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Recap by Ann


John urges Skye to relax. The wire is totally invisible, and she has backup.
He wishes her luck, then heads off to Blair's room.

Upstairs, Todd refuses to believe that Blair will call off the wedding. She
won't repeat her past mistakes with him, Blair vows. They argue bitterly
over how to raise Starr. "I see you for what you really are, and it's over,"
Blair assures Todd. "That would be a mistake," he responds, his voice low.
Blair eventually flings her engagement ring at Todd, who warns her that she'
ll be very sorry. He storms out of the room, bumping into John as he does

Todd soon arrives at the bar, bellowing for a drink. Skye saunters up beside
him and offers to buy him one. He brushes her off, but she's persistent. She
tries to get him to believe that she's concerned he might turn to drink to
help him forget his problems. She confesses that she's always admired him
for his willingness to stand by Blair, no matter what she's done. "What is
it that you think I did for Blair?" he queries. He planted the gun in her
room, for starters, Skye answers. Todd denies this. Sensing that she's
getting nowhere, Skye changes tacks and attempts to fuel Todd's jealousy by
implying that Blair still loves Max. She assures Todd that Max and Blair
aren't finished with their twisted dance, and she insinuates that she and
Todd are just being used. Blair and Max thrive on creating triangles for
their own sick pleasure, she adds. Her words have an effect on Todd, who
orders her to shut up as he stalks off.

Not one to give up easily, Skye follows Todd to a booth. She maintains that
Todd needs to listen to her, or he'll wind up in jail. She urges him to make
sure he doesn't end up taking the fall for Blair. Why not implicate her in
Max's shooting, before she sells him out? Todd pretends to go along with
Skye, but suddenly turns the tables on her and accuses her of just
confessing to Max's shooting. She did no such thing, Skye splutters, as she
rages at him for setting  her up. Todd counters that she's guilty of the
same offense. He quickly realizes that Skye and John are working together,
and he heads to Blair's room.

Meanwhile, John notices that Blair is upset. He calls her on it, surmising
that it has something to do with Todd. She and Todd argue passionately,
Blair explains. John opines that she may well be confusing passion with
manipulation and he encourages her to get out from under Todd's control. She
doesn't want to give up on her ex, Blair insists. But she doesn't want to
marry him, does she? John's pointed question goes unanswered. He suggests
that Todd is blackmailing Blair. She won't confirm this, and declares that
she wants to marry Todd. John counters that she's simply too scared to back
out. He reminds her of all the awful things Todd has done to her, including
having her thrown in jail on Christmas eve. Todd loves her, Blair retorts.
Like he loved Tea? She had to drop off the face of the earth to escape Todd,
and it looks to him like Blair has almost reached that point, John observes.
She does have an option, he adds - she can stop protecting Todd by revealing
what part he played in Max's shooting. John continues to badger Blair,
hoping to get to her by playing on her concerns for Starr. Todd does the
best he can, Blair states. She can do better, John assures her. "Everyone in
this town would believe you over him," John maintains. He goads her,
practically putting a confession into her mouth. "Alright! Okay!" Blair

Blair is stopped short by Todd's arrival. He informs Blair that Skye was
cozying up to him down in the bar, so he knew that John would be with Blair,
playing good cop. John remarks that Todd is still manipulating her, but
Blair orders John out. Todd accuses Blair of being "this close" to selling
him out. She breaks down, unsure if she can keep up the lies. Todd insists
that Blair has to decide who has her best interests at heart - "Skye
Chandler, John Sykes, or me." "I want to trust you, Todd, but I'm afraid."
She wonders how Skye thought she could get to him. By insinuating that Blair
still loved Max and would eventually get back together with him, Todd tells
her. Blair denies wanting anything of the sort, then she divulges John's
tactics, including his statement that Todd could never make her happy.
"There's no such thing as happiness," Todd mutters. Blair finds that thought
depressing. Todd counters that they're supposed to feel satisfaction, which
is much better. Blair is curious as to how they'll achieve that. "That's
easy. We get married, and then we get even."

Across town at the LPD, Bo calls Roseanne into his office. He asks her to
explain her recent actions. She admits that she made a huge mistake and
requests a second chance. Bo gives her a police manual to memorize and warns
her that, since she already has two strikes against her, he'll be watching
her closely. If she screws up again, "you'll be history," and he'll bring
charges against her. Roseanne exits, only to find all her worldly
possessions piled up on her desk. It's Sophia's less than subtle way to let
Roseanne know that she's evicting her from the Carriage House. Roseanne can'
t believe that Sophia hasn't forgiven her for failing to relay her message
to Antonio. She swears that Sophia's friendship is important to her. Sophia
scoffs, and expresses her dismay that Roseanne still has a job at the
station. Antonio appears and Roseanne complains that she's been kicked out.
Antonio opts to stay out of the fray, opining that it's Sophia's decision to

Moments later, Sophia clues in Antonio on a tip they've received about a
potential illegal shipment that is to be delivered to RJ's warehouse that
evening. Roseanne eavesdrops. Once the two officers and their backups leave,
Roseanne calls RJ and alerts him to the upcoming operation.

Hank enters Bo's office. The latter explains that he had no luck in his
search for Melanie. Bo re-reads the contents of Lanie's note as Hank
suggests that perhaps his buddy should consider doing as Melanie asked and
not look for her. Bo responds that he can't, as he's sure something else is
going on, and Colin's involved. Bo swears that he won't let Lanie's ex hurt

In an unknown location, Melanie stares at the pay phone. She gets up and
places a call to Bo. He answers, but she says nothing. He senses that it's
her and has one of his officers attempt to trace the call. He's disappointed
when the trace is unsuccessful. Shelby enters and requests some time off,
since she's managed to score Super bowl tickets. Their conversation somehow
gives Bo a hint as to Lanie's location, and he smiles.

Nora asks Lindsay to leave, but Ms. Rappaport stays put. She's there to warn
Nora about Colin, she explains. Nora assumes that Lindsay's concern is due
to her guilt, but Lindsay swears that she'd feel bad if she just let Colin
hurt her again. Some of the words Lindsay uses strike a spark of recognition
within Nora. They're the same ones she herself spoke to Colin recently, Nora
muses aloud, which means that Lindsay must have been in the house at the
time. At first, Lindsay denies Nora's accusations, but she eventually admits
that she was at Colin's. She swears that she was there to plead for Colin to
ease up on Lanie. Lindsay adds that Colin simply wants to get Nora into his
bed, and he'll say anything to accomplish that goal, including implicating
Lindsay in the kidnapping. Lindsay offers Nora a deal - she'll give her
concrete proof of Colin's obsession, as long as Nora promises to stay away
from Colin. Nora refuses. She's spared the need for further conversation
with her nemesis when Max arrives. Although Nora wants to leave immediately,
Max requests a few minutes alone with Lindsay. Nora obliges by making her
exit. Lindsay tries to escape, but Max's words stop her. "Hold it right
there, you blackmailing tramp," he hisses.

Max warns Lindsay to lay off Asa. Lindsay guesses that Max is a part of Nora
's plan regarding Colin. Max assures Lindsay that she'll soon be on a one
way train to Statesville, but Lindsay has a prediction of her own - Nora
will be on her way out of Llanview in a box if she continues her involvement
with Colin. Max assumes this is yet another of Lindsay's threats, as he's
certain Colin won't hurt Nora. He did help her recover from the injuries she
suffered in the train wreck, after all. Lindsay stuns Max by revealing the
contents of Colin's shrine to Nora, and she muses aloud about how Colin will
feel once he learns that the object of his obsession is merely using him to
get the goods on Lindsay.

Colin, meanwhile, is preparing his house for Nora's arrival. The fire is
glowing, and candles are lit. He drifts into a romantic fantasy about his
upcoming evening, in which Nora claims that no man has ever understood her
the way he does. She goes on to declare her love, and the two share a steamy
kiss. As he snaps back to reality, Colin becomes increasingly impatient.
"Don't let me down, Nora," he mutters, just as the doorbell rings. He smiles
as he ushers Nora in. The evening begins to play out just as Colin imagined,
with Nora echoing some of his earlier thoughts. Taking this as his cue,
Colin moves in for a kiss.


Recap written by Ann McGowan, copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2000.

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