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Recap by Kaydee B.

One Life to Live Recap for Thursday, March 14, 2002

Good day, all!! Welcome to Kaydee’s Recap House. Today was a good day, although it may not last as we travel throughout Loonview and spy on its residents. However, one particular favorite of mine pertains to the Rappaport Superbroom. Let’s go inside and review the videotape…

The Superbroom Face-off! The Gals play dirty!!

The terror-stricken women form an alliance and frantically search for a way to escape death by compaction. They rummage through the trash again, only this time it’s in search of a jamming device to stop the walls from crushing them. Nora directs Lindsay’s attention to a rod, and instructs her to pick it up and help her hold it up between the walls.

They do, and when the distance between the end of the rod and the moving metal panels is covered, the sheets of metal come to a halt.

The women’s focus is no longer on the tape, but on an escape plan. They have to get out of that trash compactor before it turns on again. They look around, searching for a switch or something that will turn off the power to the rattling machine, but to no avail. Just as Nora remembers something from her “Trash Compactor Maintenance for Dummies” class, the machine begins to buzz again, and the brutal snapping of the rod startles them.

Lindsay begins to panic, words of fear spilling forth a mile a minute…

Are they going to die with the trash? They’ve got to get out of there! Lindsay sputters as they find another rod to stop the compactor walls. Once the rod is in place, and the walls stop again, Nora relays her thoughts to Lindsay… “I think the locks on the compactor door sets off the switch. See if you can reach the door. We have to open them to stop the motor.”  Lindsay manages to reach the door and push it open, but she tires out before she can climb out of the hole. She flops back down on the pile of trash and sniffs the air.

What’s that smell? Is something burning? Oh my god! They’re going to burn to death!

Nora tells her that they’re not going to burn to death, because Lindsay doesn’t smell fire, she smells engine grease, like the motor is shorting out or something. She rushes Lindsay back up to the escape opening, and just as she’s about to follow her out, she spots the tape! She picks it up and stuffs it inside the front of her jacket. Lindsay is suspicious of Nora’s delay, and she questions her about what she’s doing. Nora covers with: “I couldn’t get my shoe free.” Lindsay buys the excuse, but in less than a minute later, she notices Nora fiddling with her jacket and is shocked to see the tape fall from her jacket and…

SAIL TO THE FLOOR! (Geez! does this routine ever end?)


Jen stares at Al in shock and panic, her only viable reactions to his unexpected proposal of marriage. His words of love and reasoning had flowed out like a running faucet and Jen never had a chance to say much of anything. (I don’t know about you, folks, but I don’t think Jen can dig any deeper! Can you say, “rock bottom?)

Torn between her guilt and her love for Cristian, she searches for a way to back out of committing to an answer without actually saying no, but Al, sensing this, begins chattering a mile a minute. Finally, she says she’ll think about it. Al asks: “Are you serious? You’ll really think about marrying me?” She says yes, unaware as she watches Al bask in goofy happiness, that the real love of her life has overheard the latter part of her conversation and is fuming with further heartbreak.

Out in the hall, Rae Cummings bumps into Cris, and Jen panics when she overhears Rae apologizing to Cris, she turns and looks into his dark, furious stare. Behind her, Al sits in his wheelchair, sneering smugly at his rival. Rae, uncomfortable with the thick tension that hung in the air, attempts to break into the heat by telling Cris that she’s glad he came because she forgot to give him the book she’d mentioned to him earlier to use for his paper. Why doesn’t he follow her into the classroom, (where Jen and AL are…duh?), to get it. Cris, after a long hesitation, complies with her request and walks dead into the fire. Rae asks Al and Jen if they were there to see her, and they say no, they are just laying over from the class they had with Keri. Jen walks over to Cris, and tells him that she’s not sure how much he’s overheard, but…

“I’ve heard enough,” Cris snaps, “Congratulations.” Rae again, watches the scene in awkward silence, and this time she opts to escape. She excuses herself in search of a cup of coffee, and Cris heads out after her. Al stops him, asking if he can speak to Cris alone. Jen says she doesn’t think that’s such a good idea, and Cristian concurs, but Al insists it will only be for a minute. Jen concedes, and leaves, letting the two boys be. Al continues to rub Cris’ hurt in his face and tells Cris that he knows that what he heard must be pretty shocking to him. Cristian takes a deep breath, then counters with: “It’s none of my business.” Al says he only needs to know one thing…is Cris going to be a problem? 


Allison Perkins, psycho babe blast from Loonview’s past, sits at the University computer researching “something”…. (Are we really in the dark here?) She beams as something on the screen catches her attention and she immediately picks up her phone and dials Roxy. She tells Roxy that she found a great way to use Roxy’s hypoglycemia to their advantage in their scheme to get some of the Buchanans’ money. Before she can continue her conversation, Jessica and Seth come storming at her. Allison makes a crackpot joke about running into Natalie’s ex-boyfriend and Viki’s ex-daughter. Jessica blows her off with a small counter of her own, and they go right into the issue of the stolen money. Allison denies any involvement, saying that she’s making big bucks doing research for a lady who’s writing her own memoirs. This lady is so rich she makes the Buchanans look like kitchen help.

“So rich that she can’t afford her own computer?” Jessica jabs. Allison sideswipes the implication by telling Jessica that she owes her no explanations. Seth tells her that he wants the money back and Allison tells him that she wouldn’t stoop so low for a measley thousand bucks. Seth says she’s lying, because she’s had it in for him ever since he bailed out of her plan to sucker Jessica’s family out of their money. Allison tells him not to flatter himself. You win some, you lose some. Yeah, but when Allison loses, she gets vindictive.

“Not anymore,” Allison says with that overly perky smile, “I’m a changed woman. Can’t you tell?”

It had to be Allison. No one else had a reason to take the money.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the pea -“NUT” gallery…

Troy and Sam, Loonview’s newest answer to Sherlock Holmes and Watson, continue on their quest to find the Garbage Gals. Who got to the tape first? Where did the women go?

Troy suggests that they call the police, because that’s where Nora would have gone if indeed got hold of the tape first. Sam favors the idea and immediately dials the precinct. Troy scans the gallery once again, no doubt feeling as if he were on the set of “Twister”, and gloomily comments that he has a feeling Nora didn’t get that far.

Sam impatiently awaits the other end to respond to his call. When he finally gets a response, he asks for Bo, and just as Nora had previously, he is told that Bo is not there, and he then barks into the phone that he doesn’t want to be put on hold. So much for that command, he growls as he’s met with silence from the other end. They use the pause to gather up more info for their query, and as they do, the same security guard who had intercepted Nora now intercepts them.

“What the hell is going on around here?” he asks in frustration. Sam and Troy introduce themselves, then ask the guard when was the last time he’s seen Lindsay. The guard replies with agitation that he hasn’t seen anyone except some lady lawyer who claimed to be working on a case with Mrs. Rappaport. The men immediately head for the door, but the security guard isn’t going for it. Break out some ID. Annoyed, the men realize that they’re going to have to humor him before they can continue. They hand him their identification and he orders the men to stay put while he calls the police.

(Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen!)

Sam says he’s going to check out Nora’s house, but Troy stops him immediately as he spots a purse on the floor. He asks Sam if he recognizes the purse, and Sam says it’s Nora’s. He takes the purse and slowly walks to ward the door in deep thought. Every possible worst-case scenario whizzed around in his head. What the hell has Lindsay done to her?

Troy wants to know what has happened to the tape. At that precise moment, the men spot the open trash chute door…and they race down to the basement.


Bo and Ben stand in the hallway of Llanfair discussing Troy’s disappearance. Bo tells his brother that the station switchboard is flooded with calls about Troy having gone AWOL. Bo figured that since Ben works with him, maybe Troy gave Ben a clue as to what his plans were. Ben ruefully tells Bo that he’s as clueless as everyone else. The last Ben heard, Troy was eloping in Paris with…(shiver)…Lindsay. Bo informs him that they never made it that far, at least Lindsay didn’t.

Ben is shocked. What? No wedding? Lindsay should join a nunnery or something, because marriage doesn’t seem to agree with her. Bo concurs, with a chuckle, saying, “That’s true, but I can’t quite see Lindsay as a nun, either!” The brothers laugh, then Ben says, “Well, at least she’s not trying to go after one of my brothers this time. I mean, Sam, you, Clint…” (And this line, folks, was my choice for Most Comical Line of the Day.), “Let her go infest some other family for awhile.”

(Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Cough. sniffle. dab a tear)

Bo steers the joke back in the direction of business, reaffirming Ben’s statement. So he’s sure he hasn’t seen Troy? Ben says no, and as a matter of fact, he’s dying to talk to him. Troy really left him holding the bag at the free clinic. Bo praises his brother’s reinstatement to the world of medicine, and after a brief “thank-you”; he then expresses his concerns about his time away from Viki. He really feels that his wife needs him now more than ever. Bo asks if Natalie is still a problem, Ben says not as much of one. He says it’s just that Viki’s been under a lot of stress lately, and he feels as though she needs him, And BOY…


…was he RIGHT!!

Viki and Niki are going at it in the living room! Niki is calling Viki dumb. You don’t know anything. Viki demands to know what Niki’s doing there, and again Niki calls her dumb. “You invited me. It’s your dream.”  


Recap written by Kimberley Barnett, © Copyright by Katherine Thurston & 2002.

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