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One Life to Live Recap for Friday, March 12, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Written by Jennifer Faulkner

Daniel and Lindsay eat lunch, but she keeps her eyes on Rex. Daniel receives a business call. He says he needs to leave but will return shortly. RJ (newly shaved face!) approaches Lindsay. "Daniel isn't your type, and you know it." She says Daniel is good for her, but RJ tells her she shouldn't date him if it's just because she thinks that's what she's supposed to do. "Is Coleson really what you want?" RJ asks. Lindsay locks eyes with Rex.

Blair tells David that Dorian won't marry him because he doesn't have a job. He sees the magazine she and Kevin are trying to restart and says if she's trying to target teens, she needs to design the magazine so that it jumps off the newsstand. He offers to work for her, and he pesters her so much that she agrees to hire him on a trial basis. She says Dorian still won't marry him.

Adriana tells Dorian that she's hurt because Dorian gave her away and kept it a secret. Dorian says they should give their relationship more time. When she notices Dorian's apprehensions about marrying David, she reminds Dorian that David loves her and makes her happy. "Isn't that all that matters?" Dorian tells her she may be wise beyond her years. David, listening outside, enters the room and pulls Dorian into his arms and kisses her.

At Capricorn, Nora tells Rae they wouldn't have caught Haver if it weren't for her because Rae caught him off balance when she convinced him she was dead. Rae tells Nora she's leaving town for an extended trip around the world. "You're going alone?" Nora asks. "Not quite," replies Rae. Suddenly John Sikes appears behind Rae and places his hands upon her shoulders. "Rae and I are leaving together," he announces. Nora looks amazed, while Rae smiles brightly.

When RJ makes phone calls, Rex sits down with Lindsay. He tells her about his plans to buy Rodi's, and she says may be interested in being one of his investors. He says, "But what about Jen?" Lindsay doesn't think it would bother Jen if it's just a business transaction. She asks how he's been doing when he says Jen doesn't want anything to do with him. He says he's got work to keep him busy but he still gets a little lonely. When Lindsay says he can get any woman he wants, he says he wants her.

Adriana pulls David and Dorian apart. She doesn't want the bride to see the groom before the wedding. David tells Dorian that he has a job now so there's nothing standing in their way. When he says Blair doesn't feel well enough to be the Maid of Honor, Adriana agrees to do it. David tells Dorian that everything is coming together, but she says there's still other problems. He won't hear it. When he leaves the room, he tells her to get ready to become Mrs. David Vickers. Blair enters, saying "You are NOT going to marry that idiot!"

Haver asks Coleson for added police protection because Asa brought a gun to the station. In Bo's office, Asa tells Bo he wants justice, and Bo says they'll get Haver but it's going to happen without Asa's interference. Asa replies, "If I had interfered sooner, maybe Gabrielle would be alive." Coleson enters with Haver. Haver says Bo should arrest Asa too, but Asa tells Coleson he brought Bo the pistol as a gift. Bo tells Asa he's making their job a lot harder when he pulls stunts like this. Bo threatens to lock Asa up next to Haver. Asa says, "Do it!" but Daniel says they won't charge Asa because they don't want Haver to have anything to use against them.

Sikes and Rae tell their story to Nora. He had heard about Rae's disappearance on the news, so he called Bo who told him that Rae had actually survived. Sikes went to her safe house and waited for her arrival where they reunited. They tell Nora they are together again. He says he had been involved with another woman when he left town, but he regrets that relationship which ended long ago. He tells Rae that she's the love of his life. Nora sits across the table watching them kiss and cover each other with sappy words. Nora says, "Stop! Enough already! My eyes!" She tells them their news is wonderful, and she wishes them well.

Rex tells Lindsay he was stupid for telling her he didn't want to see her anymore. He really wants to be around her and kiss her and make love to her. "We're good for each other. To Hell with what everybody else thinks," he adds. Lindsay sees Nora watching them, so she asks Rex to excuse her, and she makes her way to the ladies' room.

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