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Laurence Lau
Sam Rappaport

Laurence Lau

Date of birth and location:
May 10, 1954
Long Beach, California

Sam Rappaport on the ABC Television Network’s "One Life to Live"

For many soap fans, Laurence Lau will always be remembered as one half of All My Children's most beloved high school supercouple - Greg and Jenny. Although it's been 20 years since Lau first played the role of heartthrob Greg Nelson, it was the dramatic fiery ending to his character's beloved wife which will forever remain a part of daytime history. After playing the role of Greg from 1981-1986, Lau went on play the part of Dr. James "Jamie" Frame on Another World. Lau left Another World's "Bay City" in 1990 and would not be seen in daytime again for over a decade later.

During Lau's 11 year hiatus from soaps, he shifted between work on some Off-Broadway plays and guest appearances on shows like Frasier, JAG and Diagnosis Murder. In 1999, Lau nabbed the supporting role in the feature film Return to the Secret Garden. Three months after finishing up filming, Lau was asked to read for a part in the upcoming comedy-romance, The Penny Promise.

Taking over the part of One Life to Live's Sam Rappaport from actor Kale Browne was at first a bit awkward for the actor, who had worked with Browne from his days on AW. When Lau was first asked by OLTL's producer Gary Tomlin if he was interested in returning to daytime, he had no idea he would be replacing his friend Browne for the part. However, Browne called Lau shortly after receiving word on his replacement to congratulate him.

In his spare time, Lau enjoys jogging, weight-lifting and karate. Lau obtained his first-degree black belt back in 1998, and it remains one of the things the actor is most proud of. Lau has been married and divorced twice, and is now single. According to Lau, he would "like to find a life partner somebody, buy a house and get serious," but states he's in no hurry and knows it may take time for love to find him. In the meantime, Lau has decided to focus on his other big passion in life - acting.

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Notable TV guest appearances:

  • "JAG" (1995) playing "Dr. Lawrence Gettis" in episode: "Family Secrets" (episode # 6.9) 12/12/2000

  • "JAG" (1995) playing "Dr. Lawrence Gettis" in episode: "Princess and the Petty Officer, The" (episode # 6.6) 11/14/2000

  • "JAG" (1995) playing "Dr. Lawrence Gettis" in episode: "Legacy (Part 1)" (episode # 6.1) 10/3/2000

  • "Martial Law" (1998/I) in episode: "Scorpio Rising" (episode # 2.12) 1/15/2000

  • "Brimstone" (1998) playing "Brad Armstrong" in episode: "Lovers" (episode # 1.9) 1/8/1999

  • "Diagnosis Murder" (1993) playing "Greg Hutchens" in episode: "Dead in the Water" (episode # 6.11) 12/17/1998

  • "Frasier" (1993) playing "Steven" in episode: "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name" (episode # 5.10) 1/6/1998

  • "Love Boat, The" (1977) in episode: "Victims, The/The Man in The Iron Shorts/Heavens to Betsy" 11/27/1982

  • "Happy Days" (1974) playing "Phil" in episode: "Bride and Gloom" (episode # 8.13) 2/17/1981

  • "Waltons, The" (1972) playing "Young G.I." in episode: "Pledge, The" (episode # 9.3) 12/4/1980

  • "Eight Is Enough" (1977) playing "Larry" in episode: "Generations" (episode # 5.5) 11/19/1980

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