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Recap by Twyla

One Life to Live Recap for Thursday, November 1, 2001

Blair/Todd/Starr:  The Child Knows the Truth!!!

In Blair’s bedroom at Dorian’s house, Blair wonders if she is doing the right thing by not telling Todd he is the real father of the baby that she believed is dead.  She struggles with this decision.

In the living room, Starr talks with Todd about the baby’s death and asks why Todd is not sad.  Starr says this baby was her “whole” brother, not her “half” brother.  Starr is adamant about this.  Starr tries to tell Todd the truth.  Starr tells Todd that Addie told Starr that the baby was her “whole” brother.  Todd blows this information off as being the ramblings of a crazy person.  Starr tries desperately to tell Todd the truth but Blair comes into the room and interrupts Starr’s confession.  Blair tells Starr that it makes Blair sad to talk about the baby and sends Starr upstairs to find her souvenir from Mexico.  Although, Blair is still struggling with what to do with the truth, she tells Todd that Max was the father of the baby boy she lost in Mexico.  Blair and Todd discuss her feelings for both Todd and Max.  Blair reveals she has great feelings for Todd, more so than for Max.  This information finally makes Todd a happy guy.

Upstairs in Blair’s bedroom, Starr and Blair discuss the souvenir (a serape’) and the baby.  Why didn’t Blair tell Todd the baby was his?   Blair says she doesn’t want to make Todd sad because she is afraid he will do something to hurt others, as Todd has been know to do.  Blair wants Starr to promise not to tell Todd the truth.  Blair assures Starr that Todd was not the cause of the baby’s death.  As a matter of fact, Todd helped Blair in her time of need.  Starr promises not to tell the truth.  By the way, how did Starr know the truth?  Starr tells her mom from Addie’s collage she made.

David/Mystery Woman:  The Sale of a Lifetime!!!

David is seen accepting a check from a woman in exchange for Blair and Todd’s baby.

Lindsay/Jen:  Mother and Daughter Clash!!!

At Sam’s house Jen and Lindsay argue why Cristian left.  Jen blames her mother and the little hottie.com web site scheme that Lindsay cooked up.  Lindsay says since Jen slept with Cristian, he just took advantage of her.  Lindsay keeps telling her daughter she loves her, but Jen wants no part of her love.  Jen accuses Lindsay of being jealous of the love Jen and Cristian shared and maybe Lindsay was afraid Cristian would take Jen away from her.  The argument escalates and Jen finally runs out of the house.  Lindsay then answers the phone and accepts a modeling job on Jen’s behalf.

Antonio/Al/Gabrielle/Max/Bo/Asa:  Murder in Llanview???

Antonio, investigating the death of Asa Buchanan at the mansion, in very suspicious of Asa’s heart medication.  Al arrives and wants to know what happened to Asa.  He lashes out at Gabrielle and Max for not caring for Asa the way Al believes he should have been cared for.

Bo arrives to find his father dead.  He demands answers.  Max gives Bo his condolences, however, Bo angrily lashes out at Max reminding him of the things he has done to Asa in the past.  The coroner takes Asa’s body away.  Al and Bo discuss what a great father Asa was.  Gabrielle tells Bo she married him partly because he would be a great father to Al.  Antonio tells Bo of his suspicions about Asa’s heart medication.  Is this a crime scene?  Antonio proceeds to tell Bo about finding Max in Asa’s bedroom and Gabrielle’s unusual concern with Asa’s heart medication.  Bo approves making the mansion a crime scene.  Antonio leaves to get that ball rolling. 

Bo questions Gabrielle and Max about what was going on when Asa’s died.  A tearful Gabrielle tells Bo that Asa had stopped taking his heart medication.  Al runs out of the room making the comment that Gabrielle did not love Asa.  Bo is suspicious of Max’s motives where Al is concerned.  Bo leaves to find Al and question him.  Bo needs Al’s help if someone was trying to harm Asa.  Al tells Bo that Max and Gabrielle are in love and tells Bo he walking in on them at Asa’s lodge the night of his motorcycle accident.  In the meantime, Max and Gabrielle nervously wander what is going on in the next room with Al and Bo.  Gabrielle tells Max she has gotten rid on the incriminating videotape of Max and Gabrielle making love.  Max and Gabrielle accuse each other of offing Asa.  It is clear that neither one knows who actually killed Asa.  After talking with Al, Bo goes back to question Max and Gabrielle more.  Bo then announces he wants the entire house searched and Asa’s heart medication analyzed.  Finally, Bo asks Gabrielle and Max the  $10,000 question—are they having an affair?

Hank/R.J.:  Bitter Brothers!!!

At Break Bar, Hanks arrives and wants to talk with R.J.  As usual, R.J. take offense thinking his brother is going to accuse him of Llanview’s latest crime.  Hanks assures him that is not the case.  Hank admits he has done something wrong and R.J. takes great glee in rubbing that in.  R. J. is clueless to what Hank wants to talk about and the two just resort to bickering back and forth, as usual.  Hank has had enough and angrily leaves.

Keri/Nora/Sam/Matthew/Hank:  Good Times—Bad Times!!!

At Nora’s house, Keri receives a message from Antonio stating he is no longer going to rewrite his paper and she is not worth messing with.  Keri leaves Antonio a spiteful message in return.  Nora, Sam and Matthew arrive from the hospital declaring Matthew well.  Sam and Nora share a passionate kiss as Keri looks on from the staircase.  Nora is happy about the kiss and the fact her family is not coming together.  She wants to continue to explore the relationship with Sam.  Keri interrupts because Matthews wants some help upstairs.  Sam goes upstairs to Matthew.  Keri and Nora discuss Sam like two schoolgirls.  Keri then talks about her father being a loser and a guy she met (Antonio) who is a womanizing jerk.  Keri tells Nora she does not want to date this guy at all now (protesting too much??).  Nora tells Keri there is a great guy she thinks would be perfect for Keri (could it be Antonio??). 

Hank arrives at Nora’s.  When Keri sees him, she leaves.  Nora encourages Hank to tell the truth.  Hank wants to tell R.J. what is going on, but just can’t.  Hank has to inform R.J.  that R.J. is Keri’s father!

Keri/R.J.:  At Last They Meet!!!

At break bar, R.J. spots Keri sitting along and walks up to her to strike up a conversation.

Comedic Relief

It his hilarious to hear Todd and Starr discuss crazy—who is and who isn’t (Addie, Starr, Todd??).  Addie told Starr the baby was Starr’s “whole” brother.

Todd:  “Addie?”

Starr:  “Yes.”

Todd:  “Well, there you go!  Addie’s crazy, Starr.  You can’t listen to anything she has to say.”

Starr:  (with the usual Starr attitude) “I know she’s crazy!”

Todd:  “Well then why are you listening to what she is telling you?”

Starr:  “The collage said it.”

Todd:  “Oh, the collage talked to you.”

Starr:  (with even more attitude) “No, I’m not crazy.

Todd:  “So the collage didn’t talk to you.”

Starr:  (truly perturbed with her dad) “No, Daddy!”



Recap written by Twyla Borman, © by Katherine Thurston & 2001

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