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Recap by Karolyn





Jen is surprised to get a phone call from Will. He tells her that he knows it is over between them, but says he found a pen that Jess left behind. Will offers to bring it to her. The doorbell rings and Jess tells him to keep the pen and hangs up. Natalie drops by, covered in mud. Jess gives her a towel to clean off and the girls chat. Natalie is amazed by the size of Llanfair. Jess is embarrassed and says it’s just a house. Jess whisks Natalie upstairs to find dry clothes.

Natalie is amazed by the wardrobe Jess has in her closet. Natalie picks an outfit and heads into the bathroom to try it on. She questions Jess about her evening with Seth. Jess admits he kissed her. Jess swears she’s not ready for a serious relationship. Natalie thinks she should just have a little fun with Seth – no harm in that. The phone rings – it’s Seth.

Seth apologizes for kissing Jess. She tells him they can get together again sometime. Natalie thinks it’s great that Jess is going to see Seth again. Natalie spills the beans to Jess about the Web site that Cris is appearing on these days. Jess pulls the site up on her computer and is stunned by what she sees.

Natalie tells her that the girls at the Break Bar are enjoying the show Cris puts on. Jess can’t believe that Cris would do something like this. Natalie thinks it’s just harmless fun – and maybe Cris likes the money. Jess doesn’t think Cris would do something like this for money. She intends to have a talk with Cris and find out what he’s thinking.

The Break Bar

Jen confronts Al about his discussion with Cris. When Al looks at the computer, Jen heads over to see what is going on, but Al stops her. When Jen insists on seeing what is on the computer, Al turns it off. He tells Jen he has a friend who has a Web cam site. Jen points out that those sites don’t allow for a whole lot of privacy.

Will returns and asks to talk to Jen. Al darts away. Will wants to head over to Sam’s house to find out what happened with Colin’s will. Jen would rather wait for Cris. Will tells Jen he knows more about Cris than she does and he doesn’t think she should get involved with Cris. Jen wants him to back off. Will says he’s just trying to watch out for his little sister. He thinks Cris is a loser, but Jen doesn’t care what he thinks – and tells Will as much. She heads out to find Cris.

Al approaches Will and says that they have something in common – they both hate Cris. Al says he doesn’t like the way Cris treats Jen. When Will asks what he means, Al says he doesn’t want to get in the middle of it, but he advises Will to watch out for Jen, and leaves.

Will gives Seth a warning to pass along to Cris, but Seth reminds him that he’s not a messenger boy. Seth and Will get into an argument and Seth tells him to wait for his break and they can take it outside. Will blows him off and leaves. 

Cristian’s Loft

Leah and Cris go over the details of his surprise for Jen. Leah tells Cris that in order to hold the room, he has to put down a deposit – and since he doesn’t have a credit card, he has to drive up to the Inn and pay cash. Cris thanks Leah and gives her a hug – which Jen sees as she comes around the corner.

One of the girls from the Break Bar sneaks into the loft and begins a striptease for the Web cam.

Jen asks what Cris is up to and he evades the question. When Jen presses him, he says he needed to talk to Antonio. Jess asks if the girl who just left is Antonio working undercover. Busted! Cris lies and says Leah was looking for a bartending job. Jen knows he is lying and she wants to know why. Cris swears he’s not interested in Leah and asks Jen to trust him. They head into the apartment, but when Cris opens the door, he sees the girl from the bar naked on his floor…

Cherryvale Inn

Lindsay doesn’t think she can smother Troy – until she remembers what Colin has done to her daughter – she smashes the pillow down over his face.

Sam tries to convince Nora that Colin is really dead. Lanie doesn’t recall Colin ever mentioning a brother while they were together. Nora is relieved when Antonio shows up, but Antonio doesn’t believe that Colin could still be alive and seems more concerned with the fact that Sam assaulted Troy.

Antonio asks if everyone is accounted for – everyone but Lindsay, Sam says. Nora deduces that Lindsay is upstairs with Troy. Antonio stops her from rushing up the stairs. Then RJ tries to delay Antonio. Finally, they rush up to find her.

Troy sits up and grabs Lindsay’s hand – what the hell is she doing? Lindsay feigns innocence. Just then Nora, Sam and Antonio rush into the room. Lindsay denies that she was trying to kill Troy, saying he confessed to being Colin. Troy doesn’t even know who Lindsay is, never mind why she was trying to kill him. Antonio asks for ID. Troy produces an ID that proves who he is. Nora isn’t satisfied and demands that he explain himself.

Sam presses Troy as to why no one was aware that Colin had a twin. Troy insists he and Colin never got along and that they stopped speaking to each other in college – which explains why Lanie never met him in med school. Lindsay and RJ debate as to whether Troy is putting on a great show or is the real deal. Troy informs Antonio that he is in town because he got a letter about the reading of Colin’s will. Nora wants to know why Colin would leave everything to a twin he despised. Troy doesn’t have an answer for that. Sam doesn’t believe Troy. Troy suggests Sam dig up Coin’s grave and see for himself who is in it – Sam thinks that’s an excellent idea.

Lanie maintains that wouldn’t prove anything – identical twins have the same DNA. Lanie theorizes that Troy may have visited Colin and Troy ended up dead instead of Colin. Troy wants to know what Colin did that made everyone despise him so much. He walks up to Nora – What was your connection to Colin? Nora refuses to answer Troy’s question. Sam is still not convinced that Troy is who he says he is. Troy doesn’t care if Sam believes him or not – he has done everything he intends to do to prove his identity. Not everything, Sam challenges…

Line of the Day

Nora (regarding the likelihood that Colin could still be alive): Too farfetched? How farfetched is being kidnapped, drugged, held prisoner – twice?




Recap written by Karolyn Ryan, copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2001

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