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One Life to Live Recap for Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Fan Recap for One Life to Live


David helps Dorian sneak onto the governor's plane. She sits in a wheelchair as David tells the captain that Dorian is a widow who has been the governor's biggest campaign contributor since the governor was young, and the governor will be angry if the captain refuses her. The captain allows Dorian to board the plane. David tells Dorian he's aroused by their role playing.

At Rodi's, Joey looks for Jen. Natalie spits out that he should ask Rex where Jen is because every time Nat sees Jen, she's with Rex. Joey tells Natalie that she's out of line, and Marcie defends Jen's honor, saying that Jen would never cheat on Joey and that Jen doesn't even like Rex.

Roxy hints to Ron that she needs a full body massage from him. She talks about how rough her work has been lately. He says he understands because he's been driving back and forth to Jersey checking on his business. It's been tough. They agree that they should be able to dance all day instead of work.

Bo tells Walker that he's still a suspect, but he lets him go. Nora arrives and Bo tells her that Walker is Todd (I lost about 3 minutes here because news about Michael Jackson interrupted the program). Nora thinks Blair should know the truth, but she and Bo discuss the fact that Blair always forgives Todd. They decide it's not their place to tell her.

Starr eavesdrops on Betsy's conversation with Paul. Betsy tells him Todd's kids possess his tainted blood, so they won't get her inheritance. When she says that all men are liars and cheaters, Paul acknowledges that he himself is not perfect, but he is not a cheater. However, he once had a girlfriend who cheated, and it hurt. He asks Betsy if she was ever hurt, and she breaks down, admitting that when she was 19, she loved a man who didn't show up for their wedding because he ran off with another woman.

Walker interrupts Betsy and Paul. She starts to berate him, but he tells her that she's old and useless. Paul interrupts, but Walker wants to know Dorian's whereabouts. Paul says that Dorian is catching a plane, so Walker leaves. Betsy says that she should have called the police on Walker, but Paul tells her not to waste her time on him. She thanks him for listening and tells him that she'll leave him all her money because he's kind and caring.

At Rodi's, a man delivers a pool table that was formerly at Cross Roads. He tells Natalie that it was sent by John McBain. Jess tells Nat that John feels really bad and doesn't know what to do, so he's trying to be nice. Nat leaves to confront him.

John and Antonio may have found a link among the murder victims. The victims all took some kind of formal dance training. Al/Michael arrives, and without thinking, he calls Antonio by name, but Antonio doesn't recognize him. Al feels Michael's resentment towards John, so he makes a conscious effort to be nice. John needs "Michael's" medical expertise about the ex-rays of the murdered victims. John thanks him for his help, and together they remember "their" father's death.

At the University, Jen tells Rex to leave her alone. However, when she sees Jessica, she pulls Rex into another area so that Jessica won't see them together. Later, Marcie sees them and asks Jen if she wants to talk. Jen denies any feelings for Rex. She says that Rex bothers her, but that's just Rex. She just puts up with him. Marcie tells Jen that Joey is looking for her at Rodi's. Later, Marcie sees Al/Michael who gives her a single daisy, and she says that is what Al used to give her. He apologizes for talking bad about her brother. He didn't mean it. He looks at the clock and realizes he needs to do rounds at the hospital.

When Viki boards the governor's plane, she recognizes Dorian in disguise. Dorian tells her that Walker is Todd, but she realizes that Viki is not surprised. Dorian says that she is going to tell Blair. Viki says that if Dorian wants to ruin their honeymoon, that's Dorian's decision, but Viki doesn't have to provide her with the transportation to do it. She arranges for Dorian to be escorted off the plane.

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