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RJ's new joint is jumping, but he objects to Cristian's choice of music.
Everything has to be upbeat and happy, the boss insists. Antonio observes
this interaction and spots Roseanne sitting at the bar. He tells Sophia that
he's going to talk to her and straighten everything out. Sophia reminds him
that he's done nothing wrong.

Antonio approaches Roseanne. She immediately apologizes for their fight and
pulls him into a kiss. He disengages himself and steers her outside, so that
they can speak privately. Roseanne offers up another apology, but Antonio
cuts her off. He explains that he doesn't want any misunderstandings between
them. She understands all too well, Roseanne counters - he's breaking up
with her. He didn't want this to happen and for her to get hurt, Tonio
insists. She opines that he's running from his true feelings, but he
disagrees. He mentions talking to Sophia, causing Roseanne's hackles to
rise. She informs Antonio that his partner wants him for herself. Antonio
doesn't believe Roseanne, but she assures him that Sophia has been lying to
him. He's certain that he would have seen some sign of this attraction and
he hasn't, Antonio retorts, before redirecting the conversation to his
relationship with Roseanne. He never meant to lead her on, he swears. He's
leading Sophia on, Roseanne informs him, every time he laughs at her jokes
and tells her she's pretty. She confirms that Sophia admitted her feelings a
long time ago, when she and Roseanne were still friends. Antonio is stunned.
Roseanne declares that she's fine with things just the way they are. She
wants to have fun. The duo re-enter the bar.

Meanwhile, Sophia sits at the bar. RJ taunts her about being more
comfortable at Rodi's. Sophia assures him that she and Antonio are simply
there as customers, but if they see anything suspicious, he'll be shut down
so fast his head will spin. RJ needles her about Antonio's being outside
with Roseanne. Once she's alone again, Sophia watches as Cristian interacts
with three patrons. He asks them for ID. As he's checking the cards out, RJ
approaches and insists that Cristian serve the girls. There will be time
enough to enforce the rules once the club is up and running. For opening
night, everyone is to be made happy, happy. Cristian complies, then goes on
to flirt with the trio.

Sophia, noticing Antonio's return, approaches him. She suggests that he'll
feel better if they dance. He demurs at first, but eventually agrees. Sophia
practically melts into her partner's arms as Roseanne glares at them.

Up at the Buchanan Lodge, Asa is playing solitaire when Bo arrives, bearing
a bottle of bourbon. Asa is quiet as Bo begins to reminisce about happier
times when the family was together for Christmas. While Asa is obviously
touched by the memories being evoked, he demands to know why Bo is there.
"For the truth. Lindsay's blackmailing you, isn't she?" Bo asks. Asa swears
that he can't be blackmailed, since he has nothing to hide. Bo speculates
that Asa may have had a hand in the attempt on Ben's life, but Asa insists
that the feud is over. Bo begins to outline his suspicions about Lindsay and
her possible involvement in Nora's kidnapping. Asa expresses his surprise
and goads Bo into admitting that Asa was right about at least one of the
no-good Rappa-Davidsons. Bo tells Asa that he needs proof linking Lindsay to
the crime. Can Asa help provide it? Asa once again denies putting a contract
on Ben's life. Even if he had, he adds, he wouldn't confess to Bo, since his
son would put him in jail. They could make a deal, Bo counters, since Asa
has obviously not been the same since his heart attack, and it's made him
obsessed with protecting his own, which might be construed as mitigating
circumstances. Asa refuses to reveal anything, so Bo gets up to leave. Asa
wonders if his son has been talking to Melanie, who he remarks has spunk.
She's the future, Bo declares, before urging his father to have himself
checked by a doctor.

Lanie is enjoying an evening alone at home when Lindsay pays her a visit. "I
really need you to help me," she pleads, as she explains to her sister that
the gallery is in financial difficulty. Lanie offers to co-sign a loan, but
Lindsay insists that she needs cash, now. She's entitled to Lanie's money,
she adds, given what happened between her sister and her father. "You know?"
Lanie blurts out. "Dad always loved you more," Lindsay accuses, as Lanie
breathes a sigh of relief. She didn't know the terms of their father's will,
Lanie declares, or she would have tried to have it changed. Lindsay remarks
that she didn't want their father's money, just his love. But she wants the
money now, Lanie correctly assumes. The sisters' conversation is interrupted
by a knock on the door. It's Colin, who smiles upon seeing the women
together. He's quick to play mind games with both of them, and tension is
high. Lindsay explains to Colin that she's there to ask her sister for a
loan, so they'd like some privacy. Colin retorts that he'll stay, since the
money is his, too. Lanie is stunned at his assumption. Colin then surmises
that they're discussing Lanie's inheritance. He goes on to insinuate that,
had their father lived longer, Lindsay might have been reinstated in the
will. Having inflicted some emotional damage, Colin agrees to leave, but he
promises that he'll be back, since he has unfinished business with Lanie.

Once Colin has gone, Lindsay again asks for Lanie's help. Filled with guilt,
Lanie pulls out her checkbook and forks over some money. "I knew you wouldn't'
t let me down," Lindsay states, as she thanks her sister. Colin is right
outside the door, and Lindsay hands him the check. She starts to walk away.
"We're not finished yet," Colin hisses. "I need more cash," he declares.
"What do I look like, an ATM?" Lindsay retorts. He suggests she simply ask
Lanie for it. She'd have to practically burn down the gallery before Lanie
would give her more money, Lindsay muses. Whatever it takes, Colin shrugs.
She wonders how much will be enough for him. It will be enough when he says
it is, Colin replies.

Moments later, he re-enters Melanie's room and informs her of his revised
terms for their divorce settlement. Lanie laughs at his audacity, until he
reminds her that he witnessed her giving her father a lethal injection of
morphine. While Lanie protests that her father was tired of suffering and
had begged her to end his life, Colin taunts her that he could testify that
she killed her father for the money, and what would Bo think of his precious
Lanie then? She is sure that Bo would understand, but Colin outlines that
she's guilty of several offenses, including drug theft and practicing
medicine without a license. Melanie insists that she won't sign the new
papers, but Colin counters that she'll lose much more than the house and
some money if the truth comes out. "If I agree, you won't say anything?"
Melanie asks, her voice desperate. Before Colin can answer, there's a knock
at the door. It's Bo. Upon seeing Colin, he orders Dr. MacIver out, but
Colin refuses to leave. He has something to tell Bo, Colin declares.

In the parking garage, Max sneers that he'd take off too, if Todd was
hanging around him, so it's no surprise that Blair is gone. Todd retorts
that he liked Max better when he was a stain on Asa's carpet, and Max
counters that he doubts Todd shed any tears for him. "Why would I let Skye
kill you, and deprive myself of the pleasure?" Todd muses. He won't even
need a gun to do the job, Todd adds. He then queries why Max would even want
to be a Buchanan. Todd threatens to keep Blair away from Max once he finds
her, and then it's payback time. He continues to taunt Max, who responds by
grabbing him by the lapels and shoving him against a wall. "You will not
expose me," Max whispers through clenched teeth, because he's Asa's son and
if Todd rats him out, he'll have his head. "You don't kill me, I won't kill
you," Max offers. Todd remains non-committal and listens silently as Max
assures Todd that Blair will eventually betray him.

From the safety of Bo's office, Rae stares across the squad room at Skye.
She turns to John and begs him not to lie to her. She's sure this is another
prank, but John shows Rae the missing Bible page. "Rae, this is what you've
been looking for," he says gently, as she dissolves into tears. "Who else
knows?" she asks, once she manages to compose herself a little. Just himself
and Sophia, John assures her, and there's no reason anyone else needs to be
told. Rae gazes at her daughter and muses that the fortune teller was right
about the hatred and bitterness that exists between herself and her child.
She begins to cry as she confesses that she thought she'd feel fulfilled and
complete once she learned her child's identity, but it would seem that
Daniel got the last laugh indeed. John urges his lady love not to beat
herself up. She insists that she needs to leave. As she exits the office,
she ends up face to face with Skye.

Skye immediately begins to taunt Rae, and her words are vicious. John tells
her to knock it off. "I hate you," Skye spits at Rae, before continuing her
vitriolic attack. She threatens to make Rae's life a living hell once she's
released. "You'll wish I'd never been born," Skye adds. Rae gazes silently
at Skye, tears forming in her eyes. Skye, a bit unnerved at Rae's lack of
response, demands that she say something. "I'm sorry," is all Rae can
manage. Skye orders her never to say that again. Rae has ruined her life,
and she hates her, Skye reiterates.

Unable to face her newfound daughter any longer, Rae retreats to the
solitude of a park bench. She places a call to her mother, Myrtle, and gets
her answering machine. After leaving a message, Rae ponders some of the
heated words that she and Skye had previously exchanged.

John urges Skye to stop harassing Rae, but Skye continues her tirade. She's
interrupted by Todd's arrival. He declares that he wants to report a crime,
committed by Blair Buchanan. Skye is overjoyed, assuming that Todd is about
to finger Blair for Max's shooting. Her face falls as he does no such thing,
but instead accuses Blair of kidnapping Starr. He wants Blair arrested, Todd
informs John.


Recap written by Ann McGowan, copyright by Katherine Thurston, 
and , 2000.

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