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One Life to Live Recap for Tuesday, May 17, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live


Kevin shows Kelly a newspaper article about the helicopter crash Paul had been involved in and tells her she needs to say away from him. Kelly begs Kevin to stop investigating her brother, and he finally agrees. But later, after seeing Todd talking to Paul he decides he needs to find out more about Paul. Asa tells him to give Adam Chandler a call and assures Kevin that Adam will give him all the information he will need about Paul.

Todd puts pressure on Paul for the details on how he acquired the baby for his sister Kelly. Paul tells Todd he will tell him everything if he gives him $100,000 and promises he'll leave town also. Later, Paul goes to Kelly and tells her to get Todd off his back, but she tells him it's not Todd he needs to be worried about, but rather to be worried about what Kevin is trying to dig up. Paul says he has buried his tracks so deep that no one is going to find out the truth.

David starts to wonder if Dorian knows where her late husband's 100 million dollars are after he hears Dorian mumble a few words about a combination lock in her sleep. Meanwhile, John and Antonio study a photo they got from the FBI which shows Dorian at the funeral of the late drug kingpin Manuel "El Toro" Santi. Antonio realizes that the woman standing next to Dorian is his mother after he recognizes the bracelet she is wearing. Later, Antonio questions Carlotta about her association with the late drug lord, but she is very vague in her answers, and says she was just there in support of Dorian.

After finding a newspaper article about Manuel Santi, Adriana questions Dorian on whether this is her late father. Dorian does finally admit it to her, but refuses to give her any details about him. Adriana and River go to question Carlotta about her father, but she too tells her nothing much. River tells Adriana if she wants to know the truth about her father, then he will help her find out everything she wants to know.

John comes by Llanfair to see Natalie, and he tells her she is right about him in not wanting to let go of Caitlin, and asks if she will wait for him. Natalie tells John she doesn't think she can wait for him to get over Caitlin because she doesn't believe he ever will. Later, Natalie tries to find Paul.

Jessica confronts Evangeline and boldly asks her what her relationship is with her fiancé!

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