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Teddy Sears
Chad Bennetton
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Teddy Sears

Chad Bennetton the ABC Television Network's "One Life To Live"

Teddy Sears was first cast in the role of a bartender at the Break Bar on "One Life to Live" in February 2001. A year later his character had been given the name Chad Bennett and Mr. Sears was put under contract with the show. Since Chad first appeared on the scene, he has been more than eager to help out but sometimes that leads him directly into trouble.

Mr. Sears was born in Washington, DC, and raised in Chevy Chase, MD. He attended high school at Landon School in Bethesda, MD, and went on to attend college at The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where he studied acting.

Mr. Sears briefly lived in Hawaii, working on a snorkeling boat, and then moved to New York to pursue acting. In New York he studied acting at HB Studios, as well as the School for Film and Television in Manhattan. His role on "One Life to Live" marks his first major acting job.

Mr. Sears enjoys participating in most sports, especially surfing. He has competed in biathlons and hopes to complete his first triathlon in 2002.

© Katherine Thurston, About One Life to Live Fans Guide, October, 2002.
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