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The Big Baby Switch!
Updated information on One Life to Live and All My Children's baby switch storyline
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Starting this week, ABC will beginning airing a baby switch storyline which will uniquely involve both OLTL and AMC. It will officially begin on Tuesday, March 23 with a two-hour special merging both soaps together.

Here's how it all began:
After giving birth to a stillborn baby, Kelly seeks her brother's help in keeping it a secret from her husband Kevin. Kelly tells Paul she will help get him the 30 million dollars by proving Dorian and David murdered Aunt Betsy and lying about Adriana, if he helps her to get a baby she can pass on as her own. Paul tries to convince his sister she would be better of without Kevin, and tells Kelly he just can't steal a baby for her.

In the meantime, over in Pine Valley, Babe (Paul's ex-wife) helps Bianca deliver her baby girl while stranded in a deserted cabin. After giving birth, Bianca passes out. Unfortunately the exertion puts Babe into labor as well and she calls Paul for help and asks him to come rescue them with his helicopter.

The plot thickens this week after Paul arrives at the cabin....

Paul helps Babe deliver a baby boy and he gets an idea to help his sister Kelly. So he sedates Babe and decides to steal her baby boy to give to Kelly. Here's where the big confusion really kicks in. Paul then puts both newborn babies into portable incubators and calls up Kelly to come pick up the baby boy. After Kelly gets the baby boy, Paul then stages a helicopter accident and takes the second incubator and throws it into the river to make it seem like the helicopter crashed into the water. However things get even more complicated when everyone starts to demand to know what happen to the second baby. Paul, who remembers Bianca's baby was born out of rape and how much pain it has caused the family, decides to tell everyone that baby girl that Bianca delivered is Babe's, and that it was Bianca's baby that died in the crash.

In the end, here's how it will all play out: Kelly will be raising Babe's baby boy in Llanview with Kevin. Babe will be raising Bianca's baby in Pine Valley, although she doesn't know it's not her real baby. And Bianca will be told her baby died during the rescue.

But don't count on this storyline from being over as according to David Tom (Paul's portrayer) whom recently stated: "I think the truth will come out someday and there will be a huge custody battle, and Kevin, Todd and Blair will all be involved. I've been told this story is a couple of years in the making. It may not come out until the babies have aged a bit."

Of course TPTB have high hopes this storyline will entice AMC fans to watch OLTL and vise versa, however, according to OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini, he claims viewers won't feel cheated if they don't watch both soaps because the baby plots are self-sustaining.

Scoops involving both One Life to Live and All My Children.

Todd overhears Kelly making arrangements to pick up a baby.
Babe goes into labor at David's cabin. (AMC) 
Paul helps deliver Babe's baby, then calls his sister Kelly. (AMC) 

Overjoyed Kelly takes possession of a baby boy.
Paul places the newborns in portable incubators.

Dorian arranges for Kelly to be admitted to the hospital.
Kevin and Kelly choose a name for their baby boy.
Ryan, Kendall and Greenlee find a crashed helicopter. (AMC) 
Everyone demands an explanation from a panicked Paul. (AMC) 

Tad interrogates Paul about the crash. (AMC) 
Bianca mutters her baby's name as she drifts in and out of consciousness. (AMC) 

Joe reports that Babe's condition could worsen. (AMC) 
Tad, Ryan and David return to the hospital with the incubator recovered from the river. (AMC) 

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