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One Life to Live Couples for 2001
Todd and Blair

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Todd & Blair
Current Status: Married
Biggest Flaw: Very untrusting of each other.
Greatest Thing Going For Them: True soul mates
Most Romantic Moment of the Year: The day Todd got down on his knees to ask Blair to marry him.
Persons who most wanted to break them apart: Skye Chandler and Max Holden
Summary of their relationship for the year: Todd turned in Blair for Max's shooting at their wedding after he thought Blair had slept with Max. Todd realizes he made a mistake, and helps to clear Blair. Blair tells Todd she is pregnant with Max's baby, and he struggles to accept Blair back. Todd helps Blair deliver their baby, but thinking the baby is Max's, Todd gives the baby away. Blair finally tells Todd the baby is his, so Todd brings the baby back. Todd and Blair finally get married, and for Blair's wedding gift, Todd presents the baby. Todd lies about the baby, and tells her the baby was abandoned by it's mother.
Biggest Upcoming Obstacle for 2002: Todd's lies about their baby.


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