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Recap by Diane



Jen was staying at Sam's house alone while he was out of town. Lindsay
tried to convince her to go to the gallery and do 'girl stuff' but she
couldn't. Lindsay felt it was because she was still seeing Cris and he
was turning Jen against her!


In the warehouse, Cris and another man were loading the truck for that
night's shipment. Cris came upon a large crate that was overlooked. It
was very large and marked 'perishable'! 


Hank wanted assurance from Bo that Blair's clothes (the evidence) were
safely stored! Nora walked in and told them she was representing Todd as
the person who would admit to shooting Max! Todd wanted to give a full
confession but Hank wondered how the 'gun powder residue' had gotten onto
Blair's clothes if Todd had been the shooter! Did she stand in front of
him while he did it! Nora said the crime and the confession weren't a


Todd rapped the knocker and rang the bell, then began to bang on the door
at Dorian's house! He called out for Blair when something shiny caught
his eye. It was his wedding ring, and he remembered his and Blair's
wedding day, the moment she had agreed to marry him...

In the house, Blair told Max she was pregnant with his child but he felt
she was lying. Kelly went to answer the door and Max told Blair that she
and Kelly were scamming him! Blair admitted to it's all being a lie and
he wondered why she bothered at all. Blair must want something from Max,
what could it be, her freedom! Todd was looking for Blair and Kelly
warned him not to go upstairs!


RJ held fast to Roseanne's arm and demanded her 'news'! He might agree to
let her go if she told him, but she demanded the agreement up front! He
became annoyed and threatened to make her life more miserable. He had an
important shipment that night and he needed to know what she knew!

Cris and the guy who helped him wondered what the 'perishable' in the
crate might be!


Lindsay swore that Cris was going to turn her own daughter against her,
he accused her of killing Colin! Jen said Colin deserved to die anyway!
Lindsay felt that if someone did kill him, that no one would have to find
out! Jen only felt she had 'seen' a body because Jessica, and Cris wanted
her to believe Lindsay killed him!


Blair wanted 'nothing' from Max, but he wanted the truth! She needed to
be more original with her lies, if the baby was his she would be
'showing' by now! Still, she persisted in allowing him to ponder on the
possibility of a baby. As Todd headed up the stairs, Kelly smashed a vase
across the back of his head!


Nora was representing Todd and 'belief' didn't enter into the deal! To
Hank, it appeared that he accused Blair only to try and set her free! He
saw duplicity, maybe they were in this mess together! Bo felt that it had
been a crime of passion, in his father's house, with his father's gun!
There had been no 'forethought' and it couldn't have been Todd. He could
feel no passion, and being a sociopath, had no feelings!


Kelly gawped at Todd in amazement when the vase didn't faze him! Upstairs
Max knew that Blair wasn't pregnant and as he headed for the door he told
her that if her daughter messed with him again he would have her locked
up next to her mother! He went out and Todd came in to tell Blair he
found a way to set her free! He would confess and go to jail instead!
Downstairs, Kelly had a 'private conversation' on the phone but Max told
her that the 'baby' thing wasn't going to work!


RJ wanted to know if the police were aware that he had a shipment going
out that night! Roseanne didn't think so, unless he had been careless and
told someone about it! RJ persisted but all she would tell him was that
things were getting worse! If he made even 'one' mistake it would all be
over for him! It was then that Cris and the helper brought the large
crate into the Break Club and wanted to know where to 'put it'!


Jen told her mom she was making people believe that she 'had' killed
Colin! Lindsay wanted to know why anyone would get that impression! Jen
didn't have to tell her anything that she didn't already 'know'! Lindsay
knew as well as she did that Colin was dead! Lindsay insisted she put it
behind her, that they all should but Jen couldn't! Lindsay said her
trouble was Cristian and that he was a criminal! He was handing out fake
I.D.'s to teens and she was going to put a stop to it! Jen ran out the
door after her!


Cris kept asking RJ where to put the crate containing Colin's body! He
asked RJ if Roseanne was okay, she had looked upset and RJ looked
stressed too! He attempted to pry open the 'casket' but was stopped by
RJ! Cris said it was marked 'perishable' and it might be food! RJ
insisted he move it out of the bar but Cris needed help to do that, he
was going out to find the other guy! Before he could leave, Jen ran in
and told him that her mom had gone to the police about the fake 'ID's'
and was going to make trouble for him! She was sorry, she couldn't stop
her! RJ said not to worry, the police wouldn't find anything. He helped
Cris lift up the large crate and as they got it up on one end, Bo walked
in with Lindsay! He told everyone not to move, he had a search warrant! 


Kelly thought that Max should know, she had thought he would be kind
about it but he didn't really care about his kids! He reminded her that
they lived in another state and if Blair was pregnant the baby was

Todd felt he may as well go to jail for her but Blair was really upset!
He had turned himself into Nora and it was guaranteed to work, because
she really hated him! Blair realized then how much Todd really loved her,
and told him she knew a better way! 


Was Todd lying or just throwing in some 'reasonable doubt'! Nora felt
that sometimes the bad guys should just be put away! Bo told Hank to plea
bargain with Todd, as Lindsay burst through the door with news about
Cris' sale of fake ID's to minors!

Cris told Jen not to worry about the 'ID' stuff, that it wasn't her
fault! He worried because her mom didn't want her near him and here she
was! RJ returned and screamed at him to get that crate out of the club!


Kelly realized that Max thought Blair got pregnant by Todd to use Max!
Todd broke out in bumps around women! He wanted to know the story on
Starr's 'baby brother' but Starr was just a child! Blair told Max she had
slept with Todd and he knew it was true! Kelly maintained Blair had said
it just to make him jealous because she wanted him back! Max said that
Blair had 'crazy' in her genes, but Blair had wanted Max back since the
day he had kicked her out!

Blair told Todd she was working on a 'better way', that he shouldn't go
to prison! Todd said that Nora was sure to get him a deal but Blair
disagreed! He wondered why she cared at all but she wanted to know why he
had to go and do this now! He looked confused as Max reappeared in the
bedroom doorway!


Nora drank the dirty dishwater coffee at the station house as Hank teased
her. Did she believe that Todd did the deed! Sometimes the system didn't
work the way they planned, was all she would say! He wouldn't put someone
away for a crime that they didn't commit! It didn't matter whether she
believed he was guilty! She rattled off the list of his 'crimes', with
special emphasis on Todd and Blair's wedding fiasco! Hank picked up the
phone and called for back up!


Blair wanted to know why Max hadn't gone but he was not leaving! He
smiled as he told Todd that Blair was having his baby!


Recap written by Diane Kennedy, copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2001

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