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Recap by Diane



Will tried to find out where to get a fake ID from one of the girls Jess
knew at school. She blew him off and didn't believe he wasn't already


Cris tried to convince Jen to allow him to be her friend. He cared about
her and felt partly responsible for winding up in the hospital! Jen
wanted to know what other business he was involved in beside the fake
ID's but he wasn't talking either! Since she wouldn't open up and talk to
him, he threw her, coatless, over his shoulder and carried her out the


Kelly eyed Todd and asked him why he had hurt everyone who came to his
and Blair's wedding! He tried to wave her away but she insisted that he
ought to help Blair, because he still loved her! She tried to talk him
out of producing evidence against her! She pleaded with him to be silent,
lie or use temporary insanity if he had to!


Roseanne insisted that she and RJ needed to talk immediately! Colin had
tried to force her to be with him against her will and Sophia had saved
her! She didn't know what she was going to do the next time and she
didn't want Colin to have another thing to hold over her head! RJ had to
let her out of their deal, she didn't want to do this to Antonio! RJ said
he would take care of Colin but he wouldn't have to, if she took care of
him first!


Colin demanded more money from Lindsay. He was prepared to send a letter
out to Sam containing one sentence; that he was ready to tell him what
Lindsay had done! This surprised her, she thought those letters were his
'insurance'. Colin wasn't pleased by her threat to kill him if he sent
that letter! If she didn't kill him, then surely someone on the long list
of enemies behind her, would!


Jess reported to Will that there were numerous places where Jen could
have gotten the fake ID between the club and the park! She tried to steer
him away from his search because he blamed the person who gave the ID to
his sister. Jen was the one who was truly to blame! She guessed,
correctly, that Will so preoccupied these days over a secret about his
mom. Had Jen gotten drunk because she had found out that secret! He 
didn't like having secrets between them, but there was nothing he could


Cris taught Jen to use the punching bag to vent her frustration. To her
dismay, it began to do the trick! He showed her how to picture a face, or
use an idea and strike out at it to relieve frustration. They began a
sort of 'word association' exchange as the bag flew to and fro between
them. Jen's first punch landed the bag against the back of her head and
threw her into his arms! He smiled and said he brought her there because
he wanted to make her feel better!


Kelly told Todd that if he gave Hank the evidence against Blair, he would
never be able to look his daughter in the face again! He was going to
lose Starr! Todd was offered a deal in exchange for the evidence; a
suspended sentence and probation for one year! He agreed to get the
evidence for Hank!


Blair held the gun steadily on Max! He warned her against further trouble
but she said she couldn't really get into worse trouble! The court could
always find her 'insane'! Max took everything from her and she demanded
it back! When he refused to tell her a thing she gave him one more chance
and he declined. She told him he'd lost the game, took aim and fired! 


RJ paid Roseanne but she didn't want his money or Colin's interference,
just her freedom! RJ assured her that Colin wouldn't be bothering her any


Lindsay ripped up the letter Colin waved in front of her and he laughed!
She couldn't get any more money, didn't he understand that! He told her
to sell her car, or her business if she had to! He had a whole stack of
letters just waiting to be sent! She had twenty-four hours to get him the
money! If she didn't, he would charge her an additional fifty-thousand in
penalties for every day that she was late and another letter would go
into the mail to Sam! Each additional letter contained a new sentence ! 


Blair told Max he could come out from under the table where he had
ducked! He did, and proceeded to tell her the truth about what he had
done! Todd had seen the two of them naked together in bed! She called him
a liar! He assured her that although she hadn't gone to bed with 'him',
he had, indeed, gone to bed with her! He reminded her about the champagne
and she realized she had been drugged! He had crawled into the bed with
her and waited! She knew that Todd wouldn't have returned on his own
because he had trusted her! 

Max admitted it had taken a lot of convincing on Skye's part to get him
to show up, she swore that she and Todd would make them pay! Max smiled
as he let slip that the 'cottage' had really done the trick! When you
made a purchase, it didn't matter whose name you put on the title, and
they didn't have to know about it! He and Blair had purchased a 'love
nest', a cottage, on the day before her and Todd's wedding! He started
for the door but Blair told him to stop! He said it was all over now but
she disagreed with that, now she was going to have to kill him!


Todd ripped apart a pillow to find Blair's clothes, neatly sealed in
plastic wrap. Securely hidden and waiting for the right moment, like an
insurance policy!

Jess went to Antonio's apartment to talk about Cris. Antonio swore he
wouldn't get involved or be in the middle of their problems anymore!
Jessica told him that his brother was breaking the law!

Lindsay promised Colin his money and told him to get out! On his way, he
stole two statuettes from her gallery that were on consignment there. He
waited outside for the elevator but when the doors opened, the elevator
was many floors below! He tottered and nearly fell in, and suddenly RJ
grabbed his collar and said it was time to dispose of the garbage!

Blair pointed the gun dead on at Max's heart and pulled the trigger! The
gun went 'click'. Max realized she had only placed one bullet in the gun!
Blair hadn't trusted herself with any more than that! She told him to
find Todd and tell him the truth before it was too late! As she spoke,
Todd was on his way to the police station, the evidence in his hand!


Recap written by Diane Kennedy, copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2000.

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