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One Life to Live Recap for Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Written by Jennifer Faulkner

John tells Antonio the killer left Nat alive because he's making a point. John worries that he might personally know the killer. Jessica lets John borrow some compiled information about serial killers, and he finds a similar case, maybe by the same killer. He gets another call. "Hello Johnny. Been thinking about me? I've been thinking about you." The killer tells him it would serve John right if he had killed Nat because John tried to trick him with the phony article about Flash identifying the killer. John tells him it seems like he's done this before, and the killer replies that John is too smart for his own good. The killer continues, "But lucky for me, I'm smarter."

Dr. Haver reads about his new research assistant, Jessica. Rae agrees that Jess is an impressive young lady. Dr. Haver tells Rae that he's starting think the police won't find the killer, but she thinks they should have some faith that the police will catch him. Rae says the killer made a mistake when he didn't kill Flash, but Haver suggests the killer meant to leave Flash alive to show that he's in control.

Dorian calls David upon her return from Puerto Rico, but she tells him she didn't find Adriana. River brings Adriana to Dorian's. He thinks no one will notice if she stays in a guest room. Paul tells them marriage may be their only way to stay together, but River says they're not ready yet. Paul tells them that Adriana can stay at his hotel room. However, before they can leave, David runs into them.

A judge places Starr in Viki's custody. The judge believes that her parents' recent actions have caused Starr to act out. As they leave the courtroom, Blair blames Todd that Starr was removed from her home. However, Starr says she'd rather live with Aunt Viki than with Blair. She hates Blair! Todd tries to comfort Blair, but she wants to be left alone. Her head starts aching.

Jen and Riley head for London, but Riley gets caught with cocaine during a random check at the airport, and he calls his dad for help. At the courthouse, Riley tells Daniel that he's had a tough time since Flash was attacked. When Lindsay asks Riley not to get her daughter involved with his grief, Jen says she can take care of herself. However, Lindsay's not so sure. After all, she says that Jen has bounced around to too many different men since her marriage ended, but in front of Riley and Daniel, Jen says to Lindsay, "What about you? You're dating Riley's dad AND sleeping with my ex-husband."

David tells Kevin and Kelly that seeing them together puts a little warm fuzzy right in his heart. He hopes Kevin can stay away from Kelly's female relations now that he'll be a father (Anyone remember that he's already a father?). Kevin apologizes to Kelly for ever doubting her pregnancy, and they plan a trip to Bermuda.

At Llanfair, Todd arrives to see Starr. When Starr is out of the room, Viki asks Todd why he acted guilty in his office the other day. He tells her that he changed everything to be with Blair, and although he knows a monster still lurks deep down, he knows they were in complete union together. Blair was with him just as much as he was with her. Starr enters and is excited to see him, but Viki tells him to leave if he really loves Starr. Before he can go, Dorian arrives. She says that he'll rot in prison, but Starr stands up for him. When Dorian picks up the phone to call police, Todd leaves. Starr tries to run after him, and she yells that she hates them all. Viki promises to take care of Starr, but Dorian doesn't think Viki is taking care of any of her family.

Lindsay denies sleeping with Rex. She says that she's worried about Jen, but Jen says that Lindsay is too busy fooling around with Rex to worry about her. Lindsay takes offense and walks away. Later, Daniel starts to take a drink after hearing Jen's accusations against Lindsay. However, he drinks a club soda instead. Lindsay tries to justify her actions, but Daniel realizes Lindsay doesn't like him as much as he likes her, and he walks away from her.

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