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Robert S. Woods
Bo Buchanan
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Robert S. Woods

Bo Buchanan on the ABC Television Network's "One Life To Live"

Emmy Award-winning actor Robert S. Woods plays the role of Bo Buchanan, the handsome son of the rich and powerful Buchanan family. Bo has had many ups and downs when it comes to his love life, and now the police commissioner has found himself venturing into a relationship with an unexpected partner, Gabrielle Medina (Fiona Hutchison).

Mr. Woods created the role of Bo Buchanan in 1979 and quickly skyrocketed to stardom, receiving an Emmy Award in 1983 as Outstanding Lead Actor, as well as five other nominations -- in 1986, 1993, 1994, 1999 and 2000. He continues to receive other critical recognition for his work as Bo, including multiple award nominations from Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Update. He won his fourth MVP trophy from Soap Opera Update in 1998.

After six years as Bo, Mr. Woods chose to take a hiatus from Daytime television and head to Los Angeles to spend time with his ailing mother, as well as to pursue other acting opportunities. During that time he portrayed Commander Eugene Lindsey in the acclaimed 1988 miniseries, "War and Remembrance." He also starred in an award-winning Los Angeles production of "Stitch and Eubie," the television movie "Carly's Web" and the pilot "Changing Patterns."

In 1988 Mr. Woods decided to return to "One Life to Live." Since then he has managed to juggle playing one of Daytime's most popular characters with other acting gigs. He guest-starred on "Roseanne," on USA Network's "Swamp Thing," and in the Lifetime movie, "Deadly Love." Additionally Mr. Woods is developing several television projects, including "The Garth Ryland Mysteries," based on a series of popular novels by author John R. Riggs.

In 1971, when he returned home to his native California after 15 months as a Green Beret in Vietnam with the Army's Fifth Special Forces Group, Mr. Woods went to California State University at Long Beach to complete his broadcasting degree. It was there that he pursued his long-time interest in acting and directing. During school, and upon graduation, he studied at the Film Actors Workshop, The James Best Theatre Centre, The Directors Lab and The First Acting Company Workshop. In the mid-1970s he was starring in theater productions at Disneyland's Drama Workshop, where he did plays for the theme park's employees on evenings when Disneyland was closed to the public. He also spent time acting in U.S. Army training films and on stage in many theater productions, most notably a starring role with Dorothy Lamour in a Los Angeles dinner theater production of "Barefoot in the Park." He then got his big television break on the series "City of Angels."

In steady succession, Mr. Woods landed the recurring roles of Dr. David Spencer in "The Waltons" and Lt. Bob King in "Project UFO," as well as guest-starring appearances on dozens of series, such as "Family" and "Newhart," and made-for-television movies including "Chase," "Just a Little Inconvenience," "The Night They Took Miss Beautiful," "Police Story" and "Fantasies." He also appeared in the feature films "The China Syndrome" and "Big Wednesday."

Mr. Woods and his family -- his wife, actress Loyita Chapel, and their son, Tanner -- spend time between their Manhattan apartment and their Carpenter Gothic 1880 home in upstate New York.

© Copyright by Katherine Thurston, About One Life to Live Fans Guide, October, 2002.
Biography used with permission from ABC MediaNet

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