay is on the phone, “Hi Sally, this is Nora, no, I know it doesn’t sound like me, I’ve got a bear of a cold, I was wondering if you knew where Troy is, I need to speak with him, I’d like to work things out. Roady’s, ok” She walks over to the desk and puts the phone down.


RJ tells Nora to leave, he doesn’t want anyone there.  Nora tells him tough, he needs somebody there, RJ says he doesn’t and Nora tells him maybe she does.  RJ tells her to find somebody else.  The phone rings and Nora tells him she will let him get that, brushes his hair back, kisses him and leaves.  RJ picks up the phone and says what.


Troy sits down, Blair tells him there will be no self pity allowed in the wild heart losers club and Troy apologizes, telling her he did not receive his rule book yet.  Blair tells him she can’t help him with that but she can show him the secret handshake.  Blair puts both elbows on the table and tells Troy to do the same and intertwine fingers, Troy asks if she is going to have to kill him, then asks if she really knows the handshake.  Todd walks into Roady’s and sees them, he walks up and asks what is going on, Mitch walks up behind him and watches.

Llanview Police Department

Nora walks in and Hank sees her,  he asks if she has gotten the affidavit on the Jason’s landing witness and Nora tells him she needs to talk to him, he tells her if they sit on this too long that Laurence is going to walk, she asks him if they can go into Bo’s office, Hank tells her he doesn’t have time for that, he has to go over Blair’s statement with her and another witness to see, Nora tells him to shut up, please, just come to Bo’s office now.  Hank follows her and Nora closes the door, as Nora tells Hank what has happened, he looks distraught and they hold each other.


RJ is still sitting on the floor; he picks up a stuffed bear and cries.


Antonio is getting a sandwich and sharing it with Cris, he tells Cris not to worry about how Mami feels about Natalie, that she didn’t like Keri in the beginning either.  Cris tells him that she did give Keri a chance, she got to know her and how much Antonio loved her, that she won’t give Natalie a chance at all.  Cris realizes how much this hurts Antonio and tells him to give it some time that maybe Keri will change her mind, Antonio tells him there is not a chance, that there is a child involved now and he has to start thinking about that now.  He tells Cris he has to move on now, that he has make sure that he does not lose his daughter, Cris tells him if he can help to let him know, Antonio tells him he can help him with the wall and Cris says sure.  The phone rings, Antonio answers, he hangs up and tells Cris that Liz was spotted at the airport last night and he thinks she may have taken the baby; he gets his coat and leaves.


Troy tells Todd to hold on, Todd tells him it is not about him, Blair says it isn’t about Todd either, Troy tells him it is not what he thinks, Todd tells her you put the screws on me in court and took my kids away from me and you are not even with them, you are in a bar celebrating, Blair tells him he is so wrong and Todd asks if she wasn’t just give a manicure to Dr Feelgood here.  Troy tells him to stop, that he is wrong, Todd tells him that he was all over Blair just now and Blair tells him he is stupid, Todd tells her what is stupid is what she is trying to do to him and his children, he tells her he knows that Jack doesn’t know him very well, but Starr is going to hate her for the rest of her life, Troy stands up and tells him this is enough, Todd tells him he is nothing more than a notch on her belt, Troy asks him to leave and go cool off.  Todd asks him if they are going to fight, is he going to go to the mat for Blair, Troy tells him he has a real jealousy problem and Todd says that if that means he want he and Sam gone then yes, that works for him.  Troy asks him if that is some sort of threat and Todd tells him no, but if he or Sam were to be struck dead, he would be a happy guy.  Blair says she is calling the police and Todd tells her not to bother, he is leaving.  Mitch is listening the whole time.  Troy asks Blair if she is ok, she tells him that she is glad that it happened, he has totally lost it, and she was going to give him another chance.  Troy asks her if she wants him to take her home, she says no, she won’t let Todd spoil her fun, she wants to dance and she wants Troy to dance with her.  She takes his hand and walks to the dance floor.  Lindsay walks in and sees them.  She walks to the bar and watches them.  Mitch watches Lindsay.

Llanview Police Station

Nora tells Hank he needs to go see his brother, Hank asks how he is doing and Nora tells him that he says he wants to be alone but he really needs Hank right now.  Hank says he knows what he is going through, that Keri was like a daughter to him.  Hank holds Nora and tells her that he is going to see his brother.  Antonio walks in and says he is glad to see Hank, he thinks that Liz has left town with the baby, he says that Keri probably knows something and they should call her.  Nora tells him that they can’t and Antonio wants to know why.

Victor’s Crypt

Joey finishes the service, and tells Viki, Jess and Natalie that he prayed for his grandfathers salvation, that he prayed that in his final moments he accepted God into his heart and asked forgiveness of his sins, he doesn’t know if that happened, but he does know that despite all of the evil things he did, he did do one very good thing, he created this family, a family full of honor, devotion and love, that in his death they need to find strength in each other to face the evil that will surely come in the days to follow.  Viki tells Joey that it was really lovely and she hopes that their prayers will be answered.  Viki goes to Natalie and tells her how much it meant for her to come and Nat tells her it was the least she could do, Viki tells her that there is a family meeting to discuss with the lawyers what they need to do to fight Mitch, Natalie tells her she will let her know if she will attend and leaves.  Joey tells Viki and Jess that they should go home.


Lindsay is holding a glass of wine and Mitch is watching her.  Lindsay turns to look at Troy and Blair on the dance floor and then looks at her hand, she has broken the wine glass and her hand is bleeding, Mitch walks up and asks if she is alright, he says of course you aren’t let me help you, Lindsay looks up and see Mitch, she yanks her hand back and runs from the bar.  Mitch looks at Troy and Blair and then follows Lindsay.

Llanview Police

Antonio is getting upset and asks what is going on; Nora tells him that something has happened, something bad.  RJ walks in and says to go ahead and tell him, Antonio wants to know tell me what, RJ says that they are all dead because of him. Antonio asks “Dead, who is dead?” RJ tells him Keri, Elizabeth and the baby are all dead and it’s your fault. 

Antonio’s apartment

Nat walks in and Cris says he’s glad she’s back; he wants to know if Mitch showed up. Nat tells him that he did, before she got there and Cris tells her he is glad she didn’t have to deal with him.  Natalie says he’s wrong, Mitch is lucky he didn’t have to deal with her, Cris tells her he knows she wants to give it to him but  please, keep away from him, Nat tells him that she just can’t stand it that he thinks that he can just stand around and get everything.  Natalie tells him that it was weird, that they talked about family this and family that and then Viki called a family meeting.  Cris asks if she is going and Nat says she doesn’t know, Cris tells her that if she doesn’t want to go that she doesn’t have to but he thinks that she should go, Nat wants to know why and he tells her because they are her family.  Natalie tells him she doesn’t feel like it, that whenever she sees them she sees all of this history, growing up at Llanfair, family vacations and holidays, things she wasn’t apart of and she knows they have tried to make her part of it but she doesn’t fit in, she is like this visitor, Cris tells her she is not a visitor, that is her home.  Natalie tells him she doesn’t have a home or a family, Cris tells her that she does him. 


Recap written by Leah Price. © Copyright by Katherine Thurston & 2003.

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