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Recap by Jill

One Life to Live Recap for Friday, February 15, 2002

Sam and Nora

They are still at RJ’s party and Nora asks Sam if he had any luck tracking down Lindsay.  He says that he didn’t find her…that she was already gone when he got to her gallery.  Sam says that Lindsay and Troy are probably already in Paris and married.  Nora just shakes her head.  Sam tells her that he wants to tell her the truth and he tells her that he had words with Troy at Troy’s loft and he was very surprised to see what Troy was packing.  Nora was curious and Sam told her that in all the years he’s known Lindsay, she’s never been into bedroom toys and he didn’t want to think that she’d so anything she didn’t want to do just for a man like Troy.  Nora was curious again and Sam told her that Troy was packing handcuffs.  This put a worried look on Nora’s face.

Later, Nora and Sam left the party and went back to Nora’s house. When she opened the door, Sam had a big surprise inside.

Troy, Lindsay and “Colin”

Troy is still handcuffed to the wheel and Lindsay is still crying about the situation they are in.  Troy keeps telling her that he knows Colin, but he needs to get inside Colin’s head to figure out what his next move will be and he needs to know what Lindsay did to Nora that makes Colin hate her so much.  Lindsay doesn’t see how knowing that information will help and Troy keeps pressing her.  Lindsay starts walking around and says she may have found a way out for them.  Troy gets nervous when Lindsay comes back after finding a crow bar and says she thinks she saw a trap door that Colin probably doesn’t know about.  Troy tries to convince her not to go searching around because Colin will find her, but she says it’s her only chance.  She leaves him to go find a way out and he quickly changes himself back into Colin.  Lindsay has made her way through some of the tunnels when Colin catches up with her.  He laughs at her for trying to get away and she tells him he’s so cruel.  He laughs at her again, saying that she has a lot of nerve calling anyone cruel after what she’s done.  She begs him to let she and Troy go.  She tells him that Troy is innocent and he’s hurt and in pain.  She tells him to come see how much pain Troy is in and Colin says he doesn’t have to see it; he put him in that pain.  He tells Lindsay that he’s going to take Troy’s place in Llanview…he’s going to kill Troy and Lindsay…then go back to Llanview as Troy and tell everyone the relationship didn’t work out and Lindsay decided to do some traveling.  Then he will take over Troy’s life.  Lindsay tells him that no one will believe that story about her not coming back and he laughs at her again and says that everyone will believe it and no one will care enough to come looking for her.  He tells her to get back to Troy and that they have 5 minutes to say goodbye before he kills them.

Lindsay goes back and finds Troy and tells him about her encounter with Colin and that he’s going to kill them because of her.  Troy tells her that he needs to know what she did to Nora…it’s their last chance to deal with Colin.  She still doesn’t want to tell him because she’s never trusted anyone enough to tell them that.  He finally convinces her that they’re going to die and she confesses.  She tells him that she was the one who injected Nora with the drug that erased her memory and that she let Colin take the blame.  He asks her if she was responsible for kidnapping Nora in the first place and she admitted that it was her doing and that she also let Colin take the blame for that.  She is resting on Troy’s chest telling him that the drugging was an accident…that she and Nora struggled and Nora got stuck.  She said she never would have intentionally done it and that she hates herself for it.  Troy has a disgusted look on his face.  The he asked her if he’s the only one who knows and she tells him that her children know, but they would never tell because they protect her.  She looks him in the eye and is so relieved that she finally could tell someone what she did.  She asks him what he’s thinking and he says, “I guess all I’m thinking is….GOTCHA!”  She just looks at him with a shocked look on her face.

Jess, Seth, Natalie

Jessica loves the necklace that Seth gave her and tells him that it was too expensive and he didn’t have to buy her gifts like that.  He tells her that he wanted to do it and he can pay for it.  Natalie is watching the whole scene.  She goes over to talk to Al and he tells her he knows about she and Cristian.  She says there is no she and Cris and he tells her not to lie…that Jessica told him she found them together and he thinks it’s disgusting.  Now Natalie is mad and goes over to Jess when Seth goes to get drinks and comments on the necklace.  Jess tells her it’s from Seth and Natalie questions whether it’s real.  Jess tells her it is.  Seth comes back and hears Natalie telling Jess that she better be careful because Seth can’t afford things like that and she should wonder where he got the money.  She also comments that someone like Jess, a princess, would let him spend all that money on her.  Seth tells Natalie to get lost and she tells him that he never bought her anything like that…that they used to always have to wait until they had money for things.

Jen, Cris, Al

Jen and Cris are at the quarry.  Cris tells her that he lied…that he can’t go on like this…not being together.  She tells him they have no choice.  He tells her that it’s obvious that they still love each other.  She tells him they promised to stay apart and he asks her what will happen when Al walks again.  Jen says he won’t and she leaves, saying they can’t be together…and Cris follows her. 

Al is very excited that he can feel his legs.  He wants to tell Jen so he calls Max and asks him to come pick him up now and that he wants to go home.  Max takes him home, but Al won’t tell him why he’s so excited…he says he has to tell Jen first.  Max leaves and Al decides to try and stand up…and at the same moment, Jen comes to the door and Cris is behind her.

Antonio and Keri

Antonio and Keri are very happy together and make love again…then Keri realizes that she was supposed to be at RJ’s opening.  Antonio tells her not to go and she says she doesn’t want to, but she has to.  He says he’ll go with her and she is shocked and so happy that he would do that for her.  They get to the club and RJ is furious that she brought Antonio, but he doesn’t show it.  Keri apologizes for not calling and showing up late and she tells him that Antonio is willing to try to get along with him for her sake and she wants him to do the same.  He says he will.  Antonio offers RJ a handshake and RJ hesitates, and then shakes his hand.  Keri and Antonio go to dance and RJ calls one of the thugs he knows is a snitch for the cops.  He tells the guy to plant information with the cops that he’s got a shady deal going down tonight.  He’s setting Antonio up to accuse him of something he didn’t do.

Max and Gabrielle

Gabrielle is at the bar, having had way too many martinis and stacking up the empty glasses when Max comes over to tease her about her date leaving her stranded.   She tells him Bo had to go to the station…and she laughs at him because he didn’t even have a date.  Max gets the call from Al and leaves her at the bar.


Recap written by Jill Berry, © Copyright by Katherine Thurston & 2002.

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