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Recap by Kaydee

One Life to Live Recap for Thursday, September 26, 2002

It has been a frustrating day, folks! Gary Tomlin has bombed again! Before I subject you to this overall flop of an episode, I shall give you the anti-pixie dust vaccine to prepare you for this tedious journey.
This will only hurt for a second.....there! You've been vaccinated. Enter the recap..


This is one of the two best parts of the whole show.

RJ steps out into the hall to find Liz being comforted by Hank. He is angry
and accuses Hank of trying to play the saint yet again. He tells Hank to be a good brother and make himself scarce so that he and Liz can talk..alone.

RJ and Liz continue their long overdue conversation in the student lounge. He is touched by Liz's revelation of her love for him back then. It forced him to think about his whole life differently.

Liz told him of the hard times that she'd endured when he was in prison, and how long they'd lasted until she met Steve. RJ tells her that Keri has spoken very highly of her late husband, and Liz says that Steve was a great father. RJ grumbles that he could have been a great father if he had been given the chance. Liz tells him that he had a choice between her or the streets, and he chose the latter.

RJ confesses that he felt he was protecting her from the dark side of his life by keeping her away from it. She was the bright part of his life. If he had had a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter waiting for him at release, life would have been different. Liz gets upset and Hank approaches to ask Liz to lunch. She tells him that she has to go find Keri, and she rushes off.

RJ snaps: "Can't you see we were in the middle of soemthing?"

Hank replies: "Yeah, I can see that you haven't gotten over Liz."


Max carefully walks through the house, calling out Roxy's name while crossing his fingers that she doesn't reply. He does that two more times before deeming that the coast is clear. He dares to sit on the couch, saying "Thank you" to the heavens three times as he reaches for a newspaper. Just as he flips to the second page....

"Aren't you gonna say hello to your wifey-poo?" calls a voice from the doorway. He grimaces without facing her, and she asks him again if he's going to look at her. He turns to face her to say "No", but is stunned to see her in a nun's habit. She saunters over to him, and begins making sexual suggestions that he turns down. With the Maalox look, he asks her why she is dressed in a nun's outfit.

She tells him that she figured out that the love of his life wasn't Gabrielle or Blair, so she figured it was the nun Maggie. Max laughs in her face, telling her she couldn't be more wrong. When Roxy realizes that he's serious, she demands that he tell her who was. He tells her no, and she tells him she'll find out without him. She storms out of the house after removing the nun's habit in search for answers.


Blair sits at her desk, staring at a blank piece of paper with frustration. Sam knocks on the door, and she tells him it's not a good time, she has to write an editorial. He ignores her and makes a beeline for her desk, leaning over it to get right into her face.

He tells her that he comes to keep a promise to deliver four phone messages. Blair flips through them..they're all from Roxy Holden, so she throws them down on her desk. She tells Sam to fess up. Why is he really there? He came to check on her. She must have had a rough night.

She tells him that she isn't a fragile flower that will wilt away just because she had to sign divorce papers. Sam seductively tells her that he knows she's no fragile flower. As a matter of fact, he thinks she's one of the strongest women he's ever met. He tells her that he spent the night tossing and turning thinking about her. She is shocked, and more so when he tells her that he is coming to take her away on a picnic.

She gets a faraway look in her eyes as she says that she hasn't been on a picnic since....

He convinces her to accept the invitation and make babysitting arrangements, and just as they are about to leave, Roxy comes bumbling in. Both Sam and Blair are annoyed, but Roxy tells her that she ain't leaving until Blair sees her. What's a woman to do? Well, she convinces Sam to give them a minute, and Sam leaves.

Roxy asks Blair who the love of Max's life was, and Blair blasts Roxy for daring to barge into her office for such nonsense. If Roxy is having nuptial problems, solve them herself. Roxy isn't budging, and Blair tells her that Luna-tic was the woman. Luna Moody. Blair briefs Roxy on how she and
Luna didn't like each other much, but Max thought the world of her. She tells Roxy that Luna believed in karma, astrology, and mumbo-jumbo like that.

Roxy wants to know where she can find Luna, Blair tells her that Luna is dead. Roxy tells Blair that a dead woman is rough competition. Well, Blair tries to get rid of her, but Roxy bumbles, and Sam walks in as Roxy and Blair are honing their claws, and he removes her bodily. He returns to hear Blair make a comment about Max being married to a difficult wife. Sam counters that Blair is difficult. Blair takes playful offense to that. Sam tells her that an old law professor of his had said that the first rule of thumb in the law business was NEVER, EVER get personally involved with client.

Blair seductively asks him if he's saying that they are personally involved..
They are about to share a kiss when Sam's cell phone rings, calling him away on urgent business.


Jen and Carlotta are sitting at a booth in the diner, and Carlotta is discussing her "accidental" discovery of Jen's pregnancy. Carlotta asks Jen what's wrong. Just as she's about to turn her scheme wheels, Al calls out from behind Carlotta:

"What's wrong, Jen? Are you okay?"

Jen angrily snaps at him to leave her alone and stop stalking her. She briefly glances at Carlotta, then tells Al: "I love CRISTIAN. Can't you get that through your head?"

Poor Norman Bates is stunned by her explosive reaction and stumbles over his words of self-defense. He says that he isn't stalking her, he came in to get coffee. Jen begs Carlotta to give Al his coffee so he can leave. As Carlotta fetches the coffee, Al tells her privately that he isn't stalking her. He didn't know she was there. Jen says, "Prove it. Take your coffee and leave."

Carlotta returns with the coffee and Al pays her and leaves.

Carlotta tells Jen to calm down, she shouldn't get upset in her condition. Jen says that Carlotta is mistaken. SHE'S not pregnant, a FRIEND of hers is, and she wanted to get advice for her friend because the father doesn't want to marry her and she doesn't know what to do.

OOPS! There goes the prenatal vitamins with Jen Rappaport's name on the bottle. However did they fall out of Jen's purse? Carlotta tells her that she knows it's Jen that's pregnant. She starts playing the happy grandmother and tells Jen that everything will work out for the best. She and Cris love each other and they've been together for so long..so why isn't Jen happy? A baby is a blessing.

And then Superfreak lays it on thick!!

Yes, a baby is a blessing, but only if both parents want it.

"What? You don't want the baby?"

"Yes, I want it! I said both parents!"

"Cris doesn't want the baby? Why?"

"He doesn't want to marry me. Mrs. Vega, I know that a lot of kids have been raised by single mothers, but I just can't do that. If Cris doesn't want to marry me, then maybe I shouldn't have the baby."

Carlotta is horrified. NO! Don't even think about doing that. Let me talk to Cris. Jen nearly smiled outright. She contains her joy, and says,

"No, I don't want him to know that you found out about the baby. No one was supposed to know about it yet."

Carlotta insists that she'll talk to him. Jen walks away, secretly smiling to herself.

Superbroom-Cursed Lovers–(For you, Scott!)

Nat and Cris stand facing each other in the quarry. Cris apologizes to her for all that she went through, and tells her that he's been trying to find her to explain things to her. Nat says that there's nothing to explain. Jen's pregnant and he's going to marry her.

"NO! No, I'm not! I never told Jen we were getting married. I didn't have time to say much of anything."

He tells Natalie that he went to the loft to break things off with Jen, just as he'd promised, but when he arrived, she threw him for a loop with a pregnancy announcement. Then they went to the hospital and it was confirmed, and things have been a blur ever since. He's still trying to figure out how it happened.

Natalie sarcastically quotes Page One of Biology 101 and says:

"While you were falling in love with me, you were still sleeping with Jen!" (duh!)

Cris tells her that nothing is further from the truth. Once he realized that his feelings for Nat were serious, he hadn't been with Jen in that way. Jen must have gotten pregnant before.

(Here's an idea, Einstein: Find out how far along Jen REALLY IS, then do the math and figure out that..IT'S NOT YOUR BABY!! It's really not that hard. Really.)

Then Natalie sadly says that it doesn't matter, he's going to be a dad, and she can't be responsible for robbing a child of its father. Cris tells her that he'll ALWAYS be a dad to his child..and he can do that and be with her as well. Nothing has changed, he loves HER. He'll figure things out. He wants to be with HER, not Jen. He doesn't love Jen anymore, and none of them meant for that to happen..

But the fact remains that it DID happen, and he wants to be with her. His cell phone rings and she asks him if he's going to answer it. He says the caller can leave a message. She says it could be Jen calling about the baby.

The magic words. He answers it, and it's his mom. He tells her that now isn't a good time, but she says she doesn't care. Get over to the diner...now. He tells Natalie that he has to go meet his mom, but rest assured that he will set things right. They share a kiss and he races back to the diner.

Carlotta greets him sternly. She says that she wants to talk about him, Jen and their baby. He is shocked that she knows about the pregnancy and Carlotta tells him not to go and blame Jen because she found out completely by accident.

They are arguing out of viewers' earshot, as Jen watches deviously from outside the diner window. Smugly, she turns away and head sto the quarry. She arrives at the cluster of rocks that seems to be Makeout Mountain for her, and starts rambling off the details of her plan.

She says aloud that everything is going according to her plan. Al will never get to raise his own child, Cris will be forced to marry her and raise another man's child without knowing it, and Natalie will be forced to give up Cristian. They all will get what's coming to them.

Then she turns around to see Natalie standing there!

(Don't celebrate yet, folks! Remember that the aliens have returned to claim their writers!)


Antonio and Keri finally get a chance to have a complete conversation in the privacy of her office. After a few moments of searching for the right approach to bring up the surrogacy to Antonio, she finally spills all. She tells of Liz's past tragedy with the loss of a child, her heart condition that prevents her from carrying a child to term. Then she explains the alternative to pregnancy for Liz, and slips in her decision to carry the child for her.

She is apprehensive as she asks Antonio if he's okay with the decision. Antonio says that he is fine with it, it only makes him love her more. He only wishes one thing.

He wishes that the baby Keri was carrying was his.

Be careful what you wish for, detective!

As the couple share a joyous embrace and kiss, Liz walks up and is horrified to see that her mystery man is in fact her daughter's fiance!

She slips out of sight and asks herself what has she done??


Max is sitting on the couch sadly staring at a picture of Luna. He has uprooted an old trunk of Luna memorabilia from his attic and is singing the blues. Al walks in and Max pleasantly greets him.

Al asks him if his memory is correct in recognizing the trunk as that of Luna? Max nods, and Al begins to tell him about his encounter at the diner with Jen. Max scolds him for still hanging on to Jen. Al tells him that he can't forget her.

He wasn't stalking her as she'd accused him, but he is having a hard time reading all of the mixed signals that she's throwing at him. Max tells him that maybe he's the only one who is confused about the situation. Al defends himself, saying that he isn't confused.

He tells his dad about his and Jen's recent love-making, and Max is shocked. Al tells him how Jen practically begged him to make love to her, and then she treats him like dirt. Max advises his son to just let her go, before he gets hurt worse than he already is.

Reach Out and Touch Someone...

We find Roxy in a psychic's quarters. She is telling the psychic that she wants to make contact with someone long distance. She tells the psychic that she wants to contact Luna Moody.....

Please, Gary Tomlin...let Natalie find out the truth tomorrow! Not three years from now. Let Al and Natalie join forces and send that Superbroom to the Witch Garage with some permanent damage!

If you care about the show's fans at all, you'll fight those aliens and give us something we WANT to watch!

Feel free to contact me at: KaydeesHouse@aol.com.


Recap written by Kimberley Barnett, © Copyright by Katherine Thurston & 2002.

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